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October Energy Update 2021- By Nadia


Fall is here, and October brings with it a shift in energy, very different than we have been feeling for the past few months. This month will reveal what IS FOR YOU and what IS NOT FOR YOU. Pay attention to what feels like it is eluding you, and trust that the timing is perfect. Nothing is being kept from you. If an opportunity or situation isn’t moving the way you wanted, know it is happening FOR you.

We are entering a time of the changing of the guard in terms of who you choose to spend your time and energy with and what you are doing with your time. Seek out those that uplift you as you seek to uplift. Only do things that you know will BETTER you in one way or another. Many get stuck in relationship patterns, or behaviors that are not moving you where you want to go. This month will reveal what is working and what isn’t in a more profound way.

October inspires us to reconnect with ourselves. Some of you may find yourself feeling lonelier than usual, even when with people. This feeling indicates you are disconnected from SOURCE, your soul, higher power, or whatever term works for you. Take that indicator and do something to reconnect yourself! This may mean get out in nature, pray, meditate, do some writing or something creative. Learn to love being with YOU this month.

I also feel that many will be processing feelings of loss, disappointment or fear on a larger scale. As we have had big “aha” moments over the past few months, October brings a stillness. In that stillness can be pain, but that pain can be turned into a massive breakthrough. Don’t be afraid to sit with yourself this month and do an internal check in of some feelings you may have been avoiding in these past action-filled months.

Over the next year a theme of trusting our own personal process and being kinder to ourselves with wherever we are on our journey will be crucial. Many ups and downs are ahead so get ready to ride the wave!

Try to see beyond the superficial desires and get to your core needs and wants. When we really take the time to check in, we can move mountains and make great progress. This is NOT the time to avoid or run from difficult feelings, but instead face them head on.

By the end of the month your personal life can make some positive movement, as some long-awaited changes are ready to blossom.

Do your best to tell the story of what is coming not what has been, catch yourself. Continued attention to a problem gives it more energy, BUT sometimes if you can’t not think it you need to look right at it. Knowing when you need to look under the hood and when you need to pivot will be key moving forward.

Another question to ask yourself in October is: are you trying to MAKE things happen or are you ALLOWING things to happen? This is the time to draw upon your divine connection and tap into your own personal guidance. We ALL have an inner voice that is calling us to everything we want. Get quiet and listen.

I will be LIVE this Saturday October 2nd 9am PT! See below for details.

Many Blessings,

Nadia, Source,


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