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It's Time to Come Out of the Darkness, The Light Is Here!

It's Time to Come Out of the Darkness, The Light Is Here.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

It's been quite intense with emotional ups and downs during this shift.

Some of the Lightworkers are still very confused, wondering why things seem so flip flopped. Many are now trying to find truth from different outlets due to the false information game that the dark has embarked on within the Lightworker communities. They are literally trying to tear us apart. It hurts my heart to see other Lightworkers pitting against each other, telling the awakening ones to only follow certain outlets, pushing their War and Fighting and confusing the newly awakened in these moments, into believing only their narrative. First of all if you have your own Mind and wish to be a sovereign Thinker, this should put up a big red flag for you.

All things is Changing, even things that we have grown accustom too.

Nothing of the 3D will be allowed to stay on this planet. Especially Not a government that wants to control at all costs, even at the cost of the lives of humanity and this Earth. The Government is only here to enforce whatever they want onto the peoples of their country. It is NOT going to save you from evil, and is not going to be a part of the New Earth of LIGHT. At First the Government was meant to be a protector of the peoples in each country, however, they turned from protectors to enforcers within a few hundred years.

Nothing is positive that comes from this 3D Money system, that the dark has created.

Jesus himself tried to tell people in his time saying it was the root of ALL EVIL. When gold and money was starting to be exchanged, He got so angry, that he literally beat the Money changers out of the Church. He knocked over their tables, released their oxen and sheep and even used a "Whip" on the Men. This seems pretty serious and extreme to me on his point of view of the Money system. He himself Never used or excepted money, and was about giving and caring for all, and felt all were of the One, so we should Love one another as ourselves, He was of Total Service to the Light. He took Nothing With him, meaning he lived minimal. The Main reason why he was captured and put to the cross, is because of his fight against the system, which is the same system as today, The Roman Empire, which has been all summed up into what we now know as the Vatican, the Church itself. Nothing has changed in 2000 years, it's still the same ones who Controlled in Jesus' time, The Same families and the same empire that still is trying to control this world.

Now in these times, you see that Money is the God of this world. If you don't have Money then you can't make it on this planet. Everything that Jesus was trying to warn people of, has now taken total control.

This is why it all must Fall. Everything the way we know it in this world, is not in vibration with higher Light. This Earth has to shift and things of Lower vibration, such as a control system that wants to police you, and a Money system that favors only the rich must fall away. No person should be put above another, especially just because they may have a lot of money. In today's world Money determines your power. This is why a money system is against the Light, it's using something outside of ourselves as our personal power. By doing this they have made material things a priority over our spiritual aspect, trying to remove or at least make us forget about our real power of the Light. This is why Money can not be within a 5th dimensional society. Yes, it is a start to think of a transition into a money-less system that works, "without" the control of a government. But Even NASARA and GASARA plans can not work with the system that's set up today. The so called Republicans and Democrats of America, will not pass it, they have had it for how long now, 20 years??? and still nothing has happened. This is why it all must go, the whole system must be totally removed. Yes there does need to be something to replace it that will be for the people and this Planet, but sorry that is not going to be ANY political party or individual, that just wants to continue with the same thing, and just put a new coat of paint on it. Politicians do not work for you they work for the ones who want to control you. Many have been led down the path of the illusions, only to awaken and find out that it was all just an emotional roller-coaster game that the dark has been playing this whole time.

It's time to come out of the Darkness, and open your eyes to the Light.

Many have been tricked by your government into thinking its going to save you, from itself, which is very ironic. All this government wants to do is to be your slave owners, through their money system that they have made into the God of this planet. This has been the Illuminati's plan this whole time, and most have fell for it all. Even with the warnings of it throughout history including Jesus himself. It's up to you if you wish to be a sovereign being, who is claiming their Birth Right of the ascension into the Light and the Higher dimensions, or to stay with a 3D world and system that will continue to try and control you, somewhere else in the 3D universe. Our Spiritual well-being is far more important than our material needs, but it all has been flip flopped in these end moments.

About 8 years ago David and I decided to move out of our house and into the woods. Literally. We gave up everything we had except a tent and camping gear and our clothes. We wanted to experience Nature at its fullest and serve the light in the best way we knew how. We wanted to do as Christ did and Live Minimal, and of Service. We began to serve a small Mountain community that was very spiritual, with our Love. We then eventually moved out of the Tent, and into a community House, with several other individuals from around the world coming in an out of our lives, and We Loved them all very dearly. We chose to live with this Highly spiritual community, with no police I might add, for 7 years, for a lot of the Time Living completely Off grid. We just decided last year, to come back to our home in the city because of our age and other issues. We felt we actually was living and being sovereign beings, and we was able to actually work on our spirituality in a more everyday level. Yes we did still have to have Money, but we seen a good Friend of ours literally live on less than 10 dollars a month, so yes it can be done. But this was the most magical experience of my Life, and we really fell in Love with Nature, making direct connection to Source Light. Of course we find Nature here in the city too, and we still do our service to our neighbors and others. We know that being of service is of high importance for our spiritual growth into the higher Light. We have made it a way of Life. I now care for my elderly Mother full time, so playing in the woods for long periods, isn't happening. But being able to be of total service to the One who served Me as a child, is amazing. Sharing your Love needs to become your way of Life. Loving Others and being of Service to them is the way to the Higher dimensions, and a higher way of Being. As you awaken to the Truth of who you are, there is no Turning back. You begin to understand what your true sovereignty is. Sovereignty is the Birth Right, of being the child of the Infinite Creator, as well as the Right to ascend back to the Light. We have always been controlled as a species, Now it's time for us to Grow on our own, and step out of the darkness. I was once told that I have an extreme point of View, well, so did Jesus. and so it is and it is so.

In so much Love and Light.

Chellea @


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