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In 2002, The US Military Encountered A 15ft. Tall Giant, In the Caves of Afghanistan (videos)


Steven Quayle spoke of an occurrence, still classified by the US Government, The events allegedly happened in 2002 on a desert part of the Afghanistan, when a U.S. Army squad went missing. A Special Ops Task Force was sent to find out what had happened, and the soldiers walked along a ragged, mountainous trail until arriving at the entrance of a large cave. Pieces of broken U.S. military equipment and gear were scattered all around the clearing. The Task Force was about to enter the cave to explore its recesses when a 13 to 15- feet, red-headed, six-digit, double-toothed humanoid emerged and attacked them.

According to the witnesses, the giant pierced one of the soldiers with his long spear killing him, before the rest of the squad could take him down, shooting at his face for thirty seconds straight.

The body of the giant was packed and loaded into a helicopter, and transferred to a secret location in the USA for study.

Based on Quayle’s story L.A. Marzulli succeeded in identifying and interviewing one of the members of the Task Force who actually saw – and shot – the Giant of Kandahar, as the event became to be known.

The soldier said that his squad, on searching the cave, had come around a gigantic humanoid with a thick red beard and long hair of the same color. Inside the cave there were remains of human bones, leading the military to think that the creature was a cannibal.

One of the soldiers was impaled by the weapon the giant wielded, a kind a long spear or lance, during the 30-second shootout (it took that long to kill the creature.)

According to the witness the USG didn’t disclose the event and has no intention to do it in the future, because “giants don’t match with the way we explain our world.”

The giant weighed about 500 Kg as estimated by the C-130 Cargo plane team who transported the body from the pick-up location to the United States. The witness remembers that one of the pilots noted a “terrible stench of musk and dirt” exuding from the cadaver, like a man “who didn’t shower for 10 years.” (The witness told Marzulli that the odor was more intense than that of a skunk, and close to that of a pile of decomposing corpses.)

The giant wore a canvas or animal hide to protect his feet, like some sort of moccasins.

We searched online and retrieved the original interview. The witness talks details about the encounter with this huge being which had occurred in a remote area near Kandahar, Afghanistan. Marzulli calls the witness “The Shooter” due to his active involvement in the giant’s killing, and claims to have interviewed him three times on the phone and at different times, to check for any discrepancies in his story. Having found none, eventually he was convinced that the event was real, and decided to meet the military in person. The meeting occurred in an undisclosed location.


Coincidentally, on one of his trips to meet with “The Shooter”, Marzulli found out that his driver was a former military who had served in Afghanistan few years later the event he was investigating, and that he knew about it. This new witness, code named “Mr. D.”, was interviewed by Marzulli in the documentary series “Watchers X” and said:

“When we came back to base we would hear our colleagues talk about a unit that had found and killed a person inside or at the entrance of a cave. At first I didn’t think much of it, but then I’ve heard that that fellow’s size was three times that of a human being, and that he had more fingers and toes than a normal man; that he had red hair and that a special unit was looking for him...”

As the documentary rolls on, Marzulli shows an iron tip weighing about 6 Kg which, if attached to a pole to make a spear, would be difficult to maneuver for a middle-sized man. That tip was found in Michigan and given to an Indian chief of the reservation. But it is the same object that “The Shooter” claims to have seen in the hands of the Giant of Kandahar during the attack. The same iron tip that killed his colleague.

In the video, “The Shooter” is called “Mr. K”, and is introduced just as a worker. He confirmed that he was serving in Afghanistan in 2002, and that his unit had been called for a rescuing mission of another unit which had gone missing in a remote area of that country (so remote, he says, that they had to get there via air with a 4Km distance flight.)

“Mr. K” ‘s unit is deployed on a crest of a plateau which was marked as one of the check points where the missing unit should have reported his position.

Since they left the base, the soldiers were wondering what could have happened to that unit. They thought of an ambush, but that sounded weird because even in that case there is always time to send a message to the base. In this case no stressed call had arrived, no signal had been sent.

So this rescue unit is on the ground searching for tracks and, while descending a slope they see a trail. They follow it. After a curve they see the large entrance of a cave surrounded by rocks, which is another “weird thing” according to “Mr. K” (he doesn't’ elaborate on that, though.)

Several cracked bones are found among the rocks around, but no identification from their observation point was possible. However, together with the bones, shattered pieces of radio communication devices, U.S. Military equipment, were clearly visible. The unit’s first thought was again for the ambush hypothesis, or the attack of a wild animal. It could be anything at that point.

The entrance of the cave had a clearing large enough to host the unit; however the soldiers were standing at a lower level, and a vertical wall of rock separated them from the clearing.

The soldiers distanced themselves, assuming the anti-ambush stance, when something leaped out of the cave at a speed that caught the Task Force by surprise. It was a human being at least 12, most likely 13 feet tall:

“It was a monster,” says “Mr. K,” “Red beard, scarlet red long hair covering his shoulders, and Dan [one of the soldiers] runs toward him firing his weapon, and then all of us come back to reality because that scene was surreal.”

From this moment on is just the military training that saved the squad, and all memories come from pure adrenaline: while Dan keeps running against the giant, another soldier opens fire, soon followed by “The Shooter.”

The video reenactment shows how the giant leaps onto the clearing and pierces Dan with its weapon, holding him in mid-air as the point of the spear goes through the soldier’s body. The giant keeps advancing toward the squad.