My ET Encounter Of the Strange Kind

We have said for a very long time now that the Dark runs much deeper than you can imagine. There is still many different agendas trying to play out, from all angles. Everyone wants their favored agenda to be the outcome. However, what most don't understand is that there is major influence that is behind the scenes affecting these different agendas. Some manipulation is in the media, some is through politics, and some is through Religion. However there is also influence happening that most don't know about and It comes from the Unseen.

There is and always has been, Unseen manipulation, from all sides of the Light Spectrum, Light and dark in nature. There are both benevolent and malevolent beings that gather around each of us, without us even being aware of their presence. In a lot of cases the thoughts in your head may not even be your own. If it is something that you wouldn't necessarily think about intentionally then it's probably not your thought, but something another unseen being is giving you.

In these moments we are being surrounded by many UFOs or UAPs. So many in fact that the ones who wish to control can't hide them from us anymore. Even if these ships are not manned they are probes of some kind.

The other evening during a night of sleeplessness I witnessed an orange orb come in from a window at the head of my bed and float across the room, very quickly. It was about the size of a basketball and glowed but did not cause the room to light up or anything. As soon as I seen it I told my husband what I had just witnessed. About a half hour later while I was in deep meditation, a Grey extraterrestrial and a brown colored Mantis/Insectoid type of being, entered my awareness. I would have never on my own, attempted to channel or contact these beings. I had no fear or other emotion at all, just observance of them. I just seen the upper torso of the grey, very thin faced with large black eyes. I felt that this "being" was a Biological AI of some sort. I only seen the side view of the head of the Mantis type being, It was dark brown in color and it's head was triangular in shape, with an insect type mouth at the bottom part of the triangle. It's Eyes were huge taking up a large portion of it's head. It was very shiny, like it had oil on it. I only seen them for a split second. I was completely Awake during the whole night, no abduction as far as I am aware of.

Whether they were just curious, or have been around for a while I don't know. My Point is I do not know the intentions of these beings. I didn't feel threatened at all, but for 2 nights after, I had strange nightmares and really crazy dreams. Another thing is the whole day after it happened I didn't even remember it, until the following night before we laid down for bed. I had remembered telling David of The Orb that I had seen and it triggered the remembrance of the Extraterrestrials. I would like to add that this all happened as all the CMEs and Solar storms were hitting us, a few days ago on the 23rd.

We hear a lot about the Greys, Reptilians, Nordics, Archurians, Pleiadians, and Others. but very seldom do we ever hear anything about the insectoid beings. So I went to do some research.

Below is some of what I discovered. We need to remember that we are not the only ones here in this Universe. There are an array of different types of Extraterrestrial and Multidimensional beings with many different agendas we are not even aware of. One thing I feel about the Experience is that I personally didn't have any fear even after the event, and still don't. Whoever they were, they knew of my intentions of Light. I feel they were just letting me know of their presence.

~ Chelle @ Universal Lighthouse Blog and Radio


Mantis Beings


Insect beings appear within mythologies throughout the world, including Native American and African folklore. The Khoisan tribe of Africa specifically regard the mantis as the first living creature upon the Earth, who granted life to animals and humans, inventing language and bringing fire to the people. It is even said that the mantis created the moon as a guide for hunters by throwing a gallbladder into the sky.

Insects embody a quality of “otherness” in their demeanor and appearance, and this lack of mammalian attributes tends to alienate and upset human beings, leading to the death of many an Earth insect. While the mantis is easily the most human-like arthropod, there exists a deeply rooted fear of otherness that is generated when a person encounters such a creature.

Could this human reaction explain the common experience of paralysis that Mantis beings induce when contacting Earthlings?

The possibility of paralysis as a precautionary measure against the overwhelming and human urge to destroy the “other” cannot be discounted.


There is also the thought that these beings are actually from Earth, living within the Inner caverns.

Some believe these extraterrestrials come from the Draco system, working hand in hand with the Reptilians.


