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Jump into the Timeline of Your Ascension

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Blessings Dear Ones and Namaste',

The "Cause" of all Creation is omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscient (all-knowing), and omnipresent (ever-present). The "Cause" is also referred to as the "Source" or The Universal Father. The Light is the Universal Father's essence. Our Universal Mother is who gives us Life, being the Spirit of Life herself. The Breath and the spirit within us are her essences. The combination becomes the One which is God.

Each one of us has a spark of Light within. By becoming more of the Love vibration and by absorbing more Light through meditation, music, and other higher vibrational means, the Sacred Union of The Father and Mother can take Place Within Us, bringing forth the "Son" or "Sun" which is the rise to Christ Consciousness or the Ascension. This is also how the Universe was birthed.

Whether you choose to lighten your spirit or darken it, is up to you.

The Spirit within must be nurtured and brightened with the Light, as it can become dim and even be distinguished by engulfing yourself continually in the darkness.

Your Soul is your eternal Flame. The soul as it becomes brighter and grows in the Light, advances into the higher realms of understanding.

What is the Light you might ask?

Light is the omnipresent energy that engulfs this Universe in all her dimensions. In the Japanese culture, it is called "Rei', in the Indian culture it is called "Prana," and In the Chinese culture it is called "Qi". It is the Magical Universal Life Force or also known as the Energy that feeds the Spirit, heals, and then ascends the Human form. These ancient societies were very aware of the Magical energy and used it in the Mystery schools, all spiritual practices, and martial arts. It is the basics of Human alchemy. This energy is a vibration that is Pure in nature and vibrates at the same frequency as the highest feelings of Love and healing. This energy can also be used in the dark arts as well, as it is unconditional and is used for manifestation and creation whether for good or bad purposes.

However, the karmic forces of this universe, Cause & Effect and Law of Attraction, do give those who do against others a reflection of their actions. So, The dark ones can only use the energy during the dark cycles of Earth's orbit. During this cycle that is upon us now, they must raise their vibrations as well or they can not continue in this frequency on earth at this moment. They will stay in the lower vibrations of the 3rd Dimension.

The Light being the Love vibration is unconditional in form. It is compared to a Parent's Love for their child, where nothing that child can do will stop the parents from Loving them. The Light through its power promotes healing and balance within the body. Light is also the vibration of Truth, Shining on all things to be seen, exposing lies, secrets, and all hidden agendas. The Light brings awareness of the connection to All, and sees All Life as important. Light also brings The vibration of Compassion, Giving, and Gratitude into the hearts of Humanity.

All Things Share the Same Breath... The Beast, The Tree, The Man... The Air shares its Spirit with all the Life it Supports. ~ Chief Seattle


Why is it important to raise your frequency?

To Rise into the Higher Dimensions of Light, one must increase their Light within. This raises your Frequency.

This is a very important shift you are experiencing. This beautiful Energy that encompasses this entire Universe, is magnified in these moments on the planet. The Earth is rising in frequency and so must you.

The shift you are now in the midst of is divinely adjusting to being your highest outcome for the path you have chosen. Many humans are currently rejecting the Change that the Light brings with it. In every moment you can jump from one timeline to the next, with every decision you make in this now. By choosing to stay in the Light, you choose the timeline of your ascension path. By choosing to reject Light, you choose a timeline of Darkness, which is chaos and separation.

We do understand that all things are being exposed in all aspects, this has to happen and be seen so it can be transformed. But we choose the vibration we wish to be in at any given moment, so choose to send healing and compassion when seeing or hearing disturbing disclosure.


The 3D matrix is crumbling before our eyes, we must not hold on to old belief systems and lower vibrational emotions of fear and hate.

In these moments Love is the Answer. It has always been the answer. We must learn to love each other as we would ourselves. This is the path of Light. The Old Paradigm is disappearing, and the New higher way of thinking and understanding is replacing it. As you raise in Higher Awareness you begin to see that nothing you are seeing in this 3D theater is real. Nothing is as it seems to be. This is because of a "false light", trying to confuse and deceive the Lightworkers and way-showers.

It is important to stay in the heart and avoid taking sides and being pulled down into the lower emotions like hate, fear, selfishness, jealousy, sadness, guilt, and unworthiness. The dark is working very hard to stop humans from ascending, in these moments of the shift, literally pitting Americans against each other trying to start civil disobedience or war. This is coming from both sides of the fence.

The 3D show that the Dark has orchestrated is to hinder the ascension through mass depression, anger, and false Control. However, those who have stayed neutral and have not got emotional about the 3D events will ride this wave smoothly. Remember all is in the Divine Plan.

For many who have gotten caught up in the political deception, The stage show and False F.lag events are not Truth and not real. It is a last Moment struggle for the Dark to Stay Alive. Continue to stand in your Light and Truth and not allow outside influences to affect your frequency. You are Made of The Love of the Father and Mother of Creation, Rise to your Birth Right.

In so Much Love and Light.

The Seven Lords of Amenti Channeled through the Highest Light by Chelle at Universal Lighthouse.

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