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Age of Aquarius Decade Ahead 2020s Special Horoscopes Overview+ All Signs Previews Astrology​ Saturn in Aquarius Special Horoscope A New Age & The Great Conjunction for all signs! 2020-2023​ WHEN DOES THE AGE OF AQUARIUS BEGIN? Astrology Horoscope​ 2021 ASTROLOGY HOROSCOPE Overview & For All Signs​ EXCITING NEWS! SuperStar REBIRTH Is Here! Now, you can be a Superstar for as low as just $3 a month! The Future Is Magical I truly believe that my weekly Superstar Videoscopes can be helpful, inspiring, and comforting during these special astrological times. I am committed to making them as accessible to as many people as possible.​ Here are some changes we have made to make Superstar better than ever: -Choose your membership rate! You can now get videoscopes for each and every sign, each and every week, for as low as just $3 a month. $10 a month gets you full access to the Special horoscopes I create, for each and every sign. Choose what rate works best for you. -Higher tiers get some special extras that are nice to have, from all access passes to future Synchronicity University classes, to consultations with me and more. -New platform, new format, with a super fast new server, making your navigation through Superstar lightening fast and super simple, easy, and intuitive to navigate, on desktop or mobile. -Easy upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime. It is as simple as navigating to a clearly marked button with your account and to your subscriptions. There you can easily change, cancel, or reactivate your account anytime.​ GET THE NEW BOOK “The Universe is Wise and Loving” on Amazon here:​ Thank You for making Prayers to The Sky a #1 New Release in New Age Astrology on Amazon! Get it Here:​ Buy my book The Body and The Cosmos, here:​ BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! custom natal chart readings, delivered within hours 🌟 visit​ YEAR AHEAD 2021, JUPITER IN AQUARIUS, SATURN IN AQUARIUS SPECIALS, and DECADE AHEAD SPECIAL HOROSCOPES for each sign! Free for superstars, or get the download at ! ✨🌟 You can now LISTEN to the weekly horoscope as a Podcast wherever Podcasts are heard! The Podcast is always the first place this weekly horoscope is published. Find your favourite platform now at​ Take online classes with me at Synchronicity University here:​ NEW! Welcome to The March 2021 Synchronicity University Speaker Series, Special Edition! Sign Up Before February 28, 2021 To Choose Your Tuition Rate! 1. Frank Clifford - Palmistry For Astrologers 2. Carrie Paris - Learn to Make & Utilize Casting Kits for Accurate Divining 3. Katie Weber - Feng Shui & Astrology 4. Mychal A. Bryan - Kabalistic Tarot 5. Franco Soulbody - Alphabet of the Gods: The Viking Runes Sign up now at NEW! NEW Spring Series 2021 – Part 1! Sign Up Before Feb 28, 2021 To Choose Your Tuition Rate! Schedule 1. Ceres Part 2: In Aspect To Planets & Points 2. The 8th House: Money, Power, Respect Part 2: Planets 3. Reckoning With The Past – Your 4th House Part 1: Signs 4. Reckoning With The Past – Your 4th House Part 2: Planets 5. The Astrology of Scandals and Accusations Spring Series 2021 – Part 2! 1. The 3rd House – Connection & Communication Part 1: Signs 2. Reckoning With The Past – Your 4th House Part 3: 3. The 7th House – Getting Along: Partnership & Sharing Part 1: Signs 4. The 8th House – Money, Power, Respect Part 3: Rulers 5. The Galactic Center & The Great Attractor in Astrology Sign up now at Check out Katie Weber’s must have 2021 Year of the Ox Success Pack Feng Shui Guide. I get this every year and absolutely love it:​ FRENCH VANITY FAIR Top 12 astrologers on the planet​ REFINERY29 Top 10 astrologers on YouTube