Everything is Vibrating LIGHT and So are YOU! - C2 of "The Journey of True Enlightenment"

Chapter 2:

Everything is Vibrating LIGHT and So are YOU!

The Law of Vibration is one of the Ancient Hermetic Principles of the Universe.

It's not as well known as "The Law of Attraction" or "Cause & Effect", But it is none the less just as important for us to understand on this Journey.

The Law of Vibration is the concept that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates - everything is vibrating at different frequencies. You are a part of this Endless Living Ocean of Vibrating Energy within this Universe.

New Science or Quantum Research is now proving the fact that everything on this planet and beyond is made up of vibrating particles of energy.

This principle of Vibration states that everything that exists in our universe, whether "seen" or "unseen", consists of pure energy or light and exists as a vibrational frequency or different vibratory patterns.

However, this knowledge has been around long before we ever had the technology to actually witness it.

Nothing is Solid... Everything down to the stones you walk on or the chair you sit in is vibrating particles of light bouncing off each other.

Even the colors our eyes envision is Vibration of a particular frequency of Light.

Not only does everything Vibrate, but because of this movement, everything makes a sound. The Universe makes the constant sound the Ancients referred to as OM. They believed this was the "Word" of God, (In Christian Beliefs the "Word" is also the "Son" of God), which created the first vibration for this universe to exist.

Once you understand the concept that EVERYTHING IS LIGHT, VIBRATING AT DIFFERENT FREQUENCIES, then it becomes a little easier to grasp that you too are light particles vibrating at different frequencies. The frequency that you vibrate depends on your emotional, mental, and physical states of being. We can change what vibration we choose to be in at any given moment, just by changing how we think, feel, and act.

Our Thoughts our cosmic waves of Energy that get broadcast throughout the Universe, just like the radio waves of that special music station, reach our radio.

The power of our emotions and thoughts have been greatly suppressed throughout our recent history. It was important for the ones who wish to control, to literally Sabotage our Minds, Bodies, and Spirit. Everything we see, hear, taste, smell, and feel controls how we believe. The dark ones have used our senses against us, so they can control the masses into following their chosen agenda. By controlling everything in everyday life, it has lowered the vibrations of humans to fear, hate, greed and total service to self.

Many ancient writings, discuss the importance of vibration in connection with this Universe. Within the Writings, "Poimandres, The Vision of Hermes", Hermes envisioned humans evolving from one planet or sphere to the next, each sphere being in different frequency or light spectrum. Within this process, we are raising higher in Light, or what some understand as rising through the dimensions. According to these writings, Humanity descended down in vibration to where we are now, to experience the illusion we were separate from the All. However, the moment has come to where we now are returning to our higher light. By descending into these lower realms, humanity has forgotten, who and what we really are. We are not this physical form we are a piece of the Living Consciousness of this Universe.

To return to the Light one must raise the frequency or Vibration of the soul or actually Brighten your Light. In Thoth's Emerald Tablets, it refers to the Soul as a Flame that can brighten and dim depending on the vibration from which it holds. Thoth also talks of the seven realms of Ascension into the Light. This is also reflected in the Ancient Egyptian Religions where Osiris weighs each Soul against a feather, to see how light it is. If your soul is lighter than the Feather, you were permitted to pass into the Higher Realms.

It was understood within these ancient teachings, that to leave this realm one must raise their vibrations to reach a certain frequency to be excepted into, or what some refer to as evolving into, the higher dimensions.

We ourselves must do this. It's up to each individual what vibration you are in any given moment in time. You can change what you think, what you feel, and how you respond or react to situations or people. It's a matter of making yourself better. Becoming a "good" person, bettering the self to where you project Love, Compassion, and Gratitude. Doing the Spiritual Work is working on the inner self and reaching out a hand and being of service to Humanity. This is becoming what is perceived to be "God-Like" or what is New Age excepted as Embodying our Higher-Self, actually living Love in every moment. This is what makes it hard for many to stay on this narrow path of the Ascension. It is tough consistent inner work and takes dedication and courage.

Many have problems seeing their own reflection. Sometimes it shows us a side we don't want to see about ourselves. The things that we really don't want to see is what is reflected in the looking glass of this universe. These are things that must be cleared to move forward into the Light. Light Nulls and vanquishes all Darkness, even within the inner self. The "Light" or Universal Energy is Everywhere, it is the Higher vibrational energies that are engulfing us within and without, transforming all of the lower vibrations.

The Higher you raise your Vibration the higher you will ascend into pure Light. This is also what is known as Human Alchemy. Within the Ancient Mystery Schools, Human Alchemy was practiced to reach the purity of the Mind, Body, and Soul.

There are many ways to raise your vibrations such as high vibrational Music, being creative, Meditation, Yoga or any exercise, eating the right foods, being of service to others who are in true need, and serving the Highest Light by sharing your Truth and Love. But the best way to raise your vibration is by listening to the Heart. Stop letting the Ego "Rule" who you are and Start letting Love "Guide" you into your Highest Light.

Love, Peace, Happiness, Gratitude, and Oneness are some of the Highest Vibrations our human form can emit. All these beautiful vibrations can only be achieved and held, through the transformation of the self to that of being only Love. It's the removal of all anger, hate, greed, chaos, harm, deception, separation, and control from who we believe we are. By letting go of all that holds us back, we allow for the Love vibration to literally transform our DNA.

Not only can we emit energy through vibration we can also absorb energy, from other frequencies around us.

We are vibrational energy/light so, when you have a set vibration and then another vibration is added from a different frequency, the introduced vibration changes the set vibration to become equal with the new frequency.

Changing our Thoughts words and actions and by surrounding ourselves in Love and Light, we actually become Light Beings. We change physically, mentally, and spiritually into the higher Light.

The Tibetan Monks believe they can transform themselves through what they refer to as the Rainbow Body. They say if you do not have a negative thought for 13 years you can achieve this Bodily Transformation into the Light.

Our Journey back to the Light from which we came, according to many ancient texts is the whole purpose of this experience we call Life. As you awaken and become aware of this truth, you begin to look for different ways of raising your vibration. Instead of looking outside of the self to find the vibration on which you wish to achieve, go within, and change your own vibration to that which you wish to be. We are the only ones who have the ability to change ourselves. It's up to you, what "tone" you wish to hold.


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