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June 24 Full Moon 2021 - The Strawberry Full Moon Energy Portal has Opened! (Prepare Now)


on june 24, the fourth and final super full moon of 2021, wraps up an important season of the year. capricorn, the sign of consequences and responsibility, will be the star player of the conclusion of super moon season. the strawberry full moon in capricorn will take place on the 24th of the month this year. astrologers believe that june's full moon will be one of the more energetically intense full moons, intuitive powers will increase as we approach the june full moon. the spiritual meaning of full moon june 2021 relates to good fortune, optimism and generosity. - Support my Channel For more Daily New Videos, Thank you 🙏 👉 Notebooks For Pleiadians, Starseeds and Lightworkers: 👉 Merch, Shirts, Mugs, etc: 👉 INSTAGRAM: 👉 Facebook: 👉 Twitter: - Special Thanks to Sponsors & Members, Join us today! - ⭐️ 12D Super Fans : - Robert Zetena ⭐️ 5D Members : - Cricket Team - Diane Greenfield - Toni Jones - Steve Interrante - KC Cads - Prime Creator Order - Lota Etu - Joanna Eden - Pat B - Jazzy Calderon - Per L - SIR MAXEVEN - Maria Ross - Jason Robertson - Honest Jim - Connie Barker ⭐️ 4D Sponsors : - 翡翠です - PixelFromTheSun ! - Viking as above so below - Kristina Elliot - DivinityONE M-Selah - Dee Elizabeth - Ellen Andersen - lorraine kuno - Tom E. - Sherry Lewis Deckard - Mary Sonya Conti - Joe Burns - SabrinfgofsiHztyya Castillo - Jennifer Collings - Much Love to all of You Beautiful Souls #SuperMoon#June24FullMoon #StrawberryMoon



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