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Finding Peace In the Eye of the Storm

Blessings Dear family of Light,

Stop for just a moment... now take a deep breath. You are surrounded by beautiful Violet Light that is Flooding the Planet at this moment. Allow your body to absorb this energy as Love, healing, and protection from Source. Some will not do well with this energy due to the lower vibrational choices that they are making. However, the awakening is happening on a massive scale, and there is no stopping the momentum. Again the dark's plan for world domination has backfired. Yes, they triggered a mass movement, that they had hoped would make all bow to enslavement on a new scale. But what they didn't anticipate, is when people get angry and emotional in masses... it causes a forced awakening upon humanity. This is a spiritual awakening of "Understanding" and "Compassion" that is sweeping the earth. Understand that each step the Dark ones take to stop the ascension process, Pushes us closer to the Light. Their plans can not and will not work in these higher energies. The Light shines on their truth.

The Light hits the planet in waves, such as a water droplet creates waves in a puddle. So we are feeling the energies going up and down, higher then lower, as we move farther into these higher vibrations. This can cause sporadic emotions, up, then down, then up even higher. This is what the dark is playing on. If they can make you react in anger, hate, or fear, they have done their job. Rather than reacting the way they anticipate, we must learn to RESPOND in Love, Understanding, and Compassion.

Sometimes our ego can get triggered and it causes us to react in negative ways. However, if you are centered in the heart, the ego-mind doesn't have a chance to react. Rather what happens is the heart-mind takes over, responding in a loving and caring manner.

We each need to look deep within ourselves and truly see what is our personal truth. In today's world, it is so hard to discern what is fact and what is faked. This is why it's so important to go within your heart space and heart-mind. When we see things through the eyes of Love, we can see everything in a totally different way than the ego-mind sees things. Our ego gets triggered easily and the dark prey on this to get a reaction from us as a collective. This is their Magic, they use our own emotions against us. They know our power as a collective is unmatchable and far beyond their own powers. They use our elevated emotions to create our world stage as we see it. The collective consciousness as a whole is creating the storms literally, Even as far as the earths weather patterns. Our emotions are the key to it all, and the dark knows this. If we can learn to control our emotions we can create whatever we want to see as a collective. We could create our heaven on earth almost instantly.

However, the knowledge of this Wisdom is limited in today's modern times and so, we are at the mercy of others on this world scale.

Many know that the most peaceful place during a Storm is in what is known as the "Eye of the Storm", or the center of the storm. When you see the chaos swirling around you. Step to the center of the Storm, where the Heart is, and remember to be Kind, Understanding, and compassionate in our responses, rather than Reacting in a negative manner.

When we focus in the heart-space, through meditation or prayer, we can find our Peace, Love, and Harmony. Within this space, we can erase the negative emotions such as fear, anger, greed, hate and control. While in this space we can not see others as separate from ourselves. We are the same, we are One. Also while within this space, We are powerful. If we can bring this beautiful space into our physical reality we create our heaven on earth. It must come from within us first for us to begin to see it in our physical world. Once we have peace Love and Understanding within ourselves, we can then intentionally project the energies around us.

When we choose to respond through Love rather than reacting out of Fear or Anger we change the direction of energy that the Dark's agenda anticipated, and this creates the opposite effect of mass Compassion and Understanding. This is Bringing in more Love and Light to the Planet on a mass scale.

Everything that the Dark has and will try to do to us to stop this Ascension process, will fail. Understand You are Protected and Loved.

In Love and Light,


Universal Lighthouse

This Video Premiered Mar 20, 2020, But is so significant to what is happening Now. In Dec 2019 Bashar warns us to stay in the "eye of the storm" during 2020, and Darryl Anka Explains... This was before the recent upheaval here in the USA. However, it pertains to it all.

Bashar: "2020 is Going to be CRAZY!" A Message & Advice from Dec 2019! Darryl Anka Explains - EXCLUSIVE!


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