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Dragons, Sasquatch, Baboons - Natures Warning

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Nature will always have the last say and in this video it will become clear that those in harmony with nature will stay in peace to live with and support all of nature. Those who can not will not. The Dragons, Sasquatch and other beings of nature all know that the time to come into natural harmony is now. I'm also going to share a fun story about my work with wild baboons. Join my online community, the Plasma Light Tribe or ​ _______________________________________________________________________ access my free guided meditation "The Cosmic Kiss" here: ________________________________________________________________________ RECOMMENDED WORK: advance your spiritual journey here _______________________________________________________________________ THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS!! Donations: _______________________________________________________________________ Social media: instagram: @iamkerryk or my website With love Kerry K #consciousness​ #ascension​ #5D #higherwisdom #spiritualwisdom #currentenergy #currentenergies #soulwisdom #higherconsciousness#naturevideos #spiritualawakening