Do you have Blocked Chakras? How to Clear Your Energy Centers

‘Chakra’ in Sanskrit means ‘wheel.’ The energy centers of our bodies are called ‘Chakra’ because each one of these centers is connected to the next one and together they form a loop of energy which surrounds our bodies.

When we fall sick, it implies we have one or more of our chakras that are blocked. If you become aware of the chakra which is connected to the source of the affected area and identify the physical symptoms, it will be easier for you to heal yourself faster.



Element: Earth.

Location: Base of the spine.

Colour: Red.

Role: Governs Security.

Blocked by: Fear which cannot be managed.

Symptoms of blockage:

  • You hate yourself without any reason.

  • You’re afraid of security.

  • You feel left out.

  • You face financial problems.

  • You feel like you’re stuck.

  • You are in constant Survival mode.

A blocked root chakra not only creates an imbalance in energy flow throughout the body, but it can also instigate feelings of restlessness. You may feel like you’re constantly searching for an elusive something that you can’t even identify.

Individuals with a blocked root chakra find it difficult to “settle down” with anything, including where they want to live and work. Even their personal relationships are impacted.

Characteristics common to those with a blocked root chakra are:

lack of focusco-dependencyrestlessnessfeeling abandoned

In addition to the vagabond-like mentality a blocked root chakra creates is the issue of the physical and emotional toll the blockage takes.

Common physical signs of blockage involve the lower parts of the body, especially legs and genital area. The root chakra primarily governs the reproductive organs and lower extremities, including the lower spine, legs, and feet. The chakra blockage will often replicate itself manifesting as constipation, kidney stones, circulatory issues, and leg weakness. Additional physical signs can include:





eating disorders

prostate issues in men

Common non-physical signs of blockage include:






Solutions for opening a closed Root Chakra

Techniques for opening a blocked root chakra can range from physical activity to meditation and energy healing.

Any physical activity can help unblock this energy center, from walking to doing chores around the house, and even yoga and dancing. Beneficial yoga poses for the root chakra engage your legs and muscles around the perineum. For example, “Standing Forward Bend” (or “Uttanasana” in Sanskrit) stretches the legs and hips fostering a more stable grounding and opening of the root chakra. Remember, no matter which physical activity you chose, the key is to be present in the moment and aware of your movement.

Meditating on the root chakra can also open this energy center. There are numerous meditation resources available online.



Element: Water.

Colour: Orange

Location: Below belly button.

Role: Governs Creativity and Worth

Blocked by: Guilt and Lack of Worth.

Symptoms of blockage:

  • You where abused and have problems with intimacy.

  • A lack of self-esteem or self-worth.

  • Unable to relate to other people and the world around you.

  • Has problems being creative.

Physically speaking, when your sacral chakra is blocked you may experience a range of symptoms that are generally confined to the lower abdomen, back, and reproductive and digestive organs.

Among the most common physical symptoms:


back pain

urinary and kidney infections

gynecological cysts

abnormal menstruation



Sacral chakra imbalance frequently manifests as emotional and psychological difficulties, including:

depression low self-esteem insecurity detachment jealousy fear

Clearing Sacral Chakra Blockages

In addition to adopting healthy lifestyle changes, such as a healthy diet and regular exercise, incorporating some form of energy healing can be beneficial for restoring balance to the sacral chakra.

Introducing essential oils associated with the sacral chakra, such as Ylang-Ylang or Sandalwood, to your home or personal space can offer a boost to sacral chakra healing.

Regularly meditating on the sacral chakra and/or the color orange can also help clear negativity and restore balance to the energy center.

If you feel drawn to the use of crystals to restore balance, consider introducing orange carnelian, citrine, or amber jewelry to your wardrobe.

When the sacral chakra is balanced, you feel in harmony with life. You are able to express yourself creatively and to mature with each new experience life offers — both good and bad.



Element: Fire

Colour: Yellow

Location: Naval, two inches below the breastbone.

Role: Governs power.

Blocked by: Shame.

Symptoms of blockage:

  • You always say ‘yes’ to what others want of you.

  • You suffer from a lack of self-confidence and can’t get the courage to follow your dreams.

  • You always need validation from others.

  • You feel that you are the victim of circumstances of the world.

A blockage in the third chakra, also known as the solar plexus chakra or Manipura, can be especially serious because it is where our sense of self originates. Chakra imbalances are difficult to avoid. When you face a difficult or traumatic situation, the coping skills you develop to get through it may cause disruptions in your energy and prevent you from healing fully.

Symptoms of a Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

A healthy solar plexus chakra allows you to know yourself and live with confidence and strength. Someone with a balanced solar plexus chakra will be able to set boundaries and be assertive without being aggressive. It allows you to know yourself, judging yourself and others fairly but not critically.

