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Looking Into the Mirror of Your Soul - Learning Life's Lessons ~ C1 Gnostic Guidance

This is the beginning of an ongoing Enlightenment of, "The New Earth of Light, Gnostic Guidance". This will involve Deep inner work of the self, and spiritual Understanding through many ancient text and Gnostic Teachings. I am choosing to begin with this particular Topic due to it being relevant in our Current Moment.

Course # 1, Learning Life's Lessons,

Looking into the Mirror of Your Soul.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

The Ancient Gnostic Teachings are very different then any Modern Religious Doctrines. The True Gnostic Teaching is the Knowing of Your personal Connection to Source or the One that is The Infinite Creator. It all begins within.

Throughout the last Lessons of the 3D Reality, you will experience your personal Truth.

This is like looking in the Mirror of your Soul, and seeing who you really are. For some this can be very scary. Most do not know their Truth, until it comes out through an intense experience or situation.

For those that are not focused on their Inner work, It can be shocking to see who they really are. They find out that they are not who they thought they were. For those of us who are actively working on the negative stuff within ourselves, we have seen that Darkness and have transmuted it to something Positive. So when you do the Inner work you are no longer going to be shocked to see your personal Darkness, because you have already faced it, and more than likely have already turned it to Beautiful Light within your personal Lives.

But How do we Transmute our own Darkness?

Through your Life, you may experience, the same type of situations, over and over again. We hear the question all the Time, "Why does this always have to happen to me?".

When events are reoccurring in your life, it is your "Life lessons" trying to tell you, "You have Not learn this Lesson yet".

When we experience something new in our Life, it is a new lesson. All lessons that we have experienced on this Planet has been a Lesson of Love or Fear.

When we choose Fear instead of Love in a situation, it results as a Lesson unlearned. When we do not learn our lessons in this Life, then we must learn them in the next, or the next. Reincarnation is taught in the Ancient Gnostic Teachings, as a Form of Spiritual growth toward the Higher Light, while on this Planet Mother Sophia. The Earth is considered a school of sorts, lifting Humanity out of the Darkness. In these times we are experiencing now, The Earth is now rising back to a Higher Frequency resulting in The Mother Earth or Sophia becoming awakened. The 3D school is now coming to an end, and the New Earth school of Light begins.

A Good Example of a Life Lesson would be: You are Evicted from your Home, for whatever reason. This is a very frightening experience to have. However, in being evicted you choose to stay in that Fear. So, it becomes harder to get back on your feet, in most cases because you are in Fear of Being alone, or you are in Lack. In many cases it becomes a never ending Fear Loop, of the feeling of constant Lack, and never having enough. This is never learning the Lesson. This Universe responds to us by what energies we express. So, if you choose to stay in Fear, you will receive more Stuff to Fear in your Life. The Universe responds to what it thinks we want. It does this by reflecting the Energies, that we are projecting, back to us. So if you are in Fear You will continue to generate it in your Life.

In today's society we have forgotten many of the basic teachings of the ancient writings. It has now become all about Money. In the Gnostic Teaching of the The Nag Hammadi Codices, and other ancient Writings, There is a Much bigger factor at work. It is taught that we must Learn to have the faith that we are living within a Conscious Universe that is aware of our every Need. Some call this God. It is the Infinite consciousness that is all things. This is the Conscious Universe that Reflects to us our every need, This is the True One "Source", "Originator", that we are all a Part of.

This is not the Same God as the Old Testament. The God of the Old Testament is seen as a demi-god or Extraterrestrial, by the Name of Yadabaoth, The "Jealous", and "Vengeful" god. He is the One who created the ones that The Ancient Text Refer to as the Archons or the Ones we know as the Reptilian Species. Plus This so called god is the one who Pushes AI and the Money system Narrative, for total Control. These are the Dark ones who are against all Nature, and the Infinite Creator. We will disclose More Information on this Topic as we continue farther into the Studies. This information can be found in The Nag Hammadi Codices. References too: Hypostasis of the Archons, Apocalypse of Adam, and Sophia of Jesus Christ,

The lesson is never how much Money you make. Money has nothing to do with Spiritual lessons, always remember that. Money is, and always has been a tool of the Dark, and was put in place to control humanity at all aspects by Yadabaoth and the Archons according to These ancient texts.

Anyways. Back to the example, You was evicted from your home, the Lesson that you are receiving in this situation, is Learning to Have Courage, Confidence, Self Discipline, and Faith. Learning to face the Issues head on in a situation shows your strength in these positive Life qualities, Plus trusting that Source will always provide as long as you have gratitude for what's been given. When we choose to express Love we receive Love. This becomes the Lesson. Facing our own Darkness is seeing where we are at, within the situation and Learning to transform the Fear to something Positive in our life.

Sometimes we may have to make rough choices in our Life, that may be Scary to face.

We, David and I, back in 2013, made a very important but spiritual decision due to hardships in our life, and Seeking that Spiritual connection. We chose to move out of our Home and into the Woods. Literally Living in a Tent for 4 months at the top of The Sangre De Cristo Mountains. Yes, With all the Wild Life, including the Bears, Mountain Lions, and Coyote, Oh My.... without a gun. This probably sounds crazy to some, But it was the most beautiful and spiritual experience I have ever had in my Life. We were in paradise. Our perspective of our experience wasn't Fear, We fell Deeply In Love with Nature. We experienced everyday as a magical adventure, rather than worrying about what to do next. We were at Peace with Our Infinite Creator. We chose to have Faith that the Source will provide our needs, as Long as we have Gratitude. The more that we showed gratitude and Love, The more abundant we have become in our Life.

Love does change everything in your Life, Once you can see this your Life Lessons become so much easier to bear. Love is the true answer to all of your Life experience.

During those several weeks We decided to get to know as many people in the small mountain town that we could. By the end of 30 days we had made 120 new friends, and knew everyone of them by Name and about their personal Lives. It was truly an amazing experience. We chose to live and to be of Service in that community for 7 years before coming back to our Home.

Your perspective on Life changes when you Add Love to the Mixture. What could have been a Fearful experience for us, we chose to turn into an adventure full of Love, and Service.

Within each experience you have, you are either becoming more mentally based in Love or More engulfed in Fear, in your personal perspective of this Life.

Today's society wants to keep us lost in the Fear of Each Other, They do this so we never see the Love that Others are made of as well. The Dark wants us to forget that we are all a Part of the Infinite Consciousness that is God. So they use everything to separate us.

You can see your own Level of Spiritual Growth, by Looking into your Souls Mirror. When faced with Life Lessons that are hard, do you stay stuck in Fear, or do you find a way out of it transforming it to Love? This is the Deep Lessons of the Soul. Your personal perspective of Life, Is your Truth. You create your Heaven or Hell on Earth. You choose where to be at emotionally, in every Moment. Everyone experiences Fear one way or another, But there is no Need to keep it. You can choose to transform it to a Magical Adventure.

Each Soul is experiencing their own Truth, through their own life's lessons. Your perspective of These Life's Lessons, determines your Level of Spiritual Growth within this ascension process into the higher dimensions of consciousness. Each person is at their own level. This is the spiritual Journey. This Journey is never ending, We are Moving Back through the dimensions of consciousness, towards The Infinite Light from which we came. You can choose to step out of the Fear based reality into the paradise of Love. It's all up to you. You choose what to Project to This Universe, Through The Mirror of Your Soul.

and so it is, and it is so, in so much love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Founder of The New Earth of Light, Gnostic Guidance. @


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