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HIGH STRANGENESS is Happening Everywhere - UL Forbidden News (13 videos)

All of Nature seems to be in a frantic uproar. The Earth herself is in the process of a massive cleansing. This is due to her awakening a few years ago. She has become more aware of what has been taking place on her body, and is now actively clearing herself of the Dark energies she no longer wishes to house. The animals also since something changing within this Earth on a massive scale.

High Strangeness is happening all around the world.

Some people believe this is darpa or harrp causing it all, this is not totally true. What we are Experiencing is much more Cosmic in nature, and much Bigger than the Dark's Fake Manipulation of the weather.

Whistle Blower Secret Alien Autopsy In Underground Base? Worldwide Phenomenon Caught on Video!

Plus What's Happening around the world with the Animals and Birds, High Strangeness

Mysterious sound in Brooklyn driving people crazy

Something Big Is Happening Right Now As Thousands Of Animals Are Acting Strange & Walking In Circles

Mysterious 'sonic booms' heard across Central Florida

23. november 2022. Strange animals behavior around the world.

Mysterious sound bothering residents near Luther

Animals Moving In Mysterious Circles On The Earth. The Last Time Animals Moved The Flood Came

The Epidemic of Animals Walking in Circleshas Reached Global Prorportions! What Threatens Us All?

Strange animal behavior worldwide 🌀🌎 (GMS GetThisWork2)

Some Strange Animal Behaviour Caught on Camera !

A Farmer Discovered Something Weird Outside His Farm Fields

Animals walking in circles. Hint at the timeline?

Lewis Center Ohio November 7th 2022 Strange Trumpet Sounds from the Skies HAARP THUNDER UFO


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The Extraterrestrial Interference Series.

Part 1 What's Really Happening behind the Curtain -

Part 2 The Good The Bad and the Ugly -

Part 3 Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Part 4 The Free Nation, Has Never Been Free.


Part 6 The Extraterrestrial Races Already Interacting with Earth

Part 7 The Karistus - The Ones Known as the ANGELS

Part 8 Reptilians Control The Earth

Part 9 Putin Said, They are “NOT EVEN HUMAN”

Part 10 The Other Universe

Part 11 They Are Using Spells and Symbolism to Control Your Mind

Part 12 Reptilian and Grey Alien Alliances on Earth

Part 13 Our Alien Essence & Our Super Natural Abilities

Part 14 How The Angels Fell ~ The BIG Karistus Divide



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