Let's Be Grateful and Manifest our Heaven on Earth Together 🧚‍♀️The Faerie Realm

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Great Spirit, Mother Earth, and all Nature spirits for this moment in Time, and for your beautiful Insights.

Beautiful Day Dear Ones, I wish for your insight into these new Higher Energies that Humanity is now experiencing.

The First Thing I am shown is a Queen sitting on the Throne. Her crown is in the shape of a heart. She is twirling her scepter. As it spins, flowers and beautiful things flow from it. A Rabbit sits at her feet. The Heart Crown on her head is showing us to allow the Heart to lead the Mind Not the Ego. I see the scepter as the power of Manifestation, These new energies are making it much easier to manifest the beautiful things in our life, literally creating our heaven on earth. The rabbit is a symbol of a couple of different things. It is the Sign of the Mother Goddess. It is also the symbol of Spring, New Beginnings, Prosperity, and Abundance. as a whole the image is telling us that if we follow our heart which is in the Higher vibration of Love, Gratitude, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Giving in nature, we can manifest beauty and abundance within our lives.

The next thing I am shown is the Golden Rule, " Treat others as you wish to Be Treated." This is a big issue in this world today. Many feel that it's okay to disrespect others, whether it be race, religion, or culture. As humanity grows up in the Light we must learn to respect one another, and treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

I am shown a Faerie playing a harp while sitting in her garden full of harvest. The Faerie are telling us it's okay to relax and reward yourself for all you have done. Reap what you have sown.

I see a faerie being showered with Light. She is rising to her own power. no longer will she need to suffer,. She feels as though weights have been lifted off her shoulders. I see this image as Humanity being showered with the infinite Light. This Light is transforming the old energies of suffering and lack into Healing and Abundance.

I am Then given The Phrases "Be Honest with yourself" and "Higher Consciousness" and The Image of the Pleiades Star System. This is very significant, The Pleiadians are some of our ancestors and are thought to be the ones who actually seeded humankind. I feel The Faerie are saying that once this knowing is more widespread we will then be able to achieve the face to face contact in a more public since. With partial disclosure coming out through our military, it could be a first step to interplanetary contact. This could also be one of the very next steps in humanities collective awareness. Just this knowing of a connection to the Pleiades can spark humanity into a super mass awakening. It will be interesting to see where this information takes us.

I see the Phrases "Quiet Time" and "visualization", The Fae are reminding us to Meditate and Visualize what we desire more often. Visualization is the Key to Creating our heaven on Earth.

I am given the image of 3 small Deva faerie Playing amongst the Flowers in a meadow. Then the Phrase "Magic of Nature". Sometimes within everyday life we forget to spend time in Nature. Nature is the Magic that Heals us and inspires us. The Fae are asking us to join them in Nature and experience the Magic. Even if it's just a few minutes a day, Stop to smell the Flowers. When we take these few Moments we can Connect with our truth and with the Loving Fae and Animal spirits of Nature.

I am shown the image of a Woman being distracted by the world around her. She doesn't notice the small faerie at her feet pleading for her to focus on whats important. I am then Given the Word "EGO". The Faerie are asking us to focus on our real reason for being here and stop allowing the outside world to influence us. The Ego stops us from knowing who we really are, we are not this ego that we have created ourselves, and we are not the material stuff that we have collected. To move forward we must let go of the Egos that we have created for ourselves, and of all of the Fear and worry of never having enough. Within the Mind I am shown the word "Faith," Many say that they have faith that The Light will provide But when it comes down to it, fear and worry still arise. Having the Faith that all is provided by The Light is a lot easier said, than done. What stops us from Having that Faith Is the EGO. We must learn to Let Go of the Ego to move forward in the Light.

I am shown the word "Commitment." It takes Commitment and Dedication to achieve any goal, and it takes that same commitment and dedication to achieve the Higher Light. I am then given the Words abruptly, "Don't Worry". The Faerie are letting us know that all is in Divine Order. I am Given the Phrase "Everything is worked out Perfectly", This is the Divine taking form.

I am shown the inner picture of The World Bursting with Light. The Words "Brilliant Success," "Freedom,' and 'Complete,"is then also shown. We are at the finale of this Earth journey back to higher Light. The Earth now is returning back to the Light as she had anticipated. For the First Time Humanity will be Free to move in any direction it chooses. But at least there is that Choice now. I am shown a Man holding the Earth in one hand and His Heart in the Other. This is showing me The Divine is in total control of what is happening here on Earth. No Longer are we held under a dark rule. The Light is in Full Control.

As the Final Thought I am Given the Phrase, "Be Grateful." We have so Much to be Grateful for in these Moments of Our ascension. The Faeries are telling us that The Light has everything under control, Be thankful. Gratitude is One of the Higher Frequencies the Human form can Emit back to this Universe. When we hold the vibration of Gratitude, we are using the most powerful manifestation tool we can have. When we are grateful for what we have, the Universe sees this as Us wanting more to be grateful for, so we are then showered with abundance. In these incredible energies we are now receiving, we have the opportunity to Manifest our Highest Light into our physical reality with much more ease. Let's Be Grateful and Manifest our Heaven on Earth together.

In so Much Love and Light,

Channeled By Chelle @ Universal Lighthouse Blog and Radio

Faeid Communication Q & A and Message.

This is a Question and Answer session with Beings between the 5th and 9th dimensions that live within the Elemental Realms, or what we refer to as The Faerie Realm. This Realm is within the Inner Earth. They are multi-dimensional and so are frequently on the surface of the planet as well but must stay hidden from Human eyes. They are the Angels or Spirits of Nature and are the Protectors of this Planet and all her inhabitants. The Term “Faerie” Refers to All of the beings including Elves, Gnomes, Pixie, Sprites, Faerie, and Many other magical and multi-dimensional Beings.

This is channeled through many decks of Tarot cards and visual images or scenes I receive. I will tell you what the Faeries have shown me visually and the message they may give directly. I do not use the cards in the way that it is traditionally done in readings, The Faeries show me images or words, coinciding with the Answer to the question or message they are giving. There is also direct telepathic communication also in images.


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