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New Moon Portal 7/29 to 8/1 ~ Light Codes & Activation's ~ A Clean Slate

We have entered a new cycle, we can now integrate these new energies much faster. During the New Moon portal beginning on the 29th of July, we will be immediately receiving a solar storm. Some of us are already experiencing these energies a few days earlier. This Portal will remain open until Aug. 1st. These waves of Cosmic Energy are bringing in the new Light Codes and Activation's of the Ascension. Each person will receive these waves differently. This is because we each are at different levels of conscious awareness and vibration. The higher our Light the quicker it is becoming for us to transmute these energies.

Throughout this next week and as we get closer to the Lionsgate Portal 8/8 we will be adapting to the Higher Vibrations we have been receiving.

We are seeing the younger generation, especially the children, beginning to respond to the Light Codes much faster and are able to hold the frequencies coming in with ease. It is important to remember that throughout this Ascension we must raise our own Light. Children seem to Just go with the Flow. But, for adults it's much harder to let go of old programming. During this portal, it is key to focus on keeping your vibrations high. Being Creative, listening to happy and loving music, meditating, and Being of service to others, are all ways to increase your frequency.

Through this recent shift we have experienced, it seems that our past timelines had collapsed, causing the release of past life karmic energy. This means that we are no longer tied to those past life experiences, releasing us of that Karma. This literally gives us a clean slate to work with. We are getting a new beginning or a new chance to stay in the Light. A chance to create positive Dharma Energy instead of negative karmic.

This New Galactic Year is bringing an opportunity for the acceleration of our Spiritual Growth. These Energies are Doubled of what they where of last year at this same time. Everything is amplified, even our emotions. So, it's important to stay in the heart.

Everything is Doubled this year, including our special gifts. When we work with this Light energy our power through our intentions become magnified.

But of course, this shift into the light also brings the bad intentions forward as well, shining for all to see. Nothing can stay hidden within the Light.

Everything is changing, nothing will ever be the same again. The Light will bring out all the darkness from everything. and everyone, including us. We must learn to see that dark in ourselves, and release it. It's no longer needed for this ascension. Only truth, love and goodness will prevail.

We are becoming Lighter when we choose to "BE Love" Through sharing our Love by being of service to Others. This is the way of the Light.




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