Physical characteristics

By far the most striking aspect of the Mantis alien is its physical kinship with the praying mantis, the carnivorous and bipedal insect of its namesake. Many report these beings as 6-7 feet tall, with long, thin torsos. Their necks, arms and hands have additional joints. Their heads are insect-like and triangular, with large, slanted eyes of deep brown to black.

Most Mantids are described as dark brown, but other colors such as green and black have also been encountered. Their bodies are composed of a segmented exoskeleton, and some abductees have reported that the Mantis seem to be coated in an oily substance. Mantis are often encountered wearing long robes in a variety of colors, perhaps signifying rank, while some are unclothed.

Communication Methods

Although the Mantis tend to communicate with human abductees using telepathic messages, they have been witnessed engaging one another using an auditory language. Several contactees have described the Mantis language as a series of clicking sounds exchanged between the creatures.


Some experiencers state that the Mantids are also shape shifters and use advanced technologies to create a field around their bodies to make them appear human.

Common Abduction Scenario

The Mantis tend to be overseers, and often appear to be in leadership positions of power during an abduction. Generally, a Mantis will be accompanied by several small Grey aliens who seem to do its bidding. These small Greys are assumed to be drone beings, controlled by a hive mind and utilized by a variety of alien races.

The Mantis are commonly involved in abductions that include both medical procedures and instances of interrogation.

Intentions on Earth

The perceived motivation of the Mantis in regards to human abduction is somewhat mysterious. Some contactees describe these creatures as positive, uplifting beings who seek to protect humanity and the Earth. One common thread found among many abduction scenarios is centered around the use of holographic projections as a means of education.

Abductees often report Mantis beings showing them holographic images of the destruction of planet Earth to illustrate the possible negative impact that our species could have upon the planet.

Others have reported an increase in psychic abilities post-abduction. Many experiencers claim that the Mantis seem to possess the uncanny ability to put abductees at ease, offering telepathic words of comfort that eliminate the fear of an encounter.

Human DNA Harvesting

However, some return from their experiences with the Mantis with a darker point of view, stating that the Mantis wish to conquer and control Earth rather than aid in human ascension. Some believe that a Mantis hybridization program is currently taking place, using human DNA to create a new species.

Some abductees report the presence of Tall Blacks, a creature thought to be such a hybridization.

Experiencers describe these beings as incredibly tall and more humanoid than insectoid, with black skin, extremely long limbs and extra joints on their appendages. These abduction scenarios are very similar to those involving Mantis aliens, and seem to evolve around medical experiments. The most chilling feature of the Tall Blacks encountered by many abductees are their glowing red eyes.

Regardless of the true motivation of the Mantis species, their interest in human DNA and behavior is obvious based on abductee accounts. Have you ever experienced a Mantis or insect-like alien? Do you feel that they are positive beings overseeing experiments, or ruthless interlopers subjecting humans to frightening medical procedures? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.



Preying Mantis Entity Reports During Hallucinogenics

This is an informal collection of tales regarding the strangest of possibilites- encounters with praying-mantis like entities which occur after ingesting enteogenic compounds. Why is this so common? Nobody seems to mention spiders or grasshoppers, always mantids! There is not enough inforamtion here to draw any conclusions, but i believe there is enough to demonstrate something weird and heavy is going on in the human mind.

I also call your attention to McKenna's _True Hallucinations_ where he describes a somewhat hostile encounter with "pirate mantids" his wife endured.

These are editied for length but not content.

[this was induced by an oral dose of hashish]

I was lying on what seemed to be a large marble slab, cold and hard. Surrounding me were four tall(7' ?) emerald green mantis type creatures, all chittering at me in some high pitched language(?). I felt no fear, no threat. It seemed they were trying to communicate, though none of their sounds made any sense to me. This went on for what seemed like about a half hour. Then I began to wonder how I would get back, and as that thought crossed my mind, it was like a rubber band contracting, as I snapped back from hyperspace, and into my body. Overhead, the fan continued its' lazy circles.

