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How to Look at the "TRUTH" Through the Eyes of Love. #SaveOurChildren

The Light is flooding this Planet and Bringing With it, Full Exposure of Truth. Within the last few months, many people have been waking up and seeing the truth for the first time. This is shocking to most and they immediately place themselves into a "flight or fight " mode. However, the truth isn't going away anytime soon. The darkness runs very deep and it is at all levels of society.

All truth is coming forward one way or another, The Light is here. It is part of this grand awakening. The truth is not pretty, it can be actually quite horrifying. Most find the truth hard to look at, and at times many will never want to look again, denying it all. This is why "Truth" needs to be viewed through the eyes of Love. When you come across the darkness and you can see that it has claimed a victim, and in many cases these victims are children, Our hearts become broken for the innocent. This is where most find it hard to cope with all the negative energies that have been expressed by the dark. As these horrible things come to light, they are surfacing so all can be healed or what many refer to as being cleared from the collective Consciousness.

We know that we are supposed to send Love and Light to this energy. But how does it actually heal?

When we actually focus our intentions on the healing for the victims within the incident, we change the vibration of which we are experiencing personally. This stops the focus on the negative aspect and puts your focus on the Healing of others. When we are in the focus of trying to help others in their times of needs we no longer are experiencing negative energy through being shown Truth, but we are now spreading Love to the situation through pure healing Light, and compassion for the innocent. This changes the whole vibration of the situation just by changing your focus. How we learn to perceive the truth, is through the eyes of Love and healing for others. This makes the whole experience of viewing the truth, as a healing session for all involved. We must remember that the ones doing the evil works of the darkness are also in need of this healing, a deep healing of their very soul. However, the sad thing is, most who hide in the darkness does not want to be healed.

On this Journey of our awakening back to the Light, we are learning to use the Guidance given through our intuition, from our Higher Light that is within us.

This ancient knowing of our truth is also coming forward during this time.

When we take the focus off of the chaos in this world and center back in the Heart, we can find Peace. It never leaves us and is always there to return to when we feel Lost. It is Home. It is One.

In so Much Love and Light,





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