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Galactic Federation 2021 Extremely Important Message - "Soon We Will Show Up!!" - WATCH NOW!


Galactic Federation 2021 Extremely Important Message, i am ashtar sheran, and we are the galactic federation of light. i come here today to bring you good news. there's nothing to worry about anymore, the weapons have all been destroyed. so now we will start a new phase, the surface release phase. in fact, this phase has already started a long time ago. we haven't been standing around waiting for the inner process to finish before we come to the surface. many actions have already been taken on the surface of your planet, however, the great thinking minds and the greatest representatives of those who dominated them, are still around the planet. and the process of simply taking them out of power, it's not an easy and simple process, because it's like a cartoon, where we take them out and they put them back together. so many of what you see today are no longer the real ones, they are clones, of those who once played that role. so ending this whole farce is the big goal now. end the lies, end the control, so that we can effectively begin the ascension process. but not the ascension itself, of you migrating into the fifth dimension. there is still a lot to be done, there will still be many changes on your planet, for the event to actually happen. if you appreciate this channeling session, like and share the video with everyone else, by doing this, you are encouraging dna awakening to keep you updated every day with the latest channelings from higher dimensional entities, new earth is all about sharing love and wisdom. - Visit our website: - Narrator : Stevie Foreman / - Support my Channel For more Daily New Videos, Thank you 🙏 👉 Notebooks For Pleiadians, Starseeds and Lightworkers: 👉 Merch, Shirts, Mugs, etc: 👉 INSTAGRAM: 👉 Facebook: 👉 Twitter: - Special Thanks to Sponsors & Members, Join us today! - ⭐️ 12D Super Fans : - Robert Zetena ⭐️ 5D Members : - Cricket Team - Diane Greenfield - Toni Jones - Steve Interrante - KC Cads - Prime Creator Order - Lota Etu - Joanna Eden - Pat B - Jazzy Calderon - Per L - SIR MAXEVEN - Maria Ross - Jason Robertson - Honest Jim - Connie Barker ⭐️ 4D Sponsors : - 翡翠です - PixelFromTheSun ! - Viking as above so below - Kristina Elliot - DivinityONE M-Selah - Dee Elizabeth - Ellen Andersen - lorraine kuno - Tom E. - Sherry Lewis Deckard - Mary Sonya Conti - Joe Burns - SabrinfgofsiHztyya Castillo - Jennifer Collings - Much Love to all of You Beautiful Souls #DNA_AWAKENING #SummerSolstice #21June2021



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