I don't know quite what to think about this experience. Though I've tried, I've been unable to duplicate this experience. Tripping on hash is not easy, hallucinogenic doses are very close to the level where you fall asleep, or pass out. And the hangover, from large doses, is large also. One feels slow, thick, and stupid for much of the next day, sometimes with a mild but lingering headache.

Last summer while talking with the echo of one of my past lives, discussing the possibilities of calling forth a great and powerful object called the "orb" to focus and add power, it was revealed to me that the orb would and could impose its own order on the person using it, but since i, and possibly others had orriginally made it a long time ago, there was at least something about it that was familiar, i rejected this order, and debated making another, more controleable orb, and poof, there behind and to the left of me was a mantis in scarlet robes...under the influence of my agent i had 360 degree vision, and the mantis urged me to make my own orb, reject the harsh order of the original orb, and make my was not threatening, but there was an undertone of the idea that my doing so would allow it and its kind to enter the realm of humans and creat *GREAT* change...not necessarily bad, but just different....the time frame that i got for this (gulp) coincided nearly exactly with what i later found out to be the nadir of the timewave's prediction with full novelty.....keep in mind that this all happened before i ever heard about the program or that anyone else had seen this damn mantis......i was also told that by doing so, i would enter a chaotic period of my life which would straighten out around the tail end of winter....and gulp again, this cooincided with the last nadir in the novelty wave..... i have scared myself over this one. I have met the Mantis entity on a few occasions, but one in particular comes to mind. I was sitting in meditation after having ingested 5 grams of Ps. cubensis (Terence McKenna's Brillo Nuevo strain distributed through Lux Nutura back in the early 80's), when a powerful, insectoid feeling state descended upone me. I opened myself to it completely to see where it was going to go, and I became completely possessed by the insectoid intelligence. Consciousness clicked into a state of machine like lucidity unlike anything I had experienced before or since. The state of mind was extraordinarily clear, but marked by a type of crystalline, insectoid, mechanical mentation that still defies my skills in articulating it so that it could be understood by another who hadn't experienced it. I observed this intelligence move and gain understanding as it directed its attention through my eyes and sensory apparatus. At one point, our consciousnesses blended to the point that I felt my head swivel on exoskeletal joints as its gaze was passed over the room I was seated within. I noticed that it viewed my ordinary, then still undeveloped human consciousness as a fairly primitive mode of operation, and that its awareness was much broader than my own, though only in a certain respect.

I have had contact with it again over the years; though it's awareness now seems quite restricted to me as I have matured my own understanding. I have the feeling that it is more interested in what it can learn from us, though it may have some technical knowledge that we can acquire from it. It lacks that refined awareness that the open heart of the human being can generate: compassionate understanding; it's understanding seems more insectoid, mechanical, though precise and accurate. Sometimes I think that it is a projection of a certain aspect of my own brain.

[Several grams of dry P. cyanescens] Eventually an entity came and delivered me unbidden personal attention. I was quite relieved to see another creature, for I suspected I was one myself (although not sure). At first I was captivated by its fluid motions and methodical actions. It was moving in rythyms, doing a dance of sorts. Eventually it occurred to me that the "dance" it was doing involved horrifying probes of my own form, and that it was moving faster than I could comprehend while doing so. I was paralyzed. I wasn't sure if I had a body or not, but this thing was doing something to ME, which was still intact. As I concentrated more and more upon its "physical" form (which is a term I use as loosely as possible), it occurred to me that it looked somewhat familiar. Not anything I had ever seen, but close. It was a giant praying mantis, although it had mental appendages and cartoon details about it. It also looked more squat than the terrestrial version of the insect, shorter and more robust. Its many arms worked up and down my existence, probing and testing every bit. It seemed to put no effort into comforting me, yet it did through some sort of telepathy imply that it would be easier for both of us if I stopped struggling. Eventually I did, and it left. I use the term "mental rape" as a gloss of what it "did" to me. 1993. psilocybe cyanascens, 4 grams. i am a 170 lb female. use entheogenic fungus twice yearly, with spiritual/shamanic/ritual intent. use no other drugs with the exception of beer.

