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I Do NOT Comply

I Do NOT Comply

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

It's been a tough ride for many, through this intense shift. Most don't have a clue what is taking place on this Planet. Even many awakened ones, have fell into the trickery and trap that the dark ones have set, and now are trying to climb their way out. Now it seems many of us are trying to pick up the pieces and move on, and continue doing our work we know we need to do to make this ascension.

You can't liberate a 3D reality, You can however, create a 4th and 5th dimensional reality instead. But, We must rise to the occasion.

We are the ones who must make the changes for ourselves personally. We are the ones who have to find our own peace within, before we can ever have it in our physical reality. Peace does not come from war. You can not achieve real Peace from Duality. We are told we must Fight for our rights, to keep them. No you don't need to Fight for Rights, You already Have your Rights. All we need to do is Stand Solid in our Sovereignty, and refuse to allow anyone to take them. If you allow the government to dictate what you can an can't do then you have already, given up your rights.

For example: If you have listened to Biden and went running to get your "Vax", then you have already given up your rights. We must learn that No Government is here to help you, they are here to try and control you. This is what it is all about for them, you are their Slave and they are telling you what to do, where to do it, and how to do it. and you let them. You must let go of the need for someone else to govern you. If you can't Trust your own selves to not harm others then maybe you do need to be governed. But personally, I do not wish to cause harm to nothing so I feel I do not need to be governed. You personally must make the changes within yourself to achieve the Level where you do not no longer need someone else to Control you.

We can stand in sovereignty by just not letting the Government dictate what you can and can't do. We Personally as individuals or even in crowds can't fight against the Military's of the world and the Big Corporations. But, you can make the Choice to Not let them dictate what you do personally.

Unless they force a Needle in my arm I will never Comply to any foreign Substance that some big Corporation and Big Pharma mixed up, just because they want to push their Fear Narrative. No, I am sorry the science does not add up, Because it's not about a Virus, its about control.

Stop letting them control you.

They have made you believe that you have to depend on them. They even have many, pretty much begging, for Martial Law.

I watched even some of my own Family members, literally Run to go get their shot as they were told to do. Now the Governments are trying to push mandates all over the place. You still do not have to comply, a mandate is not a law. Plus well I personally have never had Covid, I don't wear a Mask and I will not get a shot. I will not be controlled. I have never even had a flu shot in my life because I have a immune system that takes care of me. So even there yearly push for a flu vax isn't happening for me.

This all reminds me of something I heard this morning.

"You think your Government won't hurt you? Well let me sell you a Blanket". Most people are unaware that OUR government gave Smallpox to the Native American's to depopulate them.

This is the war crimes committed by the U.S. Army at Fort Clark against the Mandan Indians in 1837.

"Fort Clark stood perched on a windswept bluff overlooking the Missouri River, in what is today North Dakota. Churchill reports that in early 1837, the commander of Fort Clark ordered a boatload of blankets shipped from a military smallpox infirmary in St. Louis. When the shipment arrived at Fort Clark on June 20, U.S. Army officers requested a parlay with the Mandan Natives who lived next to the fort. At the parlay, army officers distributed the smallpox-infested blankets as gifts. When the Natives began to show signs of the illness, the U.S. Army told the them to scatter, so that the disease would become more widespread and kill more of the Native Americans."

This is what the Native Americans endured almost 200 years ago, and you think your Government wouldn't do it again?

Please Humanity wake-up, you've been had. You do not have to listen to the controllers. You do not have to Comply to their rules and regulations. It takes you personally to make the choice to be sovereign.

Even if you have given up your Rights in the past, you do not have to continue to give them up. You can make the choice to Not Comply and become a sovereign Human Being.

The one thing most people don't know is that the Native Americans didn't have Police or Courts Systems, but most tribes lived peacefully for many generations. Compassion for their Tribes and this Earth is what held them together. They are not to this Day Governed by the United States. They are ruled, within the tribes themselves, usually by the Grandmothers or the Elders.

Our compliance is what the Controllers depend on. If we stop giving them our Power, They have nothing.

We must remember who we are. We are not just this little Human that can't do anything by ourselves and has to be controlled. We are magnificent beings of Light evolving into a Higher State of Consciousness. We do not have to comply with anything we do not want to. You are a sovereign being by Birth Right. You are the Child of the Infinite Creator.

and so it is, and it is so.

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea @


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