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Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

The Rise of the Phoenix out of the Ashes has always been symbolic of our Inner Gnosis rising out of the darkness.

The month of November has been a magical doorway that has helped us to connect with our spiritual self and let go of all that's no longer serving our highest good. This has been a time of transformation and healing for the Body Mind and Spirit. November has shaken and awakened us to a much higher perspective. Just like the Phoenix We Rise out of the ashes totally renewed and aligned with our Divine Path.

The closing of the 11/11 Gateway has brought us extreme spiritual revelations not to mention all the downloads and upgrades that we are still trying to decode and integrate into our reality.

Now is the time to center within the Inner Light. Become focused on your intentions and manifest your Truth.

During this moment we are experiencing a completion where the Higher-self Rises above the lower-self and takes control of our ascension process.

This is a time we burn down all the old only to find ourselves renewed through truth and wisdom. We must learn to have faith and trust in the power within.

A new vision of self emerges from the ashes of the ego and ushers in a feeling of unlimited confidence, strength, and a deeper connection to the inner spirit.

With the New Moon arriving on November 23rd, it is also generating a grand expansion and enlightenment of the Soul. New moons are a magical time when we can plant new seeds of our intention, and it also opens the doors for the ones we have already planted. These Energies are bringing with it confidence in our own inner truth, which will stimulate an intense period of Inner awareness. This is a beautiful time to focus on our dreams, inner worlds, and inspirations.

As we advance, we can focus on the intentions that will increase our understanding and awareness, give us the courage to expand our horizons, and gain confidence and optimism from a broader perspective.

The New Moon also Gives us the courage to take on a Challenge or motivates us to take a leap of Faith.

Nevertheless, November has been an alchemical shift of the mind, body, and a metamorphosis of the Soul.

This last month has provided us with many opportunities to connect with our Higher-self and envision our Intentions and goals. Now is the time to Rise out of the Ashes in total renewal.