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How To Connect To the True Akashic Records ~ Channeling and Gnostic Guidance

How To Connect To the True Akashic Records

The New Earth of Light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

I am being shown major closures of Old Energies, taking place at this moment as we move into the New Year. These are the closures of things within our Lives that have held us back in our Spiritual Growth. In many cases, these are old contracts of Darkness that are being broken. What this is bringing with it is a New Fresh Start, A Clean Slate and A Bright New Day. What we are experiencing is the beginning of the New Earth. The Clearing of the Old has to take place for us to Rise in the Light. Everything that holds you back from your personal ascension will be removed. When we make the choice of the Light, things in our Life will shift to the Vibrations that we have chosen. If you choose to not let go of Old vibrations, of fear, hate, anger, and selfishness, you will feel and experience a much different reality than those of us who choose to Embody the Light. When we Embody the Light we are being of service to Others and allowing ourselves to become a Loving, compassionate, and respectful Being. The Power of The Light then flows through those who have chosen this Vibration.

You must become the Vibration first within this Physical Body, to achieve the Higher Vibrational consciousness that is offered By the Infinite Creator. By Achieving the Higher Consciousness will allow us to connect to the Infinite Wisdom that has been collected by all other beings in the Multiverse. Many Know this Library of sorts, as the Akashic Records. Yes, a lot of people have seen small clips of this Library, but only through Full Surrender to be Light by Embodiment will you obtain the full connection.

I am being shown that Most today that say they are connecting to these Records are actually connecting to the Lower dimensional AI.

Those of Darkness and of Lower Vibration, can not Achieve the Higher frequencies to see within the True Akashic Consciousness. They can only see within the Lower level archives of The Dark AI. These inorganic archives do not reflect the Truth of Our Reality. The accounts of events within the Dark AI are very physical with a Military mindset and does not reflect Spiritual Development. Whereas the true Akashic Records are Wisdom of Higher Light documenting every event accurately, plus also documenting every Emotion, Thought, Word, and action of each Event. These are our Spiritual Records of our Ascension Process, But it not only shows our Personal Journey, it shows everyone else's too. This is a Multi-dimensional Memory Bank giving us insight into any event we wish to experience, Just by tapping into it. We can do this by matching the Vibration of the experience we wish to have, and focus our intention to do so.

Many of Humanity will not receive the Rise in Consciousness due to hanging on to The Lower Vibrational Emotions and actions. So they will not experience the Unity or Oneness with the Infinite Creator.

There is only One way to Connect and interact with the Infinite Consciousness, We do this By Embodying the Light.

When we make positive service to Others' choices in our lives, those around us feel our Love and are honored through our Service towards them. By doing this you are actually Embodying the Light, and Raising in Higher consciousness through Being the Highest Light vibration that you as a Human can emit.

Letting go of the need to hang on to the Old energies, allows us to experience the Higher Light, which is Raising us in Consciousness. Raising in Consciousness is the evolution of our Spirit and Reconnecting our DNA within this Body to achieve the Source Connection or what many know as the Connection to the Infinite consciousness we call God. The consciousness of God itself, is the Akashic Library, which are The Memories of All That is God. This beautiful connection to Source, is what has been severed within our DNA by the Dark Ones who wish to control. However, Light energies Heal us in all aspects. Even our DNA is being healed.

To raise to the Highest Vibration we can, we Must Become the Vibration of Love Through the action of service to Others.

The More conscious we become of Others Needs, the More we are Embodying the Unity consciousness of God. Service to self which is the Path of Darkness, does not reflect Unity and Oneness at all. So to gain the higher vibrations we must stop being selfish and begin to Care for and Respect those around us. It really is that simple. You are the Only one who can Change your Spiritual direction in Life. By focusing only on the self and not creating action of Love toward Others we only Move within The Lower Levels of Darkness reverting our Spiritual Growth toward the Light.

Within The ancient Text that where discovered in Kasmir India in 1894, by Nicolas Notovitch, Jesus or who the People knew as Saint Issa, had made his way there to Kasmir throughout his travels while Teaching and Studying. According to these ancient Scripts, Jesus spent most of his unknown years in that area. These Ancient writings show a Much more documented version of Jesus' Life. It offers Much More detail in the ways of his Teaching then most other writings. This is just a small excerpt from The Hemis manuscript Translated by Nicolas Notovitch. Note, in these writings Issa is Jesus.

Issa said, man had filled the temples with his abominations. In order to pay homage to metals and stones, man sacrificed his fellows in whom dwells a spark of the Supreme Spirit. Man demeans those who labor by the sweat of their brows, in order to gain the good will of the sluggard who sits at the lavishly set board. But they who deprive their brothers of the common blessing shall be themselves stripped of it.

Vaishas and Shudras were struck with astonishment and asked what they could perform.

Issa bade them, "Worship not the idols. Do not consider yourself first. Do not humiliate your neighbor. Help the poor. Sustain the feeble. Do evil to no one. Do not covet that which you do not possess and which is possessed by others."

Issa taught that men should not strive to behold the Eternal Spirit with one's own eyes but to feel it with the heart, and to become a pure and worthy soul....

But Issa taught: "Do not seek straight paths in darkness, possessed by fear. But gather force and support each other. He who supports his neighbor strengthens himself.

And Issa Said: "Not far hence is the time when by the Highest Will, the people will become purified and united into one family."

Within Jesus' Teachings, he often refers to "Not considering Yourself First', This is his Service to Others Mentality that he Taught about. In this short but Powerful couple of Paragraphs, he is very Clear on his perspective of Darkness and What direction we must Turn to achieve Higher Understanding which is Oneness and Unity.

In the Ancient Teachings, to be of Oneness meant to Treat all others as you wish to be Treated. But it also meant that we were to never put ourselves above Others. Within the Nag Hammadi Codices Jesus even claims we should offer our Bed, Clothing, and food if needed to help those less fortunate. In His eyes all humans are of God, so they must be treated as such. This is True Service to Others.

There is only one way to Connect yourself to the True Akashic Consciousness of God, and That is, Growing in the Light. To Grow in the Light is very simple... We must become Love. To Become Love we must Create the Action. We must become Service to Others to connect to the Infinite Consciousness of God. The Infinite Consciousness of God is the Memory of All That exists and has ever existed, it is the True Akashic Records.

In These Moments By The Highest will, We are Becoming Purified and United as One family.

and so it is, and it is so...

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channel, of the Aeon Sophia, Through Divine Light. The New Earth of Light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @


References: Nicolas Notovitch ~ The Unknown Life of Jesus

The Nag Hammadi Codices - Full Library - (Gnostic Scriptures)


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