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Is The Anti-Christ Already Here?

Is The Anti-Christ Already Here?

This 104 yr old book reveals the truth behind who and what the Anti-Christ actually is, As well as, Revealing the True Christ. It also reveals the real zodiac and how everything has been Manipulated for Centuries.

The Title of the Book is The Anti-Christ - The Roots of the Science of Consciousness.

It was written by Dr. George Carry over 100 years ago. It is claimed to Contain The Highest Sacred Spiritual Knowledge ever, and has been kept Secret from the Masses.

The Video Below is a Reading and Study of this book. Below the Video Information, I have added the PDF Form of the Full book for your own Research.

104 yr Old Book Reveals The Highest Sacred Spiritual Knowledge

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Speaker: Ryan McMahon

00:00 - INTRO

02:00 - Sacred Knowledge of The Essenes (Primitive Christians)

04:25 - Sacred Texts Reveal Your Body Is a Temple of God

05:55 - The Sacred Secret Secretion Oil (Christos)

06:55 - Ancient Mystery of The Solar Plexus (Relationship With Solar System)

09:00 - The Psycho-Physical Seed Born Out Of The Solar Plexus Every 28.5 Days

11:30 - How To Eat The Fruit Of The Tree Of Life (Within You)

13:25 - Constantine: The Man Who Changed Everything

15:07 - Jacobs Ladder (The 33 Vertebrae of The Spine)

16:55 - JACOB - Heel Catcher In Hebrew (The Man In The Sky)

18:10 - The True Zodiac Revealed

Read The Full Book Here.

The Anti-Christ -- The_Roots_of_a_Science_of_Consciousness
Download PDF • 1.26MB


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The Extraterrestrial Interference Series.

Part 1 What's Really Happening behind the Curtain -

Part 2 The Good The Bad and the Ugly -

Part 3 Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Part 4 The Free Nation, Has Never Been Free.


Part 6 The Extraterrestrial Races Already Interacting with Earth

Part 7 The Karistus - The Ones Known as the ANGELS

Part 8 Reptilians Control The Earth

Part 9 Putin Said, They are “NOT EVEN HUMAN”

Part 10 The Other Universe

Part 11 They Are Using Spells and Symbolism to Control Your Mind

Part 12 Reptilian and Grey Alien Alliances on Earth

Part 13 Our Alien Essence & Our Super Natural Abilities

Part 14 How The Angels Fell ~ The BIG Karistus Divide

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