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Highest Probable Ascension Outcomes

Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

In the spiritual community, there are few, or none that talk about the specifics of Ascension. Why? They don’t know? Don’t want to instill fear? Can’t predict the future? But this isn’t about that. This experience is unique for everyone, yes, but the overall, highest probable outcomes would be interesting to discuss.

We’ve received the same question many times from people asking how many are expected to ascend?

There are some who say 100% of Earth’s population will ascend, others say 90%, or 75% of Earth’s current population, and so on. This just isn’t so. We will even say such is only wishful thinking. We speak of beings ascending to 5D Earth. For all, 100% will eventually be departing from 3D, but not all will ascend to 5D Earth.

As we have said a couple of times, ascending while carrying tons of fear would be very difficult. And unfortunately more than half of Earth’s population is still in the lower frequencies. Many have so much lower energy to transmute, they’re not even aware of this.

You also have those who say the Event, Solar Flash, or Galactic Pulse will help everyone ascend. This is also false. The Solar Flash isn’t only helping some ascend, it is also helping Earth rid her self of the remaining lower energies, which much is also held within the humans, and the toxic waste that roams her body.

When the Solar Flash occurs, a large number of the population will be departing in the days and weeks to follow, for they do not match the frequency of the new reality. They will experience a “circuitry burn out”. While for those that remain, many will know, but also quite a few will be confused. And this is where the lightworkers come in, for assistance. Lightworkers will be fully aware as to what just unfolded.

This is physical ascension, it is also spiritual ascension. We say this because at this time, based on the current energies of Earth, and the human Collective, 60 to 80 million of those ascending, are going through the ascension process and entering 5D with their physical vessels in tact, fully merging with their light bodies. You have agreed to this prior to your incarnation. Your vessels are going through much transformation at this time, more than you can imagine.

We also have those, which is the majority of the ascendees, who will go through spiritual ascension. This would be 1.5 to 1.7 billion people. Yes, this means they will leave their current physical vessels behind, and enter 5D with their light bodies fully activated. This isn’t easy to put into words.

Your light body also has the blue print of your new physical vessel, which is ready for you once in 5D, you will merge instantaneously. It is of course less dense, but will reflect your current physical appearance, only at its optimum level. So, you won’t be just a ball of white light moving around in 5D.

Mother Earth will also be keeping her physical vessel, and merge with her 5D light body. What this means is, from Earth, currently you can see planet Venus, yes? What they don’t tell you is that what you see now of Venus is a 2D/3D version of Venus. It is no longer alive, for the spirit, and light matrix of planet Venus, the true planet Venus is now 6D. Which cannot be seen by you or your scientists with any of their instruments.

However, Earth as we said will keep her physical vessel. There will no longer be a 3D physical Earth to be perceived by other beings. What will remain is a simple “glitching” holographic image of 3D Earth, for the few still remaining in 3D. This will also be shut down entirely in the late 2030’s, as all remaining of the old frequency will depart to other planets.

We would say precisely it is those who now consider themselves starseeds or lightworkers, who are to go through physical ascension. Caring for your physical vessel now is paramount.

All the light to You! From heart to heart, KejRaj.


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