Since it plays such a fundamental role in self-confidence, an imbalance in the third chakra can cause many problems. Some common symptoms of a blockage include:

Low self-esteem

Inability to set or maintain boundaries


Lack of self-control

Depression or anxiety


The solar plexus chakra is also important for physical health. It is closely tied to digestive health, but a blockage can cause an issue with other systems as well. Common physical symptoms of a blocked third chakra include:


Poor digestion, gas, nausea



Asthma and other respiratory problems


Organ problems, especially in the liver and kidneys

Nerve pain and fibromyalgia

Difficulty gaining or losing weight

Solutions for a Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

Clearing the blockage in your third chakra and allowing energy to flow freely through it will help return you to health. It is best to try to do daily healing work because falling back into old patterns can allow the blockage to form again.

Working with a Reiki practitioner or other energy healer can be a good way to start your healing journey. They will be able to help break up the blockage and can help locate other blockages or imbalances in your energy.

At home, meditation is the most effective way to break up a blockage. Everyone possesses healing energy, and you can harness it using visualization. The third chakra is associated with the color yellow and with fire, so imagine a golden healing flame just below your navel. As you breathe deeply, feel it dissolving any hurt or pain you are storing in your third chakra.

Surrounding yourself with things associated with Manipura will help as well. Wearing yellow, eating yellow foods, and wearing gold jewelry or gold and yellow gemstones can help open your third chakra. Spending time in the sun and doing yoga exercises that strengthen your core are also good for healing Manipura.



Element: Air

Colour: Green.

Location: center of the chest.

Role: Governs love.

Blocked by: Grief.

Symptoms of blockage:

  • You can’t find a meaning in your life.

  • You don’t feel happy.

  • You always avoid loving because you are scared to get hurt.

  • You are scared of commitment.

The fourth chakra, also known as the heart chakra or Anahata, is the center of love and connection. A strong, balanced heart chakra allows you to live freely and openly from a place of compassion. However, a blocked heart chakra can interfere with your happiness and relationships in many ways.

Symptoms of a Heart Chakra Imbalance

A blocked heart chakra manifests as a lack of love and compassion. Symptoms include:


Shyness and social anxiety

Being overly critical towards yourself and others

Holding grudges

Inability to give or receive freely

Suspicion and fear, especially in friendships and romantic relationships

A blockage in the heart chakra can also lead to physical symptoms like poor circulation, heart troubles, and respiratory illness like asthma. If you consistently have an issue with these conditions in your life, clearing your heart chakra may help you recover from them and lead a healthy life, both emotionally and physically.

Symptoms of imbalance can also point to an overactive heart chakra, which is when the attributes associated with this energy center are expressed in excess.

Tips for Healing the Fourth Chakra

There are many ways to help balance the fourth chakra. The simplest is to surround yourself with things that stimulate it. Its color is green, so wearing green clothing or jewelry and lighting green candles can help open and balance it. Chakra healing crystals are very useful for this. For opening the heart chakra, wearing green stones like emerald, malachite, jade and green tourmaline is best. If possible, wear them as a necklace so that the stone rests close to the heart chakra itself.

Regular meditation and yoga practice is also useful for healing the chakras. Imagine a ball of green healing energy in your chest, gently removing the blockage and opening your heart. Since Anahata’s element is air, deep breathing or pranayama practice is ideal. Yoga asanas that open the chest like Eagle Pose and backbends are helpful as well.

Since a blockage in the fourth chakra makes it difficult to give, getting out and volunteering can help release old fears. Choose a charity that speaks to you and that allows you to share your talents with others. Since being in the fresh air is healing, something that allows you to be outdoors is even better.

Finally, practice letting go of anger or fear in your everyday life. When you find yourself holding onto a negative emotion, take a deep breath and imagine a green light pouring into your body and washing it away, filling you with love. With practice, this will help you avoid falling into those negative patterns and react from a place of compassion instead.



Element: Sound.

Colour: Blue.

Location: Hollow of the Throat.

Role: Governs expression.

Blocked by: Lies.

Symptoms of blockage:

  • You lie a lot.

  • You always try to please everyone.

  • You find it difficult to speak up for yourself.

  • You become upset when others don’t listen to you.

  • You speak too fast and don’t even want to stop.

A blocked throat chakra can significantly impact your ability to communicate effectively for fear of ridicule and judgement. A throat chakra blockage can also manifest as the inability to express and realize your truth in the world. When the fifth chakra is open and balanced, you are able to express yourself clearly and honestly in any situation with confidence.

Common Signs of Throat Chakra Blockage

You may find yourself unable to speak your truth when you need it the most, or holding back on expressing your needs and desires. Perhaps, you long for realizing your dreams and living with a strong and clear purpose, but seem to not be able to quite get there. These are common signs that your throat chakra  does not function at its optimal level.

Physical Symptoms of Blocked Energy in the Throat Chakra

When the throat chakra is blocked or otherwise imbalanced, energy flow is hindered and can lead to physical symptoms affecting the head, mouth, throat, and neck. It is not uncommon to experience neck pain, headaches, hoarseness, and sore throat when the flow of energy through the throat chakra is disrupted.

