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Getting To "Know" THE GREAT SPIRIT


All of us have different methods of Spiritual Practice whether its, Prayer, Meditation, Ceremony, or Ritual. There is really no wrong or right way to connect with Spirit. There are actually many ways to connect with it, including all the above, but also being Creative, Music & Dance, Spending Time in Nature, and any other High Vibrational activity.

The Great Spirit is Omni-Present meaning that it is everywhere within and without. Nothing is separate from it. All is within it, and it is within All. The Essence of The Spirit or Universal Life Force is what gives us Life. It is the Grand Consciousness that we All Share. Nothing of This Great Universal Oneness is Dark or Evil. The Humans and Negative entities that do not know their connection to The All have created what we refer to as The Darkness. The Dark or Darkness is only the "Lack of" The Spirit of Light. It is all But an illusional Game that those who separate themselves from Spirit wish to Play. All things from The Spirit are Good, Righteous, and of Grace. The Great Spirit is the essence of Unconditional Love.

"God didn't Create Evil, his children did".

Many wonder how darkness or Evil came about. The Great Spirit is pure Light and Love so It does not see good or evil, it just sees its self as the All that is. Then there were a few of the demi-gods that wanted to separate themselves from the Great Spirit / Infinite Creator / God. They did everything they could that was the opposite of the Spirits Love. They discovered that during the Earth's Dark Cycle or when it's a farther distance from the Central Universal Sun, they could create an illusional World of separation that they could control.

As The Earth became lower in Vibration, it became harder to stay connected with the Great Spirit. Humanity forgot who we 'Are" and our Connection to the All of this Universe.

Now as the Earth enters this Cycle of Light, Humanity is rediscovering who we are, we can now, Focus our intention on Connecting to Spirit Much Faster and Easier, with the understanding of the Oneness with the All.

The "Dark" is still trying to hang on to their false control. The Light is Here and Nothing of the Lower vibrations will withstand the Shift.

To connect to Spirit one just needs the true intent to do so. The Great Spirit doesn't judge us or make us wait, It doesn't pick one race above another, The Great Spirit is Not Religious, Political, or culturally limited. The Great Spirit Just Is, and it always has been.

The eternal Spirit is in ALL things of Nature. It is the Light that we all carry within us. Anytime we feel the need to, we can just call upon it. When we literally talk to The Spirit Like a Friend it becomes that Friend. When we are unsure of which direction to go, it is that quiet voice giving us the knowledge that is needed in the Moment. The Great Spirit has made its Home in each and every one of Us. We can choose to Brighten that Spirit within, so it can return unto itself, or we can choose to stay separate and continue to dim our Light and never feel the true Connection of Oneness. Separation is only an illusion, we are never really separated from our Source. The Higher we raise our light, the Closer we are to that Oneness with The Great Spirit.

In So Much Love and Light,

Chelle, The Inner Realm and Universal Lighthouse Blog and Radio.