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How to Re-program Your Mind to Become Happier, More Peaceful, and a More Loving Human Being

As we follow the signs and the synchronisities of our Spiritual Journey, we are reminded by the hummingbird spirit to smile and enjoy life. Lift up the negativity in our life and allow it to transform into something positive.

When we have problems in our lives, we tend to dwell on those negative issues rather than moving forward. Many times a transformation needs to take place, to bring you back to the Light. This transformation takes place within your own mind and heart. Only you can make yourself Happy, Only you can make yourself at peace, And only you can make yourself be Love. It is a very simple concept... If you are depressed about issues in your Past. Let go of those issues. Literally change your mind to something positive. We are in control of our own thoughts.


We must understand that there is "Nothing outside of ourselves" that can make us a happier, more peaceful ,and a more loving Human Being.

We are our own savior, only you can change your own mind. If you are having bad thoughts toward another, it becomes your responsibility to change those thoughts that are negative into something positive.


Our Thoughts and emotions effect those around us.

Every thought word and action effects those around us, by the vibration that is emitted. When we think bad thoughts about a person, we are directing negative energy towards that individual. It then becomes harmful for that person. You are in turn causing yourself Karmic energy that needs to be cleared.




What we’re talking about here is that little voice inside you that is the source of so much worry, anxiety and suffering. The ego is what keeps you locked away in your own little world, separated from everything and everyone else. It is your Judgement on others. It is the part of you that keep you thinking that you are all that matters. Blinding you from knowing your truth. Keeping you disconnected through selfishness. It is the Act of Self Service.


When we let go of that selfish part of ourselves we allow for the transformation into becoming the Light. We become Love, by becoming a more caring person. When we no longer see ourselves as separate, we see ourselves as One with all things. The Ego is a programming, that can be re-programmed.


Is there really Mind Control Programs?

Yes, there is governmental Mind control programs that alter what we think and can cause emotional trauma. But, as you gain more spiritual awareness, you gain more control over your own Mind. Everything in this world around us is a way to control us. For a very long time we have been told what to think and what to believe, as we break away from the chains that bound us, we begin to Know our own Power, and the Dark no longer has the control.

Knowledge is your Power against Mind Control Programs

Just knowing that mind control can happen to you, is your power. For example: You find yourself waking up unhappy for no reason, you begin to feel angry and strange thoughts are popping in your head. You begin to lash out at those around you.

Becoming aware of your apparent mind attack is key, If you can see that these thoughts are not your own, and it is just a way to trigger you, you can let go of the negative thought and actions knowing it is not you.

You then can literally CHANGE YOUR MIND and become a Happier, More peaceful and Loving person.


Learn how to Block Triggers

Almost everyone knows what a trigger is... it is something that sets you off into a negative spiral.

Triggers are things that our Ego don't like.

For example: You are in line to buy groceries, A little old woman doesn't see you, and steps in front of you in line.

An extreme trigger would be to verbally attack the woman.

Another way to be triggered is to get mad and start slamming things and being childish. We have a choice of how we respond or react to any situation. A right way to respond to this situation is to help the older woman with her groceries.

It's up to you how you let triggers effect you. it's a matter of controlling your own mind.


To become the Light, you must change your own mind.

It is a matter of what you perceive the experience to be.

Is the Glass half empty or half full?

You decide how you see Life.

By Changing our focus to be better people, will create the Happiness, the Peacefulness and the Loving Heart. By being the Light, we are changing the world.


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