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Humanity Has Reached The "Famous" Crossroads

Humanity Has Reached The "Famous" Crossroads. Channeled through Divine Light.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

The Divine Light is showing me that Humanity has reached some sort of Crossroads.

The first thought I have of that image is from an Old Movie that was called "Crossroads", Where this is the place you make the choice to sell your soul to the devil for Fame, Power and Fortune.

Scorpio season begins today, Oct 22.

This Scorpio season brings with it, A Big Choice for Humanity.

That Big choice is, "The Power of Love or, the Love of Power". This is the choice between, Service to Others or, Service to Self.

As we move into this very intense season, we will experience much heavier energies, which will put us through the test. Your personal intentions will make your choice for you.

I am then shown by the Divine, that All that is within us, is Exposed for All to see.

We are moving into the deeper energies of our soul, exposing our truth. We will see others intentions, as well as them seeing ours. This is a disclosure of our inner self.

Of course this will also reflect on the world stage as well. As within, so without. We will even see the true intentions, of those in power. Humanity will be shown if they are Service to Others, or Service to the Self. With the veil becoming thinner we also are experiencing the energies much more intense then usual. So this is why it seems during this season above all others, we see people for what they truly are.

"The primary Scorpio characteristics are intensity, perceptiveness, and a quiet, assured kind of power. Scorpio has two ruling planets: Mars, the planet of action, aggression, and desire; and Pluto, the planet of transformation, rebirth, and our subconscious forces."

Scorpio energy can manifest in a very positive, powerful healing Love, that is Service to Others – or, – through the negative, very destructive Self Serving intentions.

Humanity Has Reached, the Famous Crossroads. To go one way you choose Service to Others, to go the other way you choose Service to Self.

The Choice Of Service to Others or Service to the Self must be made to continue on this journey. In most cases we each have already made our decision, but during These intense energies, we can be pulled down into the lower vibrations, causing us to make irrational choices. So, it is important to stay focused on love based intentions and Service to Others during these times.

If you notice yourself, falling in vibration for whatever reason, Stop and take a few deep breaths and recenter yourself and your intentions.

Forgiveness is also important during these times. As we see others truth, it can be uncomfortable and even disturbing. We must remember that all Humans are on a spiritual Journey. So having forgiveness is key to moving forward. They are experiencing these energies the same as you.

There will be many more who choose the path of Service to the self, then Service to Others. The Energies of Selfishness is strong during this season, and must be overcome.

These final tests of our true intentions, will decide the direction we are going in this ascension. No matter what way you go, You made your own choice. The Power of Love being Service to Others, or the Love of Power being Service to the Self, is the choices that all of us have to make. We have come to the Crossroads, where we determine our future existence. The direction you take is based on your true intentions. Your Truth will be seen by all who knows you. And most importantly, You yourself will also see your own Truth, your true intentions, Service to Others, or Service to the Self.

and so it is and it is so,

in so much Love and Light,

Channeled through Divine Light, By Chellea @


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