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Everything is Vibrating LIGHT and So are YOU! - C2 of "The Journey of True Enlightenment"

Chapter 2:

Everything is Vibrating LIGHT and So are YOU!

The Law of Vibration is one of the Ancient Hermetic Principles of the Universe.

It's not as well known as "The Law of Attraction" or "Cause & Effect", But it is none the less just as important for us to understand on this Journey.

The Law of Vibration is the concept that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates - everything is vibrating at different frequencies. You are a part of this Endless Living Ocean of Vibrating Energy within this Universe.

New Science or Quantum Research is now proving the fact that everything on this planet and beyond is made up of vibrating particles of energy.

This principle of Vibration states that everything that exists in our universe, whether "seen" or "unseen", consists of pure energy or light and exists as a vibrational frequency or different vibratory patterns.

However, this knowledge has been around long before we ever had the technology to actually witness it.

Nothing is Solid... Everything down to the stones you walk on or the chair you sit in is vibrating particles of light bouncing off each other.

Even the colors our eyes envision is Vibration of a particular frequency of Light.

Not only does everything Vibrate, but because of this movement, everything makes a sound. The Universe makes the constant sound the Ancients referred to as OM. They believed this was the "Word" of God, (In Christian Beliefs the "Word" is also the "Son" of God), which created the first vibration for this universe to exist.

Once you understand the concept that EVERYTHING IS LIGHT, VIBRATING AT DIFFERENT FREQUENCIES, then it becomes a little easier to grasp that you too are light particles vibrating at different frequencies. The frequency that you vibrate depends on your emotional, mental, and physical states of being. We can change what vibration we choose to be in at any given moment, just by changing how we think, feel, and act.