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New Study Suggests Consciousness is a Attribute of the Magnetic Crystals in The Brain. (w/video)

In a recent Article published in the Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research, it is suggested that Our consciousness is a result of Millions of tiny Magnetic Crystals in our brain causing a magnetic field.

The “hard problem,” the question of the physical basis of consciousness, finds a solution in the hypothesis that consciousness is an attribute of magnetic fields, and that complex consciousness (which can include ‘self-awareness’, intelligence, or social interaction) is based on the integration of the brain’s magnetic field (originating from its rich population of magnetite crystals) with its neural electrical system.

This hypothesis simplifies the local vs. non-local question, redefines “mind-body” dualism, as well as possibly resolving the anomaly of unpredictably sophisticated behavior in anencephalics. One of its consequences is a rejection of behaviorism and solipsism. Difficulties in falsification and approaches to corroboration are discussed, as well as challenges that face a rigorous working definition of the phenomenon,essential for experimental validation.

Read Full Article here. Solving the “Hard Problem”:

Consciousness as an Intrinsic Property of Magnetic Fields