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Full Strawberry Moon: Get Ready For The Massive Energy Shift On June 16th 2019

Spring of 2019 has been a tumultuous season.

The stars and planets have been positioned in a way that promotes change on both a small and large scale, culminating with the new moon rising in Gemini on June 3.

For people and communities, disruption and big decisions have ruled the day. As you head into mid-month, expect things to come into sharper focus as you set your eyes on a new goal.

Strawberries and Honey: Traditions of the June Full Moon

Throughout the world, June's full moon has associations with ripening and the fullness of life.

In North America, indigenous peoples called it the Full Strawberry Moon because of the berries they collected around that time.

In Europe, terms like Honey Moon and Mead Moon presented early summer as a time to wed.

Newly married couples in Europe received mead and honey as gifts, a custom that probably gave rise to the modern term "honeymoon" probably comes from this tradition.

Pagan cultures talk about the June full moon as the Lovers' Moon and perform sweetening rituals. In India, married couples celebrate the June full moon as Vat Purnima.

This tradition calls on married women to fast, put on particularly beautiful saris, and wrap a thread seven times around a banyan tree. This expresses a wish that their husbands will live long and be happy.

The Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius

This month, the full moon rises in Sagittarius in the early hours of June 17 Sagittarius brings openness and curiosity to the fore, as it always does when it hosts the full moon.

This month, that opening effect will be more keenly palpable. That will be thanks to Sagittarius's ruling planet, Jupiter, which will be particularly large and bright.

This Full Moon's Influential Aspects

Because of the aspects present this full moon, you can expect extra focus, optimism, and feelings of security as you pursue your goals.

Saturn is sextile to Neptune, which means that the two planets' energies are working well together. Expect to have plenty of faith in your ability to make things happen. You'll have enough of this energy to share. Use it to inspire others as well as yourself.

More good news is that Mercury is conjunct to Mars, blending both planets' energies and giving you the mental focus that you need to pursue your goals.

You can also expect an extra dose of optimism and a sense of expansion from moon conjunct to Jupiter.

Your Personal Journey in the Full Strawberry Moon

For most astrological signs, this full moon and its various aspects help journeys to go well and safely. Travel is likely to bring excitement, but work may steal your focus from time to time.

For other insights into how the Full Strawberry Moon will affect you, look to your birth sign.

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Fire Signs


The full moon in Sagittarius spells good things for you if this is your sign. You can succeed in all aspects of your life, both personal and professional. Follow your instincts to travel and pursue new knowledge. Aries:

For the Aries, the full moon will bring success at work and a new drive toward spirituality.

If you feel the pull toward a religious or spiritual gathering, pursue it as a way of re-connecting you to the universe. Stay focused on your work and don't hesitate to ask for help from those close to you.


This full moon brings friends and fun to the Leo. You can use your focus to get necessary work done so you can enjoy a vacation or time with loved ones. Any negativity will probably play itself out in dreams.

Let them come and let them go.

Earth Signs


The full moon in Sagittarius is well-positioned for the Taurus to achieve financial goals, especially in regards to money.

Channel your motivation to pursue a new position or a raise, even if the opportunity doesn't look perfect on paper. Follow your heart on behalf of your pockets.


Professional growth is also in the cards for the Virgo. When you feel the drive to advance your career, embrace the instinct and take your next steps.

You'll be ready to do what's necessary to achieve your goals, even if you don't love the process. Make the most of the motivation and drive of this full moon.


The Capricorn will feel the full force of Sagittarius's adventurous spirit this full moon.

You'll be well-protected, but don't take advantage and don't overdo it. You'll need the motivating strength of this moon cycle to avoid getting distracted.

Air Signs


For the Gemini, the full moon in Sagittarius will have the greatest impact on personal relationships. There will be a lot of feelings in the air and opportunities to make new connections. Stay grounded and keep yourself focused.


The Libra can make milestones happen this full moon. You will probably feel motivated to commit to something, whether it's a job or a relationship. Remember to use the focus of Mercury conjunct Mars so that you don't rush into things.


The Aquarius will feel strong drives related to the creation of new things. If you channel that energy toward making social connections, you'll be able to support that creativity and keep your personal life active as well.

Water Signs


The Full Strawberry Moon encourages self-care for the Cancer.

The strong motivation and focus of this full moon's aspects can help you stick to a new workout routine, improve your sleep, or eat more healthfully.

Don't neglect your spiritual growth and be open to messages, especially coming from films and other stories.


The Scorpio can expect financial growth this month, so be open to whatever income is coming your way. You might feel a temptation to spend it impulsively. You'll need the focus of this full moon to resist that urge.


The Pisces joins the Taurus and Virgo in making career progress this full moon.

Be ready for someone to approach you with a new leadership role. Tap your network to get some help and get going while the planets are on your side.



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