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Does Everyone Have a Soul?

Does Everyone Have a Soul?

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Today I am being guided to Disclose a topic that has been brought out again just recently, Through the Lightworker communities, and that is whether or not everyone has a Soul. This is a hard topic to discuss because not everyone understands What the Soul actually is. Many believe the soul, resides in the Heart, because this is where our feeling of Love and compassion of the heart chakra is activated. But, This is actually just the Gateway to the Soul. The Soul does not reside within the Heart the way most believe. The Soul actually resides within the Pineal Gland, and the Energy Center of the Third Eye Chakra. This is where your piece of the Grand Consciousness of our Infinite is connected to this Body, and why there has been a major attack on this gland. This is very ancient knowledge and this is what the Church has hidden. The Vatican does make a hidden reference to this Gland with the Pinecone form everywhere in their decor and architecture. However, we must not confuse the soul with the EGO Mind. The Ego is the computer Brain telling you what to do. The Higher Consciousness is led by the Heart. This is what the Egyptian Ankh's Shape stands for. It is the connection from the Consciousness to the Heart center and back again..

When we refer to raising our consciousness we are referring to enlightening the Soul. With that in mind ;) , understand that not all people have that same connection to God. This is where the idea of the lack of a soul, or a person being soulless occurs.

A few years ago, a wonderful woman named Dolores Cannon passed away, but before she left us, she had awakened many with her very in-depth research and study of the after-Life. She was a Hypnotherapist, who decided to advance her research into pre-life and after-life hypnosis. If you have never heard of her work, I do suggest checking it out. She was one of the first to make the claim that not all the people on the Planet have a Soul.

In the Nag Hammadi Codices, the book The Pistis Sophia, it refers to these so called soulless beings as having a soul but what is called a "dirty" soul, or one made by the Dark Ones, known as the Archons. So these beings can not project Light through higher vibrations. and are not connected to the Infinite Light of the Divine. To some, These beings would seem to be considered Soulless because they have no Light of their own, But the Ancient Text referred to these beings as having what is known as a Dirty Soul, or in other words a Dark Soul. To have a Soul of the Light, meant that it was enlightened with Spirit, or one that can ascend higher in Light due to the Light Given to us by Sophia, through her compassion for Humanity. But to have a Dark Soul, it meant that the Dark one, had created that soul rather than it being created by the Divine Aeons.

But how can you tell who has a Light Soul or a Dark Soul? Lately, I have come across the term "Backdrop people", This was the term that Dolores Cannon used when describing people she refered to not having a soul. These people are the ones who seem clueless about any real truth and they just wonder aimlessly day to day, as though they are set on a certain Program on a computer just running in the background. They never question anything. They have no desire to step out of the Program because, they are the Program. They are what keeps this illusion continuing to play on and on.

Those of us with the connection to Source, question this reality because it does not make sense to the higher consciousness to Live within a form that is so suppressed and controlled. So we wake up to the knowing that we are more than this physical Body. We wake up to our Divine purpose and Spiritual awareness. This is what it feels like to Be awaken, and experience the awakening. For those who do not have this connection, they continue as backdrop people still playing out the program they have been designed to do.

If you could Imagine, It's Like as though your Life Story is playing out like a Movie. In your Movie, you have your main Characters. These are your Family and friends and other people who have entangled themselves in your life. These beings all have souls, they can question what is happening without it totally triggering a breakdown. Then you have the Extras in your Movie these are people who really can not change their minds from the Matrix Programming. If they try they are immediately triggered and revert back to their old way of programming. They will do whatever they are told and will not question any authority because they were programmed not to. These beings are the ones who you would consider to be Dark Souls or the ones thought to be soulless. They have no willpower spiritually because they are just an empty shell with no Spark of Light. They can not evolve into the higher state of consciousness because they are not here to do so. They are only here to create the illusion of the 3D mindset, and are the ones who make up the foundations of the lower vibrations of hate, fear, greed, and control. They are the masses who would be considered to be the zombies of the Apocalypse. It's hard to imagine anyone without having that Spark from our Infinite Creator. , and it almost seems to mean to say. However, we are not all the same, and the Dark has had thousands and thousands of years to generate the Darkness needed for their return to this realm. A Dark Soul individual can not become Love, because they can not share Love. Their interaction with others can only project Hate, Fear, greed or selfishness, and control. These Beings were purposely created to hold the lower vibration so the Earth and humanity could not evolve. This is also where CERN comes into play. As we move through the 4th dimension, we will begin to see the different levels of vibrational entities that lives within. As the veil is lifting, the Lower 4th dimensional entities, who within the Ancient Texts are considered the Archons, are trying to break through into Earths Physical reality. CERN is one of the tools that is being used to try to make this happen. The Plan was if they could force the Earth into extreme Lower vibrations, they would have created the timeline where The Earth would have entered the lower dimension instead of ascending upward into the higher 5th dimensions and beyond. However, the Divine has taken control and things are now shifting back towards the Light. But what will happen to the Dark Soul people that were put here to cause destruction of the Earth and Humanity? They will slowly be removed as the Earth is realigned and re-balanced within the Light Vibrations. For those of us with Souls of Light we do still have to make the choice to awaken. We can still be deceived and led astray by the darkness. We must nurture our Spiritual aspect which is the focus on raising our consciousness to the Higher understanding, of becoming Service to Others, and only holding Love based Thinking. What this means is to allow the heart to lead rather than the EGO. This is the Heart chakra Gateway That I wrote of Earlier. Those of us with The Light souls have the Higher knowing of the Love we are Made of. We begin to awaken when we see this truth and question the darkness we have been surrounded with. We open our eyes to the Higher understanding of our truth. The infiltration of this Planet has made it to where not all of us have that infinite Connection to God. The darkness has created a playground of lower vibrations across this Planet of the lower emotions through their Chaos and their dark soul beings who can not express Love. However, Those with Souls of Light are awakening to our truth. WE are bringing in the Light needed to help ascend this Planet our Mother Earth Gaia Sophia, into the Higher Light of the 5th Dimensions.

And so it is and it is so,

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic and channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos, and the Karistus, the New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure Channeling and Gnostic Guidance. @


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