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It's a COSMIC TSUNAMI **Cosmic Light Forecast 2/22-28** #energyupdate #astrology

It's a Cosmic Tsunami... Cosmic Light Forecast for February 22 through February 28.

We are in the midst of a Cosmic Tsunami, Solar Activity has Picked up greatly, Bringing in waves of Light all across the solar system.

With the Sun now in Pisces, 2 Planets come into play, mixing up The Energies.

Jupiter gives us the since for justice, social conscience and the willingness to help others, while Neptune both helps us and also can complicate life. Neptune helps with our imagination and creativity and can help us get in touch with our emotional state, Bit it also gives us hypersensitivity and dreaminess that leads to passivity, indecision and excessive sensitivity.

Plus with the moon slipping into Aries this Morning, All these Crazy Energies can make you feel Uncertain on your Path. However, the Spiritual step to Overcome this instability, is to move beyond that Uncertainty and learn to trust your own intuition. We also must Learn to slow down. This will help us decide what our Next steps will be.

For Those who are Born During whatever Sign That The Moon Phase is in, they are receiving Their Days of Light. Right Now that would be the Sign of Aries. What this means is,

Every month during the Moon’s cycle of 29 1/2 days, A seed is born within our Solar Plexus Chakra area, This Seed is considered the seed of Life... Every Month when the Moon is in our Zodiac Sign is Our Days of Light, which is about 2 and a half days,

During this Time the Seed of Life that is created, can move up the spinal cord and into our Pineal Gland, as Long as we have not Tarnished it through Negative Vibration. If the Seed Gets Tarnished it Dies and a New One is reborn. However, If The seed makes it to our Pineal Gland, it Causes a Chemical Reaction which changes or charges the entire Body, Filling it with Light and Raising it in Vibration.

For the Next few Days the Moon will be in a waxing crescent in the Sign of Aries, On February 24 it will be Moving into the Sign of Taurus and staying there for it's 2 and a half days. During that Time, the Energy will still feel unstable. Finding your footing will still be an issue. The Tsunami of Energies hitting us in the moment, is totally Knocking us off our Feet. However it is Looking up by the End of the Month, and we will receive the stability we have been looking for. On February 26 the Moon will enter Gemini Giving us the Need for Change. This is the Stand up Energies Humanity has been Needing for a Long Time. Our Feet will finally feel secure. However, remember to Keep a cool head, The Pisces Energies can still make us Emotional. Harmony comes from Balance.

This has been Universal Lighthouse Cosmic Light Forecast for February 22 through February 28.