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Is Money Still The Root of All Evil? Channeling and Gnostic Guidance

Is Money Still The Root of All Evil?

The New Earth of Light, Channeling and Gnostic guidance.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

With all the Light engulfing us, I am Receiving so Many Downloads, that it has been hard to keep up with all the information. I feel Like we are shifting back and forth or bouncing between the 3rd and 5th dimensions. However, within the 3D reality, Exposure of the Dark agendas is taking place. There is an obvious attempt to cover up or discredit any real truth that is surfacing. So all darkness is being exposed in all the mix of Lies. But the Dark is scrambling and fighting against each other creating their own Chaos and confusion. For those who are following any political narrative, they too, are grasping to hold on to anything that keeps them afloat.

The real truth is that ALL government, media, modern Religions, and other systems of control and manipulation, are totally corrupted from The bottom of the barrel to the top. This is why it seems so chaotic with disclosure coming from all sides. What is Lies and what is the truth is up to each individual to discern. But what we can see as an average person, is that there is an obvious Split From the judicial system to the Education system, that goes by how much you are worth financially. Big Money is in Control. This is so clear to see throughout the US government. Everything revolves around how big your pockets are.

If there were to be a civil war in this country, it would be a battle between the Rich and the Poor. It has nothing to do with your race, sexual preference, or whether you got the shot or not, like all the media want you to believe. It is The Rich get Richer as the Poor Suffer and are suppressed more and more. This is how the Old system worked, and what is still being pushed to the extremes these last moments.

Nevertheless, as we move into Higher Light, the Whole system will have to fall. Within the Higher frequencies, selfishness and greed, among other lower vibrations, will not exist. The ones who hang on to the material world and service to Self, will not make this Jump into the Higher Consciousness. I am being shown that this is the Biggest problem that Humanity faces during this Ascension.

Even Jesus said to Take nothing with you on your journey, and we know how he reacted to the Money Changers in The Church. The reason for this is that the Material world of wealth represents Greed and Service to Self. But to Jesus money was pure evil, and it represented The Dark Ones or the Reptilians who he called the Archons. He believed that these beings had created the Money system to enslave humanity, and cause suffering. He in those times was trying to teach people to live without the need for Money, and to live in peace and harmony with one another. He also wanted us to trust and have faith that the Eternal Creator will provide all our needs. It was an extreme teaching even back then, but it was important enough for Jesus to express it several times within the Nag Hammadi Codices.

About 9 years ago David and I chose to start our focused Spiritual Journey, we Called it walking the Path of Christ. We left everything behind, even our Home and all of our Belongings. All we had was a car, a tent, an Air mattress, and a few pieces of clothing. It was probably one of the hardest and scariest choices we have had to make. However, we knew that to truly experience spirit the way we wished to, we must let go of all things of the material world. Of Course, society forces us to have money of some sort, but we lived as minimal as possible. Ironically and through great synchronicity, We Ended up in the wilderness of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. Which Translates to the Blood of Christ. We Lived with and served the small Spiritual community on those mountains for 7 years.

I am being shown that those of great wealth who deny their Neighbor the Same privilege, will be the first to enter the Lower realms of the Darkness. Their Greed will cause their Light to grow dim and eventually perish. To Give your energy to the 3D playground, you play their game. The Right Side is for The wealthy and Big Corp, which is, Helping the Rich get Richer while the Poor are literally Starving. They do not care for those less fortunate than them, which is against even the Modern Christian beliefs and is Pure Greed. Greed is pure service to Self. On the left side, it appears they wish to help those in need, But the Problem is, their gift isn't free. The Left are for Big Tech and are the Zombies of the Apocalypse that push for more control, mandates, and Lockdowns. They have already made the choice of the AI hive mind, rather than staying Organic. There is no Happy medium because they do not want there to be anything that is for the good. It's either this side or that side, which is both the Darkside, the way I see it. This is why I have not chosen a political point of view. I see all The brain Washing that goes both ways.

The Darks Control of The Money system appears to be a free economy, But this too is just a disguise, the Wolf in Sheep's clothing. The Rich can only stay Rich if they Comply with the Dark Agenda. If you do not play their game, you do not get to keep your wealth and are drug through the mud in the process. Here in America, we see it Over and Over. Especially in Hollywood and Big Business. This is actually what they are trying to do to Trump at the Moment. One day you may be Rich but through strange circumstances, or even very publicly, you may lose it all. Even those in Power here in America are extremely Wealthy, and they are the ones that make all the Laws for the rest of us.

However, The Question Is... Is Money Hindering your Ascension?

The need for money to survive comes from the Darks agenda of Total Control over Humanity. Humanity has been their Slaves for thousands of Years. By keeping most of Humanity in the Lower vibrations of Survival, they stop their ascension.

One of the Highest Spiritual understandings is to become a giving and compassionate being. We are to do for those less fortunate than we are. If you are blessed with an abundance you are to share your Blessing. The Other Day as David and I were driving, we saw a Young man with a sign asking for money. In front of us were 2 vehicles, a small old beat-up Car, and a Big Nice Newer Truck. All of a sudden without hesitation, the Older man in the beat-up Car, waved over the young man with the sign, and he gave him some money. It was so heartwarming to see, But it also struck a chord. I had then literally been shown the division of Light and Dark, service to Others, and service to the Self in front of me.

In so many cases we tend to forget that each and every one of us has God within, which in itself has been suppressed by the church. We each deserve the same respect. Whether you are rich, or poor, or in between, we all are a magnificent Spark of the Infinite Consciousness of God.

Within All Ancient Teachings from around the world, to ascend to the Higher light, you must let go of all material things, as well as your ego, to be able to achieve true Enlightenment. Western society, even through their controlled Modern religions, push becoming wealthy and collecting Material stuff, Not to mention, don't forget to put your 10% in the Collection Plate. The churches today are teaching and practicing the complete opposite of what Jesus actually taught. This shows the true Darkness that's in control of the modern church. They use the Term Christian to label themselves when they are the Farthest thing from ever being Christ Like.

Money is and always has been the root of ALL Evil. No matter how much pink frosting and sprinkles you add to it. It's still a major tool of the Darks agenda. Yes in today's society we do have to have money to survive. How much energy that you give to Money and how much you use it for service to others, will determine the direction of your Journey. Also keep in mind that In many ancient teachings from around the world, we are told to only take what we Need, to Take any more is greedy and selfish.

As the Light engulfs this Earth, The playing field is now becoming a little more even. No more will your wealth determine your Power over others, and no more will Money be used against Humanity as a tool of slavery. We are Transforming the Energy of The negative Money Magic of the dark, into Beautiful Love and Light from The Eternal Creator. Allowing for all to Prosper and receive abundance. This is releasing all suppression of our Spiritual Growth and allowing for Humanities Collective to Heal from The trauma caused from generation to generation. When Jesus walked his Christed Path, he wanted all to know that we will receive the riches of Heaven if we become Like Him. The Riches of Heaven is the higher consciousness of God. By becoming Christ-like, we would achieve the Riches. This in no way reflects actual Money or wealth as modern Christians believe, But is a reference to our Spiritual Achievement of Enlightenment.

In This Moment of our ascension, We are embodying the Christed Light and receiving our true inheritance of Riches, Which is Christ Consciousness. This is the True Power and Wealth of the Eternal God Through Divine Light, Which is within each of us.

and so it is and it is so,

In so Much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic and channel of the Aeon Sophia and Christos Through Divine Light, The New Earth of Light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @


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