Some common physical symptoms of blockage include:

chronic sore throat

frequent headaches

dental issues

mouth ulcers


thyroid problems


Temporomandibular disorders of the jaw (commonly known as TMJ)

neck pain

Consequently, the blockage can also impact your physical health. When you experience such signs of physical discomfort, healing practices focusing on the upper body area, in particular your neck and shoulders, can bring relief and allow energy to move more freely. Of course, for serious and recurring symptoms, please consult a physician whom you trust.

Emotional Signs of Throat Chakra Blockage

When the throat chakra is imbalanced, the blockage can also manifest through non-physical symptoms that may impact you at various levels from psychological and emotional, to psychically and spiritually.

Non-physical signs of blockage can be more prevalent. Among the more commons signs are:

fear of speaking

inability to express thoughts


inconsistency in speech and actions

social anxiety

inhibited creativity



For instance, perpetuated blockages that are fairly significant can cause one to become arrogant, deceptive, domineering, or manipulative. On the contrary, energy that flows freely through the throat chakra promotes effective, truthful communication. You are able to “find you.” You are confident, responsible, and can easily find the right words to express your thoughts.

A blockage of the throat chakra can cause you to become stoic, quiet, and fearful. The imbalance may also create feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and shyness when it comes to self-expression and speaking to others. Public speaking can cause near paralysis when the issue is a blocked fifth chakra.

An imbalance in the throat chakra can adversely affect many aspects of your personal and professional life. You may find you avoid social situations and are more comfortable alone. You may even become distrustful of your inner voice.

What To Do About A Blocked Throat Chakra

Clearing the throat chakra involves learning to let go and trusting your inner voice. Not a small task for a lot of us! Check out the general guidelines for throat chakra healing for practical ideas on how to restore balance in this center. A few basic steps to clear this chakras include:

Working through and releasing all negative emotions, including guilt, hurt, and resentment can work wonders to restore energy balance in the throat chakra. Sometimes a good cry can also help alleviate a blockage of the fifth chakra.Practicing mindful speech, action, and deeds can help you maintain throat chakra balance. For example, talk openly and honestly with others on a regular basis.Meditating on and incorporating the throat chakra’s color, blue, into your life can also calm emotional upheaval. For instance, introduce blue-colored flowers or decor to your home environment.



Element: Light.

Colour: Indigo.

Location: In between eyebrows.

Role: Governs perception.

Blocked by: Illusion.

Symptoms of blockage:

  • You can’t make decisions.

  • You don’t listen to your intuitions.

  • You think too much.

  • You don’t listen to your inner self.

When your Third Eye chakra is blocked you lose your sense of direction in life and become stagnant. When the energy center of the Third Eye becomes blocked, you may start to distrust that inner voice. Your perception about life and where you’re headed can become negatively skewed and nearly unrecognizable. Unable to let go of the past and a fear of what the future holds makes you very dogmatic in your beliefs, daily routine, and how you view others.

Symptoms of Blockage of the Third Eye Chakra

A blocked Third Eye can wreak havoc on your physical well-being. Since this energy center governs the pituitary gland and neurological function, your body’s ability to fight infection, regulate sleep, and maintain balanced metabolic function is compromised. As a result, you may find you are frequently sick, suffer with insomnia, or develop high blood pressure.

Additional physical signs of a Third Eye chakra blockage are:




poor vision


In extreme cases, there’s an increased risk for serious complications, such as stroke and blindness.

Emotional signs of sixth chakra imbalance include:





It is not uncommon to also experience vivid dreams, nightmares, and heightened skepticism.

Recommended Solutions for Clearing Your 3rd Eye Chakra

Foundationally speaking, the sixth chakra is about letting go of the ego. Embracing compassion and forgiveness is essential to successful clearing and healing of this energy center.

Aptly named, the Third Eye is instrumental in your ability to visualize. So it only makes sense that one remedy for alleviating the issue of a Third Eye blockage is meditation.

Incorporating healthy eating and some form of energy healing, such as aromatherapy, the use of chakra stones, or sound therapy, can also help restore balance to the Third Eye.

What To Expect When The Third Eye Chakra Blockage Is Cleared

As the seat of intuition and wisdom, an open and balanced Third Eye allows you to see life accurately. Taking things in stride, you know what you want in life and how you plan to get there. Depending on how open your sixth chakra is, you may also have heightened intuition that you’ve learned to trust.



Element: Thought.

Colour: Violet.

Location: Top of the head.

Role: governs ascension.

Blocked by: attachment.

Symptoms of blockage:

  • You experience headaches and migraines.

  • You are more interested in the material world.

  • You are always taking bad decisions.

  • It’s difficult for you to accept change.

The 1,000-petaled lotus symbol associated with the crown chakra is one that possesses transcendental meaning.

Also known as the Sahasrara chakra, the crown chakra is the energy center of spiritualism and universal knowledge that links you to the Divine.

The crown chakra influences:

the brainthe nervous systememotionsenlightenmentunderstanding

Crown Chakra Symbol Meanings

Regardless of tradition or artist, the crown chakra symbol is depicted as a violet-colored 1,000-petaled lotus flower. The lotus flower is commonly associated with: