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It's Time, Prepare for Your Graduation

It's Time, Prepare for Your Graduation

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

Information from The High Councils confirms, It's Time, Prepare for Your Graduation. In preparation of Our Growth into a Higher way of Being we must let go of All that no Longer serves the highest good for Humanity and this Earth.

All by now have chosen the Path they wish to serve, whether consciously or by the higher- self. All is a go ahead for the ascension of this planet. But to us Lightworkers what does that mean? Well there is really no need in these final moments to waste our Energy trying to convert Darkness to Light. That work now is finished. But that doesn't mean our work as Lightworkers ends here, on the contrary. From here on out its a matter of Growth in the Light. Most of Us have known that 5D Earth would not come easy. There is a lot of work to dissolve the Old to bring in the New. There is beautiful Beings of Light in these Moments standing in the wayside, waiting to step forward in the Process of Building the new Earth. These beings are our guides and other higher dimensional beings, directed to help with our advancement into a 5th Dimensional Planet. Within the Near future our Higher-selves will be stepping up and also working with us in a more direct way. This is all formal direction from the Higher Light. All from here is directed towards the Light, so ALL things of the Dark will not be on the New Earth of Light.

I Wish everyone to understand that I do believe in Our Rights of Choice, to choose what we do with our own body, and the Right of total freedom, and Sovereignty to Go and Be where you wish without enforcement from the governments in any sort. I do not believe in any government control over the People and they should not be allowed to enforce anything on humanity. However, Many things that people are supposedly fighting for Now, will not be part of the New Earth of Light. Things like Guns, War, and violence in anyway, Disrespect and Hatred, Fake Education and Religion, and Control Systems where one is above another will not be part of the New Earth of Light. Many of these things are being fought for in these times. They are fighting To keep them because its our right to have them. Stop and think of the irony of it all. Many of You who claim to be Lightworkers follow an agenda that is "fighting" for the "Right" to Carry a Weapon that we know as Lightworkers will not be a part of the 5th dimension. Yes it is your Right in the 3D but the 5D can not have that energy within it. Also you are "fighting" for the Right to "Mistreat and Disrespect People" because it's freedom of Speech, how Ironic. And, you are "fighting" to Keep a Control system that claims to protect and honor, when all it does is enforce and control. But this type of Old barbaric Control system will not be in the 5D. Do you see where I am going with this? This is where everything seems backwards to me. It's like something happened one night and All the Light workers got switched Off. The Belief that you are fighting for the right to Carry a weapon, is you fighting for your Rights to stay within the 3D, and that is where you will stay. If you believe you are fighting for the right to say whatever you want to people, whether it hurts them or not, This is fighting to be allowed to disrespect and Hate others, you won't be part of the 5D. If you are fighting to keep a system that uses Enforcement to keep control over the peoples, then this too is something that will not be on the 5D earth. These are of the Old 3D world and will not be part of the New Earth of Light. If you are "Fighting" for the 3D way of being, this is where you will stay. But Not on this Earth as she rises to a 5th dimensional Planet.

I have always been the outcast, even in the Lightworker communities because I do not Follow any agenda, I only allow for guidance from within and Not what the chosen Narrative is in the Moment. Many if not Most of the Supposed Lightworkers today are all caught up in an agenda, that Fights for all of these Causes. I understand Standing up when your rights of "Life" are being taken, but, You know if you wish to be a part of the 5D earth these things won't be there, so why are you "fighting" for them. ALL things will be free and without any type of control within the 5D. You are your Only Judge. No One is above another. There is no hierarchy in the Higher dimensions, all are equal in rights. The only thing where you are not equal is in consciousness levels. This is your personal spiritual development, and you are the one who decides how Much Light you wish to possess. Just Like it's You who decides if you are going to make this Graduation. Even the Term like Archangel is a Human concept not reality. They are all beautiful beings of Light, moving closer to God/Source which is the Only supreme in all its aspects. which is the All which yes does include You and Me. The Most important and really the Only lesson we are to learn in this 3D school of illusion, is to Be Love, and To remember who and what we are, where we came from and why we are here. And its all very simple.

Who and What are we, and where do we come from? We are the expressions of the Infinite Creator, which is Love.

The Why seems to be the most elusive, Why are we Here if the Infinite Creator is All Things? We are here to express ourselves and to Grow back to the Light which is Source. We are here to remember the Love we are made of and We are here to raise ourselves from the darkness back into the Light from which we came. Our Rights are far more precious then the need to carry a weapon, We have the birthright of the infinite creator which deserves total freedom, total peace, and total Love within this New Earth of Light. We All deserve to Live and Grow abundantly within the Light, this is what you should be fighting for if anything, Your Rights as an expression of the Infinite creator.

Now that Graduation is upon us, This is our chance to raise into a higher awareness of the infinite. We must stop the need to Fight for what no longer serves our highest good. As we create this new earth of Light within the 5th Dimension many things will have to change. It is our rights to have certain things within the 3rd Dimension, But, it doesn't make it Right for our 5th dimensional reality. All things of the Old Paradigm will fall away. Nothing that is of Darkness will be a part of our New Earth of Light. This is in Order by Divine Will.

And so it is and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Channeled Through Divine Light By Chellea @


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