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Has CERN Changed Our Reality, Again?

Has CERN Changed Our Reality Again?

The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure Channeling and Gnostic Guidance.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

I am being guided to expose more about current events that are taking place with CERN.

Many feel that there is a lot more happening than we are aware of. This information is intended to give you insight into the truth concerning CERN.

Since the 2014 CERN Experiment Many people reported after, that they experienced Mandela effects and timeline jumping at its extreme. Has The New Experiment Caused another interference in our reality?

In 2014 CERN turned on, and changed everything. According to a CERN Professor named Dr Edward Mantill, "every time They turn it on it gives us 3 more years". They realized they could Not stop events from happening but they could delay them for 3 years. These Experiments cause extreme shifts that alter our reality. This is the darks attempt at stopping or slowing the ascension of Mother Earth.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, Or CERN was Established in 1954, the organization is based in a northwest suburb of Geneva on the Franco–Swiss border and has 23 member states. Israel is the only non-European country granted full membership.

A physicist from CERN named Dr. Edward Mantill, a specialist in particle and subatomic research who studies “very very small” particle interaction, claimed he was involved in an incident at CERN on January 15, 2014 that may have secretly changed reality as we know it. Dr Edward Mantill also claims he is the One who sabotaged the CERN Experiment in 2016, by using a pet Ferret.