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Everything is Consciousness (Rocks, Plants, Animals, and Even The Earth) w/videos

"The Universe is alive in all its manifestations, like a thinking animal. The stone is a thinking and sensitive being, such as plants, beasts, and man. A star that shines asks to be seen and if we were not self-absorbed we would understand its language and its message. The breath, the eyes and the ears of the man have to fulfill the breath, the eyes and the ears of the Universe."

- Nikola Tesla


What does this mean as far as the food we eat....

We must learn to have gratitude even when eating our Plant brothers and sisters.

Vegans base their entire dietary patterns around abstaining from the use and consumption of animal products usually revolving around a philosophy (and opinion) that they are rejecting the commodity status of sentient beings. Unfortunately, the foundation of veganism is based on, at the very least, erroneous conclusions, and lack of research. Many vegans refuse to accept the fact that plants are also sentient beings and science has now shown that the kingdom Plantae have many of the same senses as animals.

They are conscious organisms which can touch, smell, taste and even hear and have fear of themselves being eaten.

According to many vegans, that's acceptable because they have to eat something, however plant scientists are throwing their entire philosophy into a whirlwind as studies show that when it comes to senses, plants are really no different than even humans. Plants are aware of being plants.

Part of the enlightenment and awakening will relate to releasing judgement on what others choose to eat. That's a very hard task for some, especially vegans who have among the strongest opinions to justify their choices and often viciously attack views that oppose their own.

This is a video from "Mythbusters" trying to "debunk" the proof of Planet Consciousness and Plant Telepathy: Their experiment left them baffled

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