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{{FULL DISCLOSURE}} Unseen Video Footage~~ Inside the Montauk Project… #CERN #TIMETRAVEL

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Ted Loman’s UZOAZ TALKS Series ( Archived Show) -There have been numerous studies into time and multiple realities, but the most often discussed is the Montauk Program. Rev Helga Morrow speaks out about such experiments and what has been experienced by those working on secret military programs, including the special access programs that are involved in the underground bases of Mars. This channel is managed by Zohar Entertainment Group UK, Zohar Entertainment Group International Inc, USA and AdRev, USA.


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The Extraterrestrial Interference Series.

Part 1 What's Really Happening behind the Curtain -

Part 2 The Good The Bad and the Ugly -

Part 3 Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Part 4 The Free Nation, Has Never Been Free.


Part 6 The Extraterrestrial Races Already Interacting with Earth https://www.universal