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Mother Earth is Now, AWAKE

Mother Earth oil painting by Jolanta Rabenstein

Mother Earth is Now, AWAKE

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Changes are happening everywhere now. We are seeing many things happening as far as Storms, flooding, volcano's, earthquakes, and many other natural occurrences.

There has been confirmation that This is our Mother Earth actually Waking Up from her Long sleep.

The Earth has finally completely awakened, and many will feel her disappointment in the Human species. She is a living breathing being who has been kept in a sort of a sleeping type state for the last 11,000 years due to the darks influence. Now she is awake and is conscious of the wrong that has been done, using her for Dark purposes, such as control, harm, greed, and deception. She is aware of each and everyone of us, and our personal intentions.

This is what many Ancient Text scholars have been concerned about for centuries. But what is concerning them? What is so concerning is the current level of Humanities consciousness. As a whole, Humanity has been held back in their Spiritual development. As we are raising in awareness, we are learning more about this Universe we are a part of, and the Planet we live upon. Some of the Forbidden Knowledge that has been kept from us is, that our Personal Vibration and intentions actually affect this Earth. Now that she is awake, she is very aware of each of our personal feelings towards her and Others. You see, most are unaware that their own personal emotions and intention can cause a reaction from the planet itself. Well it Can, and Now it will be much more obvious. When many people in one area is engulfed in negative vibration it will result in major Earth movement and clearing. This is what is happening in many locations around the world. This is a sure sign that Mother Earth is now in the awareness of her own ascension, and she is now in control of the Vibration she wishes to stay within. It doesn't matter your personal level in society, you can be the richest person on Earth, and that is not going to help you in these times. This is a Personal weighing of your Spiritual intentions.

Only those who emit Love, in its Highest forms of Compassion, Gratitude, Giving, forgiveness, and service to Others will be Staying on this Planet. The Earth is preparing for Heaven, upon her surface. Nothing of the Lower vibrations will survive. This is why it was so important for the Dark ones to try and leave the planet before this all started. However, none of their plans or agendas will work now.

The Veils have been lifted for our awakening, if you are still caught up in Fear, Anger, Hate, control, and greed, you will not be staying. This is the final Call for those lost in the illusions of the 3D reality. The Earth is ready now for her ascension, so there is no more time to be a fence walker. If you haven't made your choice to be service to Others, then you have already made your Choice of Service to the Self.

Many of us do our Light work to help with the Earths ascension process, well Now Mother earth herself is awake and aware of her Growth in the Light, and she is not holding back anymore. We will begin to feel this more in our personal Light work, and will feel her help and assistance.

She is feeling the Beautiful Vibration being sent to her by the Higher Realms, and she feels each one of our personal intentions toward her, and the Love we have for Creation.

The Earth is deciding to Never go back into the Darkness, so what this means is she will be transforming completely and will stay as a Higher vibrational Planet from now on. Even during her cycle through the Lower vibrational Universe, She is choosing to stay within the Higher dimensions. Her time being under the Control of Darkness, almost killed her. She is now making the Choice to not ever go back. Even though her cycle takes her through a lower vibrational part of space, she will stay a 5th dimensional planet. Source has given her the Choice.

So, what does this mean for Humanity, It means Heaven on Earth for an Eternity. And those who have chosen the other path, will be removed.

What we expect to experience is a global clearing, but it is not going to be as drastic as a Global flood. However, to some it will be their hell on Earth. They will experience a reckoning of sorts due to there negative intentions toward this Earth and all her inhabitants, including other Humans.

Each persons, personal soul, has already been assessed by the higher Light and will be receiving their Just reward during these times. This is about your morals and values. It's about how you treat Others, and this Earth, and it's about your Personal level of service to Others.

I used to live way up in the Mountains away from pretty much everything. It was a rarity to go to the city. So I literally forgot what it feels like, as an em path, to live in a Big City. Well, life does throw you curve balls, and Now I am living back in the City again. It was really rough at first because the vibrations was so epic, I was feeling everyone's Negative crap. It took me a while to get back to distinguishing my own stuff separate from Others. But my point is the level of Vibration that the city was in was very Low compared to where I had come from before. So, If I personally can feel that difference, then I am sure our Mother Earth can too. She is able to distinguish whether you personally are of Love or not.

It is going to become more apparent that the Earth is a Conscious and very aware being. She has been given the control of her own ascension into the Light, and she will decide your fate upon her surface.

How do you treat your Mother Earth? How do you Treat Others? These will be the Questions that will determine your existence here on this planet.

Our true intentions towards Others and this Planet will be assessed by Mother Earth herself. Whether you are aware of her or not, she is very aware of you. You see, she has allowed herself to be Lowered into the 3rd dimension for our Growth as Humans to the Light, Now it is time for us to Grow Up and become the Light we were meant to be. She is calling us Home.

And so it is, and it is so.

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea @


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