very intense deep trip, fairly recent hand gathered shroomies...twisting thru the beginnings....dark..scary.....cavern....up to Emergence into a brilliant kaleidoscopic Upperworld...domes of the infinite heavens stretching astral body whirling about the cosmos, meeting various entities and forces corresponding to the directions of my spiritual path (feminist Wicca) total understanding of the forces behind the tools and rituals of my path. My physical pody, naked (connected to the astral by a thin silver light coming out of the top of my head).......dancing gracefully, sinuously...circularly in the dark candlelit cabin On previous trips involving p. cubensis, the journeys were decidedly mexican/southwestern in coloring, feel and imagery...and Coyote was a guide (as well as an brilliantly feathered Mayan(?) Jaguar entity) Not so on P.cyanascens....more space-oriented...Mantis appeared, silent, strong, wise.........indicated the Pleiades as an important source of knowledge. my visuals included faint but visible overlays of the spiral and lemniscate (infinity symbol) with the bright green Mantis. I had never seen a mantis in "nonaltered" reality, so it seemed strange to see one. i had no prior connections with them. Now i seem to see them with some regularity outdoors.......and they do not object to being picked up and examined by me. have not met the mantis in more recent trips. having experienced a horrifically bad shroom trip last fall, the Shroom Goddess told me to hold off until further notice. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I ran into something like that last night - or maybe they ran into me. Five fair-sized dried cubensis ground up via orange juice. Fast onset.

Laid down in my darkened music studio to let things happen. As soon as I was still, an entity or entities materialized out of headspace and completely engulfed my consciousness. I have met quite a few different things in similar states, but these things were different: aggressive, confusing, assimilating. I started to panic. I couldn't shake the intruders; all my usual tricks seemed to be useless, as if they had learned enough about me to counter all my defenses. They even knew my name - or one of them, jhno - as they explained that resistance was futile, you will be devoured.

I found I could, drive them temporarily from my head by physically moving, and not allowing my mind to settle into that tryptamine trance state. However, they were still very present, and I felt very threatened - as if they were invading me, or possibly others, or the whole planet, and that we were in danger of being consumed or eradicated.

I got more and more frightened by what was going on. There has been a storm in the bay area, and so the city was more chaotic than usual... flooding, accidents, power outages. I thought that something terrible was happening to San Francisco. There was one friend who I thought of calling for help, but i could not locate his number, and directory assistance was not working - confirming my fears that things were going awry.

I have a good friend that is not on the list, so I will try to retell the story verbatim for you. "I was under the influence of 7 g of p.c. w/ an mao i. (wow, so many abreviations!). I was then transported to a vast black nothingness, in which a world appeared. I hovered over it. When I could no longer see the curvature of the sphere because of close proximity, i noticed a beam of light that shot out of it. It was guarded by insectoid creatures who were very aware of my presence. I moved over the beam and it engulfed me, shooting light into my brain. I was virtually plummeted into an entheogenic hell, they were shoewing me all of the atrocities of man at once...war, disease, famine, etc..." He was then taken to a hospital and sedated by a friend. >4. There is continued mention of galactic preying mantids in trip >reports. I'd like to consolidate several mantis-encounter reports, as a >companion to my "alien contact" report. I think there may be enough now, >so if you have met these things in hyperspace, let me know all about it! >I'm very intrigues by the fact that so many people (on compounds ranging >from mushrooms to cannabis to salvia) have seen these usually menacing >mantids. Rarely do we hear about people tripping and seeing grasshoppers >or ants, what is it with mantids? Is it the North American equivelent to >the ayahuasquero's jaguar? Do we, as neo-shaman, assume the form of a >mantis where the old-school shaman became jaguars?

before i ever heard of the mantis or joined vpl, i saw them last july or august...they told me that there was a great power struggle that could be happening on earth and that ..well it was a long talk, but yes i have talked with them. Source


Simon Parkes in his own words - My Space Alien Mother, Space Alien Lover, & Space Children !


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