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“I Am” 🙏 This Is Going to Be an Amazing Beginning to Your Discovery 🙏 Mooji


SATSANG OF THE WEEK​ Mooji guides us beyond the restless mind and into our most essential and primal knowing, the intuition and sense ‘I am.’ “Without knowing and resting in your own awareness Self, you will not be satisfied. You must make this your first discovery, your first satisfaction. When you feel the sense ‘I am’, it is already the announcing of consciousness, of the God presence within you. Stay with that.” ~ This talk is an excerpt from “I Am” – This Is Going to Be an Amazing Beginning to Your Discovery 21 January 2021 | Afternoon Satsang Online Weekend Retreat​ This video is the ‘Satsang of the Week’ for 11 April 2021 Watch:​ Subscribe for weekly notifications:​ If you would like to support the sharing of Satsang, you can donate here: #IAM #GurusandMystics


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