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Knowing Your Life's Purpose

Knowing Your Life's Purpose.

Learning Life's Lessons. Course # 3.

The New Earth of Light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance.

As we move from Life to Life, we grow spiritually. The Dark in the past has Hy-jacked this process by continually, throwing us into Karmic Energies like War, Life after Life, that must be cleared to move forward. In Each Life, you either create Positive Karma that advances you toward the Light, or Negative Karma that keeps you in a Never ending cycle of Reincarnation, that you really had no control of, to where you can't advance properly spiritually speaking. That has ended, and Now You yourself will begin to have control of your Lives that you choose to incarnate in, and what lessons you personally will be learning. This takes place in between Lives. You will have the opportunity to Advance how Fast or Slow you wish to go from Here.

Your personal Life's Purpose, is to advance in the Light. This is everyone's Purpose. How you do that is your choice. You can become a Reiki Healer, or Yoga Instructor, or maybe a Spiritual Teacher, or Just Be Love, and of Service to Others. The sky is the limit to how Far you can share your Light.

In each Life our Light grows in Brilliance. Each Lesson that we Learn, Brightens us Lighter and Lighter, Until we have reached God's Perfect Loving Light within the Angelic Dimensions.

This is everyone's true purpose of Being, but, They just don't know it. We see it all the Time, where people are trying to find their true Purpose. Well, Love is the Answer. Our True Life's Purpose is to become the Highest Light we can be, doing whatever it is that brings us Happiness. It's not working 9 to 5 and never making ends meet, and always being unhappy and stressed. Only you can change your life to where you are being and doing your life's purpose. Remember how much Money you have or don't have, is Never a Spiritual lesson. The Money system is of the Dark to keep total Control of you.

Once you are actively living your Life Purpose, you begin to experience Much Higher Lessons of Love in your Life. Love and Gratitude becomes the way of Being in every situation.

The More advanced in the Light we become, The easier it will be to access the 5th dimensional Consciousness. This doesn't mean that you are going anywhere. It means that you will begin to view things through a Much higher perspective than before. You will also begin to receive advanced abilities, such as telepathy and Psychic Dreaming.

Many of our Star Families are also here to assist in this process of rising in awareness. The transformation from being a 3rd dimensional society, to becoming a 5th dimensional society will take some time. But, The ascension itself, is already taking place and will continue to as we move into higher energies within the Photon Belt.

Darkness is leaving this Planet much faster now, and The New Earth of Light has begun. Mother Sophia, is helping in this process by releasing her energies where needed. The Clearing does need to happen to remove the last bits of the darkness, that continue to hold on to their Control.

As we move Closer to the final curtain, we are seeing the split taking Place that divides the dimensions we live within. Soon it will be much more obvious of where you are at in this ascension and what direction you are going.

Within these final moments of choice, you must make the decision to be of Love and service to Others, or of Fear and Service to Self. These will be your final Lessons of the 3D Earth school. To Graduate to Higher Light you must make the Choice of Love. What this means is, you must make the decision to be Love in every Lesson you experience. Our Purpose is to become a Loving and compassionate being. We are a piece of an Infinite Consciousness that Knows Nothing But Love.

According to The Nag Hammadi Codices, The Sophia of Jesus Christ, and The Hypostasis of the Archons, The Darkness was created without The Infinite Light within, By an "Error" created by the Aeon Sophia. Within the "Error", she did not use the Light Energies that comes from our Infinite Creator, causing Chaos to erupt, and creating the Darkness as we know it to be. Sophia Also created the Humans Soul or Human Consciousness along with her consort the Christos (Jesus was the Christos who had incarnated in Human Form). The Creation of the human soul was Through the Pure Light That Comes from the Infinite Creator. So this is what makes Humans so different from the Dark Ones or the Archons. We have Light that can Grow Back to the Source from which we came, and they, do Not.

The Process of Stopping our ascension is because of the Darks Jealousy of that Godly Connection, that they do not have. We must remember That this Universe allows for freewill, so when the "Error" happened it was allowed to play out. However, Sophia engulfed herself in her Project, Literally becoming the Earth.

Hoping to Find a solution to help Humans on Earth Evolve, out of the Darkness or Low Vibration due to DNA manipulation by the Archons, The Intervention from the Light Happened of Other Aeons and Christos. They Begin adding their DNA to ours. The first we know of this happening was when Jesus incarnated and added his Bloodline to The Mix. This has been happening now for the Last 2000 or so years to help Reconnect our DNA, by many Other extraterrestrials. This was done to allow The Earth Humans to be able to ascend and raise their vibrations out of the 3D, past their Archon Rulers. The Idea was for Us to Save Ourselves from Darkness.

The Darks attempts at stopping us from this ascension has all failed. You are now in control of your Own Journey. Whether you choose to Return to the Light or continue to play within the Darkness, it's all your choice. But, You must do the Work needed to Transform yourself to Light. This is what the One that is known as Jesus Did, he became the Light by being of Love and service to Others. This was his Teachings within The Nag Hammadi Codices. Love was his Life's Purpose and, it is yours as well. You are so much more than your body, You are the Perfect Light of the Infinite Consciousness that is God. That Beautiful Light, travels from Body to Body learning Life's Many Lessons of Love, and as it Grows it becomes Brighter and Brighter, and Closer to our Infinite Creator. This is the intention, and Will of the Divines Plan.

and so it is, and it is so,

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic and Channel of Aeon Sophia through the Divine Light, The New Earth of Light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @

The New Earth of Light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance.

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