Freaky Reptilian Shapeshifter Encounter & Experiencing the 4th Dimension.

Freaky Reptilian Shapeshifter Encounter and Experiencing the 4th Dimension.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Today I wish to disclose the Extreme Strangeness that David and I have been experiencing lately.

It all started the Day after the Hadron Collider turned back on.

For several days before the Collider was to be switched back on, I had been performing rituals to Bind, Block, and Stop anything the Dark was trying to accomplish. Literally, pen pointing CERN during My Lightwork, and projecting that things would only work for the benefit of the Light. Even going to the Point of anything they do will Backfire on Them. However, Right after They Switched it On, things started really getting strange for David and I.

That very next morning David had already gotten up and it was about 8:00 am when I got up and started to come out of Our Room. When I first Stepped Towards the hallway, I had seen David walking through our Living room towards the front door, He was wearing a Long sleeved Red and Black shirt That I had recognized as being an old shirt he had gotten from his Brother. He hadn't worn that particular shirt for some time, and I was wondering why he had Long sleeves on and it was going to be a hot day. He looked at me with an angry type of Look and walked on past me, towards the front door. I then turned around to go into the bathroom but the door was shut and I could hear David inside the Bathroom. I immediately Ran around into the Livingroom to see wear the Other David had gone, But he was not there anymore. The real David then came out of the Bathroom wearing a Blue Shirt.

I was baffled by this experience. At first, I thought it could be a Timeline blend, where I saw 2 different Davids from 2 different timelines. But I saw the Entity very clear, it was not a vision or wasn't misty like a spirit would be, It was physical in all since. This caused me to worry because of doing the Light rituals. I wasn't sure at that point what was happening. I know that The reptilian species can Mock any form they wish to. But This being was in my House. That concerned me greatly, for the safety of my Family.

The Next Day I received a strange phone call. It was from Fort Carson Military Base. They did not Speak but after a few seconds hung up. Later that afternoon, David and I were sitting on our Porch, as we do every night, and all of a sudden several Military Aircraft, Helicopters, and different planes, started Flying over our neighborhood and directly over our house. At one point one of the helicopters, Shined its Spotlight right directly toward us. Again this was very strange, we do Live next to several Military Bases, Even the New Space Academy, is not far from where we Live, so We do get lots of Air Traffic, But this was completely different.

But this strangeness didn't end there.

A few nights ago I had my second encounter with the Shapeshifter.

This time it attacked me Mentally and within a dream. In the Dream "David" was yelling at me, he was very angry and it began to make me afraid. As soon as this Happened, I Noticed that he was wearing the Red shirt That I had seen the Shapeshifter wear. If you are someone who has followed my writings you are aware That I have the Gift of being able to control my dreams and I am a Prophetic dreamer as well. So what Happen when seeing the RED shirt it Caused a Trigger in my dream to where I became aware of what was happening, and Knew I was in Dream State, So I Immediately Pointed at him and Said "you're wearing the Red Shirt, you are NOT David". When I said this the entity became very Freaked out and ran from me. I then woke up.

I became aware right away that this was an attack Directly on me. However, I personally do rituals every day to rid Dark Energies, especially with Big events Like CERN. I direct the energies where they need to be, to help Bind, Block, and Stop any deception, and Harm from\ those who wish to control. I also have just recently been disclosing a lot of very sensitive information regarding the Reptilian and Their Hidden Control of this Planet.

Nevertheless, The strangeness didn't end there. But this Experience is more on a Positive Note and about being within the 4th dimension. Yesterday We needed to take my Mother to the Doctor. David decided to wait in the truck. While there he was watching people come and go from the building. An extremely overly thin woman walked out. As she passed the Truck, All he could see was a skeleton. He thought to himself That she proves that we truly are not this body. At that moment, He popped out of his Body. He claims he was in pure Bliss for about 1 whole minute. He said it was like he felt that he was in front of his body, and his consciousness was completely separated from his body for that entire minute. He wasn't sleeping and he wasn't in meditation. This just happened out of the blue.

Many strange and unusual Things are happening all the Time Now. WE are feeling and experiencing the New perspective of The 4th Dimension. But with the experiments continuing at CERN we do need to stay aware of what they are doing to try to change our reality.

I know that there are Good people that work there and are trying to basically sabotage the experiments for the betterment of Humanity. However, They still turned it on, But apparently, it didn't go as planned, because I got attacked for doing my work. Many of you already know that My Lightwork is different than most do Today. I use many Ancient techniques from around the world. Some that are partly remembered from past Lives and the rest from ancient writings and Practices.

This makes the work that I do very Powerful. I am aware of this so I do put protection around our Home, and Family.

We are just beginning to experience The unknown of the 4th Dimension. Meanwhile, The Dark Ones seem to be in a scramble at the Moment, because Nothing is going how they wish it to. It does seem that things are shifting in a Positive Manner, with David's Beautiful Experience.

We are in the midst of shifting through the dimensions. As we do this we will experience a lot more weird and unusual things, we just can't explain. As we raise in Light we are becoming much more powerful and aware of our abilities. We can stop the Darkness from continuing to deceive and try to harm Humanity. Our eyes are being opened to the truth of our reality. We are seeing things now from the perspective of Higher Light. The Veil is almost gone. There is no place for the Dark ones to hide. They will be seen for their Truth.

and so it is and it is so.

In so much Love and Light, Chellea, Mystic and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos, and The Karistus, the New Earth of Light Full Disclosure Channeling and Gnostic Guidance. @


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