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How Would "Heaven on Earth" Look to You?


How Would Heaven on Earth Look to you?

We as Lightworkers all talk about creating the New Earth, as a collective. But What is your personal perspective of the New Earth? How would Heaven on Earth Look to you? Is your perspective all about material things, money, and technology, or is it about stepping into a higher Way of Being and Transforming this Earth into a True Heaven on Earth, co-existing with Nature, and becoming true Oneness and Unity. Literally Embodying this Ascension, As within, so without?. Each One of us, see this Earth differently so how are we to create a world we all wish to live in and that can rise in "Christ Consciousness" together as One. We must remember that most will except to keep their 3D reality, rather than moving into the Higher Spectrum of existence, or helping the ascension of this Planet into the 5th Dimension. This Planet is raising in the amount of Light It is receiving, because of cosmic waves from the Photon Belt.

1993 — "According to many ancient Mayan esoteric beliefs, Alcyone is the central star of the Pleiadian star system, and our sun is the outermost star of this system. The Mayan Great Cycle is a calendar that delineates the [26,000]-year-long orbit of our sun and solar system around Alycone. According to the latest discoveries in astronomy, our sun is moving into a "photon belt," or belt of light particles. As we move deeper and deeper into this photon belt, it would seem that we are moving into the Age of Light described in many ancient prophecies as well as by the Mayans. My latest theory about the photon belt, which combines science, astrology, esoteric sources, and secret information given to me by indigenous people, is that we cyclically travel through this belt of light for [2000] years and then travel outside of it for about [11,000] years." -Foreword, p. XV

Because of This, The Earth is now raising in frequency. This is a natural cycle that the Planet is on.

Now that we know that this is happening, We must make a choice, Either you choose to stay in the 3D drama battle, keeping you held in constant hate and fear. or you raise yourself up in the Light to begin vibrating with Nature instead of against it. This Earth is raising in the Light, if we choose to stay in the Higher vibrations of Love, Compassion, Giving, Caring, and forgiveness, we are in the Vibrations of the "Christ" Consciousness, which is what we must achieve to reach the higher 4th, and 5th dimension. This is where the choice of service to Others, makes the difference. When we are in true unconditional Service to the All, this gives us a massive boost in vibration, connecting us to Source Energies. The vibration of selflessness, is unconditional Love. Nothing of the lower vibrations of the 3D world will be part of the New Earth of Light. This means that all control systems must end to allow for "The People" to step forward.

In these moments many of us are being contacted by extraterrestrials, personally me and my Mother both, with who we believe to be The Sirians. Many are getting the message to focus our intentions on the New Earth and how we wish to move forward into a 5D reality. There is expected to be High Vibrational Technology to help with healing and Transforming the Earth and humanity into her former State of Glory, A Real 'Garden of Eden". Where all is Abundant and Free. Where No child goes hungry. Why? Because they could just go pick a piece of Fruit from one of the many trees along every street. But the technology coming in, will only help humanity and the Earth and not harm in anyway.

All things that Cause Harm to Humanity that has been put in place by the controllers, such as the "V' or Monsanto, including all BIG CORP and BIG TECH, Must be STOPPED Immediately.

You see there is no limit to what can be done to truly help this planet. But this has to be done, BY THE PEOPLE, and ONLY the PEOPLE. No Government is going to help us. All Government is the control system that has to fall. This is why Both sides are fighting so hard to push the "V". Even the Trump admin. is For the "V", and is still telling people to get it. Even claiming you are patriotic if you do. This is a last minute attempt to stop the biggest majority of Humans from ascending.

I believe that there has to be complete sovereignty from all forms of the past 3D systems. Everything must be Transformed into positive movement toward the Light. All "harm" must end. The reason is because of the vibrations of harm, control, fear, deception, hate, and greed, can no longer exist within the frequencies of the New Earth. It is becoming much harder to stay in the lower emotional vibrations as we continue to rise in frequency on this planet. More are waking-up to seeing themselves as One with Creation.

This evolution is a Spiritual One.

You can not evolve into the Higher Dimensions until you raise your Vibrations yourself. By Staying within the focus of Unconditional Love (service to Others) we can raise our frequency to meet that of the Vibrations of the Higher dimensional Light. Most Channellers, know that you have to raise your personal vibrations up, to meet that of the beings you are channeling. This is done through Food, taking care of the body and the spiritual work which is learning your true connection to Source. All Lightworkers and even others are having spiritual experiences right now, awaking to much more than they have even known before. The Light brings this inner knowing.

Our Light intensifies in its brightness when we focus unconditional Love in our everyday Lives. This is about being good to each Other and helping where we can. You do not have to be in anyone else's drama, to be caring and giving. You do not have to Live with every single Lightworker in a Commune somewhere to Build the New Earth. Building the New Earth Starts within each of us. We begin by becoming Loving and Caring beings, there is no other way to raise to the Light, because the Light is the Vibration of Unconditional Love. You make the choice of this ascension into the Light, buy the choice you make everyday. What choice have you been making lately. Are you becoming a more caring Loving being, or are you focused on the Dramas of the world that's holding you back from your ascension. You choose what vibration you are projecting, in every moment. You can Choose to be Love in every Moment. Are you focusing on hate, fear, greed, control, or any other lower vibration in these moments? Only you make that Choice.

The Earth is rising in frequency, this is our chance as Humans to raise into a Higher spectrum of existence. But we each make our own personal choice. It takes a lot of work to really step into an unconditional Love way of Being. We are constantly being stopped by our own ego driven mind, and forget to stay in the heart. It takes practice and tough Love of the self. We are spoiled into thinking that our words and actions don't harm others, Sorry, it is all vibration. We must learn to respect each other without Judgement, and feeling the constant need to lash out at each other in anger and hate. This is harm by negative Vibration, and is something that we need to start thinking about as we continue into the higher frequencies. Even the act of Doing the Dishes in anger, can put Low vibrations on the plates that everyone is eating on. These types of things are important as we continue to raise our way of being, and move farther into the Light. Everything in this Universe is vibrating energy, every vibration we "CAUSE", Effects the whole.

In so Much Love and Light,

Chellea @


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