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Do You Feel It? The Whole Earth Has Shifted !!!

Do You Feel It? The Whole Earth Has Shifted !!!

The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Do you feel it? We have been going through some massive Frequency boosts the last few Days and Mother Earth Gaia Sophia is the one who is causing the sudden shift. The Schumann Resonance is what we consider the Heartbeat of the Earth. The Last few days, the Spikes have been off the charts, with 2 major ones yesterday. One of them jumping up to 84 hertz and then a Blackout after. Most know that the Schumann Resonance has for the last several years been rising. The Earth for thousands of years has been asleep and has stayed at about 7.83 hertz for as long as it has been measured. The Monks replicate this vibration through their OM chants. The Low Base Frequency stayed steady while Mother Earth was Sleeping. However, The Earth has awakened from her long slumber. For about 10 years now there have been random spikes occurring that show she is responding to the Higher Light Energies from the Photon Belt.

About a year ago The Judaic Seats which are rabbis that study the Ancient Torah Scripts, Claimed That Mother Earth had begun to wake up and is becoming conscious of what is now happening on her surface and within her body. She has made the choice to rise out of the Darkness and take us with her. So this past year has been her slowly waking up and becoming more aware of all that's taking place. However, These last few days have been a huge shift for her and for us humans. You may be even feeling some symptoms of this, Like being Lightheaded, Nausea, head and body aches, and even ringing in the ears. These symptoms will pass as your frequency rises to meet our Mothers. It is important to not fight these Energies. The more you fight them the more discomfort you will feel.

Our Mother Earth holds half of the Spirit of Sophia while the Other half resides within the Pleroma or what is referred to as the First Universe. As she awakens she will become more active and more aware of each and every one of our true intentions toward her and her nature. I am given the knowing that Her Daughter Zoe is also incarnated at this time, and is aware of who she is. Zoe is the Divine Daughter of Sophia and Christos. She is here to help her Mother cleanse The Darkness, from within and without. As some of you may know, Within the Nag Hammadi Codices, Zoe is the One who placed the Archons/Reptilians, or what we refer to as the Dark Ones, behind the Veil to help protect humanity. These beings Once walked within the 3D Reality controlling and dominating humans.

I am then shown, that the Dark ones are trying their hardest to stop Mother Earth and kill her. They have even gone to her core and tried stopping her heart from beating altogether. They have also been using CERN to cause a rip or opening in the veil that blocks the Lower 4th dimension from entering our Earth's reality. As stated before they can only interfere by Possession of the host and incarnating into the Hybrids they created. But their attempts against Mother Earth have all failed. She is now fully aware of their actions.

So now The Cleansing will truly begin. What this means is she is already in the proc