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It's Happening Tomorrow!! Our Time Is Now!!!

About Video Clip of Cern Ritual

This was said to be a Hoax however, very commonly during their rituals its a Mock sacrifice. For example its thought that they do the Mock ritual, in attempts to excite the Spirits, and so it can be done in Public Places. However, there is always a real one that Follow the Fake one.

It's Happening Tomorrow!! Our Time Is Now!!!

The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

On July 5th, CERN is going to attempt to open a portal into the Lower 4th Dimension. Now that the Earth is within the 4th dimension herself it will be easier for them to tear the veil enough to allow the Archons to re enter into our reality. If you have followed my writings you are aware that within The Nag Hammadi Codices, it is stated that the Goddess Zoe the Divine Daughter of Christos and Sophia, is the One who put the Archons behind the veil in the first Place. This was done to help free Humanity from being enslaved or even completely destroyed by these beings in the ancient times. However, The Dark Ones discovered ways to still manipulate and control through that veil, by possession of a human host or walk-in where they totally remove the original soul and take total control of the body. They also have Reptilian Hybrids that they can completely possess and take full control of, where they have the abilities to shapeshift and Look like anyone they want. Their Puppet Avatars have worked very hard with their Black Magic and Technology to get to this point they are today. Which is almost having total control of Earth. The Key word here is "almost".

I am being shown that There is fake news coming out that the White Hats have control of Cern. No, they Do Not. This information is being put out to the Lightworkers to try and keep them from doing the Light work that's needed to Stop this event. Don't stop Now, it's not over yet. Our work is just beginning. This is what all our hard work and training has been for, This very Moment. It's Like having a surprise Quiz, But it turning out to be the Big Test.

As long as the Dark resides on this Planet there will be an issue with them. They are very cunning and have deceived Humanity for a very long time. And they continue to deceive many. But there are those of us who see through the deception and we send the Light where it needs to be. We are the True Light workers. And we are needed at this time to Bind, Block, and Stop, the Archons or who most know as the reptilian from entering our realm. Those who have possessed Human or hybrid bodies will begin to be seen in their true forms. You must remember they use technology and Vibration to hide their true appearance. As we raise into the Higher vibrations of the higher 4th and 5th dimensions. The Veil that blinds our eyes will be removed. This is already happening. many are already experiencing Extremely Strange things that we just can't explain. The weirdness will continue and amplify as we are shown the truth of Our reality. The higher in vibration you are the stranger things will become as you shift back and forth through the spectrums of Light.

These new vibrations may be hard to hold on to for long periods, but we will soon get used to them and be able to stay within the vibrations we choose.

As we raise in Light, The darkness has no where to go but to scatter and vanish.

But we must remember that we can not let our guards down just because information may say that we can. This is a tactic used by the dark to stop us from doing our work.

Mother Gaia Sophia, is helping us with the cleansing of the Darkness, but we must direct the Energies where they need to go. With our Direction and being the beacons of Gods Infinite Light, We can stop the Darkness from Re-entering the Earth and stopping all their plans in its tracks. As I am shown, It's up to us. Now is not the Time to give up or relax your Lightwork. Now is the time to stand firm in your Power and your Knowing.