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My ET Encounter Of the Strange Kind

We have said for a very long time now that the Dark runs much deeper than you can imagine. There is still many different agendas trying to play out, from all angles. Everyone wants their favored agenda to be the outcome. However, what most don't understand is that there is major influence that is behind the scenes affecting these different agendas. Some manipulation is in the media, some is through politics, and some is through Religion. However there is also influence happening that most don't know about and It comes from the Unseen.

There is and always has been, Unseen manipulation, from all sides of the Light Spectrum, Light and dark in nature. There are both benevolent and malevolent beings that gather around each of us, without us even being aware of their presence. In a lot of cases the thoughts in your head may not even be your own. If it is something that you wouldn't necessarily think about intentionally then it's probably not your thought, but something another unseen being is giving you.

In these moments we are being surrounded by many UFOs or UAPs. So many in fact that the ones who wish to control can't hide them from us anymore. Even if these ships are not manned they are probes of some kind.

The other evening during a night of sleeplessness I witnessed an orange orb come in from a window at the head of my bed and float across the room, very quickly. It was about the size of a basketball and glowed but did not cause the room to light up or anything. As soon as I seen it I told my husband what I had just witnessed. About a half hour later while I was in deep meditation, a Grey extraterrestrial and a brown colored Mantis/Insectoid type of being, entered my awareness. I would have never on my own, attempted to channel or contact these beings. I had no fear or other emotion at all, just observance of them. I just seen the upper torso of the grey, very thin faced with large black eyes. I felt that this "being" was a Biological AI of some sort. I only seen the side view of the head of the Mantis type being, It was dark brown in color and it's head was triangular in shape, with an insect type mouth at the bottom part of the triangle. It's Eyes were huge taking up a large portion of it's head. It was very shiny, like it had oil on it. I only seen them for a split second. I was completely Awake during the whole night, no abduction as far as I am aware of.

Whether they were just curious, or have been around for a while I don't know. My Point is I do not know the intentions of these beings. I didn't feel threatened at all, but for 2 nights after, I had strange nightmares and really crazy dreams. Another thing is the whole day after it happened I didn't even remember it, until the following night before we laid down for bed. I had remembered telling David of The Orb that I had seen and it triggered the remembrance of the Extraterrestrials. I would like to add that this all happened as all the CMEs and Solar storms were hitting us, a few days ago on the 23rd.

We hear a lot about the Greys, Reptilians, Nordics, Archurians, Pleiadians, and Others. but very seldom do we ever hear anything about the insectoid beings. So I went to do some research.

Below is some of what I discovered. We need to remember that we are not the only ones here in this Universe. There are an array of different types of Extraterrestrial and Multidimensional beings with many different agendas we are not even aware of. One thing I feel about the Experience is that I personally didn't have any fear even after the event, and still don't. Whoever they were, they knew of my intentions of Light. I feel they were just letting me know of their presence.

~ Chelle @ Universal Lighthouse Blog and Radio


Mantis Beings


Insect beings appear within mythologies throughout the world, including Native American and African folklore. The Khoisan tribe of Africa specifically regard the mantis as the first living creature upon the Earth, who granted life to animals and humans, inventing language and bringing fire to the people. It is even said that the mantis created the moon as a guide for hunters by throwing a gallbladder into the sky.

Insects embody a quality of “otherness” in their demeanor and appearance, and this lack of mammalian attributes tends to alienate and upset human beings, leading to the death of many an Earth insect. While the mantis is e