EARTH ANGELS ✦ʚ♡ɞ✦ NOW IS THE TIME! Transformation of Earth Has Begun

EARTH ANGELS ✦ʚ♡ɞ✦ NOW IS THE TIME! Transformation of Earth Has Begun

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

With everything coming to a head, we are beginning to experience the transformation of the world's power structure. For many, this is terrifying, transformation of any sort is never easy. I am being shown that The Crystalline Energy is being pinpointed to certain lower vibrational areas. This will help with stabilizing the vibration of Earth and Humanities Collective Consciousness.

The dark on this Planet has lots of tricks up its sleeves, but none of them will manifest. They are trying to destroy major food supplies, fuel supplies, and crash the economic structure around the globe. They themselves still live high and mighty, while everyone else suffers. The poorest of the poor suffer first and the worst. Their scam is intentional, and their plan is to rid the Planet of the undesirables. They are now resorting to starvation because their plans for the Pandemic didn't work. Then with who is left, they wish to create a total marshal law control structure, Where they eventually wish to control our minds and what we are thinking, through implanted chips. These chips would be connected to their AI God.

I am being shown that This Plan has been foiled or stopped altogether. The dark ones are scrambling, and are pulling at their last straws. People around the world are waking up in droves and fighting against their tyrannical governments. We do need to remember, We are many, and they are few.

The Karistus, are working to stop the Darker species' plan of world domination. The "New World Order" has been abolished. But, They are still trying to piece together their agenda, and nothing is working in their Favor. They are being backed in a corner, with nowhere to hide.

The World structure is collapsing as we know it. Many of us Lightworkers have waited several years for this moment to begin. We knew this time would not be easy and this is why we have had years of preparation and growth. Just remember that You do have the Angels on your side.

If you are a Karistus Angel incarnate, then This is why you are here. For this very Moment. The Transformation of Earth has Begun. This transformation will prove to be difficult, but we must never give up. We must focus our Energy work, projecting our light, prayers, chants, and intent, where it can serve best in helping to Rid this Earth of Darkness. This is where we can help the most. Our Essence as Angels is most powerful when doing the work of Light. As an Angelic Soul, your Essence gives you the ability to change things, to transform your reality. Yes, all species have a similar ability through this Universe of Cause and Effect. However, That is not the Same ability that I am referring to. Angelic Souls have the ability to literally project intention and pinpoint its directory. Which causes an almost immediate effect on whatever we are projecting the energy towards. This Ability is much different than the Law of attraction or Cause and effect results. The Ability, because of our Angelic Nature, works best when used for the betterment of All or for Positive intent. This gives you as an Angelic Soul, the very unique power of projecting the Light energies with Intention, in a much more powerful way, than other species. The reason for this extra Power is you are not from this Universe of Matter, you are from a Universe of Light. or what is considered to be the First Universe or the first Mystery according to the Nag Hammadi codices. All Angelic incarnates are from the First Universe and have chosen to descend into this Universe to be of Service to Humanity and this Earth. Also, another Big secret about being a Karistus Incarnate is, We do not have to rise through the dimensions the way that all other Species from this Universe do. If we know of our Truth and have not been tricked or trapped by the evil within this incarnation, we are taken back to the Higher Universe of what some may refer to as the Angelic Realm. This is done without us having to go through the Incarnations to get to the higher dimensions. Our Highest Form is already there within the Light. If you are tricked or trapped within an incarnation by the Dark Forces, They will try to capture your angelic Soul to enslave it. Many of us have been captured or trapped in past incarnations. The Fallen Karistus can not return to The Higher Realm or First Mystery, so, therefore, follow the "Cause" of this Universe Instead of the Infinite God of Light. Or who we refer to as the Infinite Creator. But The Capture of the Angelic Souls will never happen again. I am being shown that all trapped angelic souls from the past have been reclaimed.

We have come to this planet to help humanity with their ascension out of the 3rd dimension, through the 4th, and into the 5th dimension. for them to do this they must accept the way of the Light. and that is to be of Total Service to Others. As Angels, our whole reason for being here is to be of Service during these times. Your Service may involve being the beacons of Light Showing Others the Way. Or you could have a more hands-on approach to the Earth's Transformation. All EARTH ANGELS, that are aware of who you are, Now is the Time!! It's Our Time to Spread our Wings, we are here to Bring in the New Earth of Light

and so it is and it is so,

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos and the Karistus, The Ones known as the Angels. The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure Channeling, and Gnostic guidance



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