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EVIDENCE From Around the World, Proves "The Little People" are REAL (w/videos)

Throughout our known history, we have been told that the "Little People" only existed in fairy tales. We were shown glimpses of them in children stories such as "Peter Pan" and "The Little's".

Little people have been part of the folklore of many cultures in human history, including Ireland, Greece, the Philippines, the Hawaiian Islands, New Zealand, Flores Island, Indonesia, and Native Americans.

All around the world there has been discoveries of very small humanoid skeletons ranging from 5 inches to 2 ft. These unusual finds have stumped many archaeologists and scientists. Usually these find are swept under the rug, to never be talked about again.

Who Are The "Little People"?

This is not an easy question to answer because there is no hard and fast definition. It varies according to culture with numerous nations having their unique tales. Let’s take a look at just some of the definitions.

These little beings could be Fairies, Pixies, Hobbits, Dwarfs, Gnomes, and even Leprechauns and many others.

The "Little People" around the World

While the existence of fairies is commonly associated with the United Kingdom and Ireland, most nations around the world have their own version of this magical creature. For example, the Cherokee Indians in North Carolina refer to fairies as Yunw Tsunsdi. These little people are effectively elf-like natives. The Cherokee have great respect for these elves as they believe they are spirits belonging to an age before man.

Cherokee Indians in North Carolina refer to fairies as Yunw Tsunsdi, or Cherokee Little People.

The Native peoples of North America told legends of a race of "little people" who lived in the woods near sandy hills and sometimes near rocks located along large bodies of water, such as the Great Lakes. Often described as "hairy-faced dwarfs" in stories, petroglyph illustrations show them with horns on their head and traveling in a group of 5 to 7 per canoe.

Over in Eastern Europe, a number of countries have tales relating to fairies. In Germany, they had evil spirits working in mines that caused havoc. Whenever miners heard the knocking of the kobolds, they knew not to work. One Hungarian author saw the outlines of tiny creatures with a vague resemble to humans that were ‘black and grotesque’.

You may be surprised to learn that at the beginning of the 20th century, large swathes of rural Ireland and Britain had a steadfast belief in the existence of fairies. The term ‘fairy’ comes from the word ‘fay,' which in turn derives from the old French word ‘feie.' This word came from the Latin word for Fates ‘fata’. The Fates were supernatural beings that played a major role in the fortunes of humans.


Do "The Little People" still exist today?

It is thought that when things got really tough for them to live with humans, they retreated underground. These being were also thought to be multidimensional in nature, being able to pop in and out of the 3rd and 4th dimensions at will.

There is a group, that claim to actually speak with these beings, they are called the Faeids, or Faeidism. These individuals can at any time enter the fairy realms. They wear the seven pointed star. which shows others that they use the fairy magic. The Fairy Craft consists of both white and black magic. The Fairy kingdom is within the 4th dimensions, and can be dangerous if you do not know who or what you are working with.



100,000 Fairies or Dwarf Graves Described in Tennessee

100,000 Pygmy or Dwarf Graves Described in Tennessee Concur with Cherokee Indian's Legend of Pixie and Fairies

Descriptions of a subterranean race of dwarves or Elves exists across the globe. It is also common that the dwarfs are also attached to the "spirit realm."  The origin of these "Earth Spirits" also known as Elementals is with the Fallen Angels who produced both the giants and the race of Elves. Like the giants, their spirits are forever bound to the earth, according to the Book of Enoch. The Chreokee Indians in this region shared this legend of a race of fairies and pixies.

      An ancient graveyard of vastproportions has been found in Coffee county. It is similiar to those found in White county and other places in middle Tennessee, but is vastly more extensive, and shows that the race of pygmies who once inhabited this country were very numerous. The same peculiarities of position Observed in the White county graves are found in these. The writer of the letter says: "Some considerable excitement and curiousity took place a few days since, near Hillsboro, Coffee county, on James Brown's farm. A man was ploughing in a field which had been cultivated many years, and ploughed up a man's skull and other bones. After making further examination they found that there were about six acres in the graveyard. They were buried in a sitting or standing position. The bones show that they were a dwarf tribe of people, about three feet high. It is estimated that there were about 75,000 to 100,000 buried there. This shows that this country was inhabited hundreds of years ago."      The Little People of the Cherokee are a race of Spirits who live in rock caves on the mountain side. They are little fellows and ladies reaching almost to your knees. They are well shaped and handsome, and their hair so long it almost touches the ground. They are very helpful, kind-hearted, and great wonder workers. They love music and spend most of their time drumming, singing, and dancing. They have a very gentle nature, but do not like to be disturbed.       Sometimes their drums are heard in lonely places in the mountains, but it is not safe to follow it, for they do not like to be disturbed at home, and they will throw a spell over the stranger so that he is bewildered and loses his way, and even if he does at last get back to the settlement he is like one dazed ever after. Sometimes, also, they come near a house at night and the people inside hear them talking, but they must not go out, and in the morning they find the corn gathered or the field cleared as if a whole force of men had been at work. If anyone should go out to watch, he would die. When a hunter finds anything in the woods, such as a knife or a trinket, he must say, 'Little People, I would like to take this' because it may belong to them, and if he does not ask their permission they will throw stones at him as he goes home.       Some Little People are black, some are white and some are golden like the Cherokee. Sometimes they speak in Cherokee, but at other times they speak their own 'Indian' language. Some call them "Brownies". From ans article, "Native American Lore" (Source)


The Carlingford Leprechauns: Protected by the European Union, But Are They Real?

Along with the harp and Saint Patrick, leprechauns have become iconic of Ireland. These mischievous fairies; with their green coats and hats, pots of gold at the edge of rainbows, and promise of three wishes if captured are still popular, even though most people consider them to simply be a legend. There are, however, some people, mostly in Ireland, who believe firmly that Leprechauns exist today or that they existed in the past. They are believed to have been among the fairies that lived in prehistoric fairy mounds and fairy circles that are found across the British Isles, especially those in Ireland. One example of this would be the strange tale of the Carlingford Leprechauns, who are in fact a protected species in the European Union.

Origins of the Carlingford Leprechaun Hunt

The story all began in 1989, with a man by the name of P.J. O’Hare. O’Hare was tending his garden when he heard a scream coming from the nearby Foy Mountain in Mourne Mountain Range. He rushed up the mountain to find something that astonished him, scorched earth and charred bones surrounded by a green suit, hat, and several other items. These were all of very small size, including the skeletal remains. He also found 4 gold coins. He became convinced that these items belonged to a genuine, albeit now deceased, leprechaun. He placed all the items inside of a glass box at his pub - where they remain to this day.

The Carlingford leprechaun


Amazing Discovery! Fossils Of Tiny Humans Found In Antarctica

The remains of what appear to be tiny humans have been found in the Whitmore mountain range in Antarctica, an area not thought to have been habited until recent times given the location's remoteness and frigid temperatures.

600 Million-year-old Humanoid fossils found in Antarctica

The most puzzling thing about these fossils, however, is that they predate the dinosaurs, hundreds of millions of years before anything resembling hominids first appeared. The two near perfectly preserved skeletons are thought to be 600 million years old. Older than any previously discovered vertebrates. Older than any land-living organism yet discovered in the fossil record. Much older than anything even resembling a creature complex enough to be a biped.

The shape of the bones also indicates that they are human rather than primate and the completeness of the remains also suggests that they are from adults rather than infants. Whether these are some advanced civilization that visited and possibly lived on the Earth long before complex life evolved is