Blessings Dear Family of Light,

Things are still in chaos around the world with the dark ones pushing their Fear and worrisome Narratives. So, I asked of the Divine Light, Show me Truth, What is taking place in these moments within the world issues and what its doing to Humanity and this ascension? This is what I have been given.

Many are still caught up in all the propaganda and the media's emotion grabbing events, rather than what is happening within themselves. The media and news are keeping everyone in very low vibrations right now by causing reactions from "planned events". So, the emotional roller coaster is causing many to spin out of control.

Plus There is also so much happening as far as the worry over governmental control and our rights being removed. So this to is causing a major drop in the vibration of Humanity in these times. But I am also being shown something else as far as our so called Rights are concerned.

It's about where you are putting your energy and what kind of Rights you are Standing for.

Yes, we do need to Stand in Sovereignty, not allowing our rights to be removed, such as what happens to our Body, and what is put in it. Or the Right to be free and sovereign to go and come anywhere in the world without being stopped by borders, or maybe Being free to decide whats best for myself rather than someone else choosing for me. Or how about being free to allow my consciousness to grow and expand without being sickened and killed by chemicals and pollutants. However, what rights are you "fighting" for? The Light is showing me many who wish to fight for the rights to carry weapons and freedom to say what they want against others. These so called rights where okay in their time, But they are the rights of a 3D world, and are of the lower consciousness. I do understand that in this world today the governments wish to control the people so we do need to protect ourselves in that since. With that being said, Peace Must come and weapons must go at all levels against each other as a species. The darkness has really flipped things in these end times. We in the 3D universe had to protect ourselves and kill to survive, and even in these times we feel we need to protect ourselves from the Governments. But, With the Planet rising in frequency, so do we need to become of higher vibrations ourselves as a species. So this is where the Old must fall away. If you wish to have the right to carry a weapon that is meant for harm, or you are fighting for the freedom to mistreat others by your words, Then you are standing up for the rights of the dark to continue on this planet. You are standing up for the right to stay in a 3D world.

That's okay too, however, this Planet isn't staying where you want it to stay. It is Moving to a Higher density. So you will need to "Fight" for that Darkness somewhere else.

If you wish to be in the Higher dimensions with this Planet then you must change your way of Thinking. Guns and other weapons of harm will not be a part of the New Earth of Light. Racism, Ageism, Genderism, or any other negative behavior towards others will not be within the Higher Dimensions either. You see, Nothing of lower vibration will be within the Higher dimensions, not even negative thoughts towards Others. You won't want to treat anyone less than what you are treated yourself.

If you wish to fight for Guns and hate towards others, and the old way of greed and separation, you are fighting to stay within a 3D reality, which the Source will give you what you want, just not here on this planet. These beings who stay within the 3D mindset of the EGO, will find it hard to deal with all the changes that is about to take place, they are fighting to keep an old way of being that is against the Light. The Light does Not have Judgement one way or another, But, if you wish to raise your own self within this ascension, you do have to make Higher Light Choices. This is what it means to be of the Higher Consciousness, you must make Higher choices for yourself and this Planet. You will learn what is important or what is a priority for your spiritual growth. Many Things we have grown accustomed to is not necessarily of Light and Higher Vibrations. So, this is where you will begin to witness the major changes. This will effect those who do not wish to let go of the 3D way of Being. These Changes are already beginning to take place, this is why all the push back from the Old Programming. They do not want to change, and most have already made their choices.

These vibrations are what I have been shown that is happening on the Outside, but there is much BIGGER Changes also happening within That is being totally Missed, due to all these outside distractions.

What is taking place, is our Higherself is now stepping up to the Plate. The Divine Order has been granted by the Higher Councils of Light.

It's all happening within and is a more direct communication with this Higher piece of Ourselves. We begin to have a higher awareness, of our thoughts, words and actions. This Higher awareness, is direct guidance and gives you feed back in a since, of your personal actions towards others. It shows you immediately when you may be doing, saying, or thinking something, that is not of Higher Light, and then shows you a better way of Being. This is a very special connection in these moments, that we have never experienced before. But, if you are caught up in the outside events, then you are missing out on this very special Love of the Source. This Personal connection that we each can have in these moments, can only be felt through the quieting of the Mind. If your Ego is ranting and raving about world events or other things, you will not hear this Guidance. This Guidance comes throughout the Day, all day, everyday. But if your focus is on other things you will not hear it. The Point is most people really do not want to hear from the higherself. They do not want something showing them that they may be doing, saying or thinking something negative towards others. It's not done for you to feel guilt, but for you to become better the next time. It literally makes you do the inner work for this ascension. All Those who wish to receive this guidance can. Just listen. Just listen to the Angel that is telling you to be a Better way and to do things of Love and Kindness. This is the Higherself Talking to you, and your very own personal Guru. You must make the choice for yourself if you wish to ascend in these moments. We are in a very important time for humanity, and it only happens every 26,000 years. This will be the first time that Humans themselves rise to the higher dimensions. We will become a species of 5th dimensional beings, along with our other Higher light Brothers and Sisters. But this can only happen for you by you making the Choice to raise your self to a higher way of being.

Many things must fall away for us to become a higher vibrational planetary society, Living in Peace and abundance for all. How we see that come about, we may not understand. During these precious Moments The Light is urging you, DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS AMAZING GIFT! While your fighting for the 3D Illusion, you are Missing out on a very special gift from the Infinite Creator, the beautiful personal direct Guidance for This ascension, by your very own God-Self. Fighting for the Old way of being, will only keep you in that old way, the 3D universe. The Source Loves you unconditionally, and will give you what you wish. But, because of That Beautiful Love, It reminds you again, an again, an again, to go Within. Don't let the darkness distract you from your personal Birth "Right" of this Ascension. It is Our time as Humans to enter higher Light, to do so we must make the right choices. Your personal Higher Light is Guiding you, Just Listen.

and so it is and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Channeled Through Divine Light By Chellea @


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