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New Translations of the Bible, Tell a Totally Different Story (videos & e-books)

The Bible is the holy scripture of the Christian religion, It was given to the people by the Kings and the religious Organizations in medieval times. It tells a supposed history of the Earth from its earliest creation to the spread of Christianity in the first century A.D. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament have undergone many changes over the centuries, including the publication of the King James Bible in 1611.

The Old Testament is the first section of the Bible, covering the creation of Earth through Noah and the flood, Moses and more, finishing with the Jews being expelled to Babylon.

The Bible’s Old Testament is supposed to be the "copy" of the Hebrew Bible, which has origins in the ancient religion of Judaism. The exact beginnings of the Jewish religion are unknown, but the first known mention of Israel is an Egyptian inscription from the 13th century B.C.

Mauro Biglino, an author and translator, was hired by the Vatican to translate the original Jewish Old Testament, that is kept in the Vatican Library along with many other ancient texts, unrevealed to the Public. Mauro Told the bishops, exactly what his interpretation was of the ancient Hebrew writings. It told a totally different story than we thought it to be. The ancient Writings were very similar to the Sumerian tablets. Instead of a god creating man, it was several ancient aliens, genetically altering our DNA to create what we are now. The Book we know as the Old Testament, was completely false. Manipulated for centuries by, The Kings, the Bishops of the Vatican, and Rabbi's of the old Zionist Jewish Sect to control humanity.

Our Ancient Origins are important to us, because many still believe that a Jealous, vengeful, and destructive Alien, is our God. This Being that is portrayed as the creator alien over the Jews and Israel was just one of the many"Extraterrestrials" that were here on this planet creating different types of Humans. The Sanskrit also tell a similar story, of DNA manipulation.


But why were these beings creating humans?

It is said in the writing that humans were created to be a slave race for the Extraterrestrials.

This is why they wanted us to worship them. They realized by manipulating our genetics they had put us on a fast track in our evolution. If we focus on fear of a hateful god then we would always OBEY THEM.