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Holding the Torch, So Others Can See Their Own Light

The strength of the Light is powerful and direct. Nothing can hide in the shadows anymore. We are the beacons within this darkness shining Light on all that's been hidden. We are opening the curtains for all to see truth. Most will deny truth because of the old programming. They can not look beyond themselves. They still see only self, and do not understand the connection of the All.

The awakening that is taking place is allowing for the awareness of this connection.


Everything that is pushed on this world stage, is designed to separate us from our truth.

Politics, Education, Religion, and Race are all pushed in our faces, to create hate, and fear, so that the elites can keep their control over us. We as lightworkers and wayshowers must show those still unaware of this control system and show them the light. as sovereign beings.

We choose to not have TITLES of political, religious or racial involvement. We are not republican, democrat, liberal, or any other political stance. The reason we have chose this way of being, is so that we are not bound by the views of a one sided stand point. We see truth everywhere.


We Love all and we serve humanity as a whole, it does not matter to us what you choose as your political, religious, or racial views, but for us,

We fight darkness no matter where it is hides.

We see the deception and the control behind the scenes. We know the Governments are ALL crooked and we must see those responsible for the crimes against us, behind bars, and the reigns handed back to humanity.

We are Not the Titles that are placed above our Heads, we are ALL HUMANS, fighting for the same cause, to have the right to live and to have the right to be free.

We as humanity, as civilized beings do not need a controlled government that is taking our rights away from us as humans, just so they can control us more. We are sovereign beings with the right to LIVE, To be FREE and to not have to struggle or work yourself to death to get there.



All life does matter, this is the way of the new earth.

Everything and everyone is connected, we are all one human race, one Earth and One Universe. There is no separation, All is connected. This is not the same as a one world government, this is a new Earth controlled by us, the people who are the keepers of this planet. The Ones who want Unity, Prosperity, Health and Happiness for All. Where NO ONE is Left behind. Care, Compassion, Love, Gratitude and merciful Justice will rule the New Earth.


The Ones who do not except this new way of being will disappear. The old vibrations will no longer be able to sustain itself.

The Light is a powerful vibration that transforms All things it encounters.

We often talk of the Vibration that surrounds us. Our physical bodies are either reacting or responding to the Energy of the Light that now engulfs this earth.

If your body is "Reacting" by having pain and discomfort, then you must raise your vibrations to stop this reaction.

If your Body is feeling more energetic and active, then you are "Responding" nicely to the higher energies.

This Higher Light is increasing, getting more powerful. This isn't slowing down anytime soon. As we begin to except the Light within our lives, it brings the opportunities for Truth, Love, forgiveness, gratitude, and happiness, in more abundance. Remember that the Lessons of this life is always about learning to Love, Learning to forgive, and learning to have faith and trust in something that's inside of you, guiding you, and showing you truth.

We truly are magnificent beings, We Each Hold the Torch within us. This is Our Light to the Universe. This is our Truth. You are Light, You are Love.

We are Holding Our Torch So Others Can See Their Own Light

We Love You and we are truly honored to be of service for the Light.

Universal Lighthouse


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