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Our Alien Essence & Our Super Natural Abilities - Part 13 of the Extraterrestrial Interference.

Our Alien Essence & Our Super Natural Abilities - Part 13 of the Extraterrestrial Interference.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Today I am being Guided to disclose the truth of our Super Natural Abilities or also what is referred to as our Alien Essence. Every individual on this Planet has what is known as Essence. Our Essence is a part of our personal nature and is our special qualities or abilities. However, many of us don't just have human essence, we are riddled with other extraterrestrial DNA that also gives us our very special qualities. For example, I personally Have 4 different types of Essence that I am aware of. I have a Karistus Soul, which is my Highest and Most active Essence because I have become aware of it. My First Life did not start in this Universe, I chose to come here to help Humanity. I was placed into a Human/ Annunaki /Karistus Hybrid Body. I wasn't born in my First incarnation on Earth, and I was Fully aware of who I was. However, My Souls Journey enhanced from There.

My physical form carries Essence from Other Extraterrestrials as Well. My Physical Form holds the Essence of the Arianni who are Beings from the Inner Earth, This is where the Race of Aryans comes from here on Earth. The Aryan species are not human and originally came from another star system, but were in war with Reptilians. So they fled here to escape only to be pursued here as well. The Reptilian has captured many Aryan civilizations around the Galaxy. So some of the Aryans do work for the Reptilians Species. This Arianni Essence was received through my ancestry which was altered and manipulated through Hitler's Third Reich. My father's side of the Family Lineage was genetically altered and their DNA spliced with these beings. Anyone whose family was altered by the Nazi Reich, would have these same genetics. However, I have other interesting Essence that comes from my Mothers Lineages. She is a split between The Ancient Elven from the English wildman or Greenman, and the Tribe of Danu. The Ancient Elven Essence is rare because this lineage was almost wiped out, They did Force any remaining elves that weren't killed to Christianize and Gave them a Family Crest. This Lineage is now Known as the sir Name, Wilder. Plus My Mother also has a direct lineage to the Tribe of Danu out of Ireland. This Essence is the Lineage of The Faerie Folk, Which is directly linked to the original Annunaki Genetics, They were considered the Shining Ones. They were also considered the Lost tribe of Dan from the Hebrew account. This ancient Lineage is the one thought to be the Genetics of Jesus. This particular lineage is not from being spliced with Human DNA like many of the Annunaki genetics here on this Planet. This is a direct lineage to the Annunaki Gods. This Lineage was later infiltrated by the Reptilian species, to splice their Genetics with this very special Essence. Those with the Reptilian Mix are the Dark Ones Ruling this Planet. And finally, I too have another Essence that I am aware of, through Past Life recall, and that is a connection to the Sirius B Water Family. I apparently have worked and trained with these beings in Past Lives. Not to mention any Essence I may have from being in a Human form. These 4 Essences give me what you might refer to as my Super Natural abilities. These special abilities are mine alone and make up my Souls Genetic Journey.

Each person has their own personal Souls Genetic Mix of Essence. It is rare to have as many as I do in one form, and of course, being aware of your ancestry does help.

I was asked recently about how to Train these abilities. This has to be done by the individual themselves, sometimes these abilities lay dormant and do not show themselves unless either forced out or brought forth through inner work. There is a Group of Karistus that are a secret group of 72 individuals, These beings are the Top ones working to actively bring change and remove the Dark Forces on this Planet. They are given Full remembrance and access to their Full Essence through Technology. If you are important for the "Cause", then you will be approached. However, the rest of us have to do it on our own, and that can be done naturally through meditation and focused Intention.

The More Essence you have of a particular species, the more abilities you possess of that species. In other words, if you have a Pleiadian soul and Pleiadian Genetics you will have an extreme amount of the Pleiadian Essence.

There are really no special schools out there to teach us how to work with our different Essences. But we do have Guides that are here to assist, we just have to learn to listen. The Inner knowledge is what is most important. Our inner knowing of our origins and power gives us an advantage when accessing these abilities. What's very interesting about our essence is it is Ours and ours alone. These gifts are given to us through many years of the evolution of these different species. This essence is something every species within the multiverse has. Even the Greys and Reptilian species have an essence, for example the Reptilian have their shapeshifting abilities.

If you could imagine all the different species that is on this earth and their many different essences that allow them to do all the things they do to survive and thrive on this Planet. Each One has its very own essence that is distinct to its species. Then once you add the higher vibrational Light, these abilities begin to evolve. This is where your essence comes from, the evolution and growth of different species.

These different Essences can be genetically changed within our DNA. In other words, if a species wishes, they can add their DNA to ours to help enhance our genetic essence, and this also gives them the ability to use that Family tree as an incarnate potential for their species.

Once you know what makes up your Souls Genetic Journey, you can focus your intent to bring forth whatever particular essence you wish to enhance. The more focused you are the more this essence will rise in you. Plus These abilities are not something that is only for those working with Light energy, However, the Lightwork Does enhance the abilities greatly. The Universal Live force Energies when mixed with our own Essence, will bring forth magnificent power. When working with the Light, you do not allow for low vibrations so it enhances your Essence abilities to a point of Purity or full Power. When using these abilities in this manner they can only be used for Good and the Purpose of Positive intent. No Harm, deception, or control can be achieved, but you have the power to stop those who do use their power for evil. The Power through Light will always defeat the Darkness.

Learning to work with your power or your personal essence does not happen overnight, and can not be taught to you by others, because you are unique. You are a very special mixture of Essence that is yours alone. Awaken your Power by getting to know yourself. Learn who you are and where you come from. Any Past Lives you remember are also helpful, in Discovering your Souls & your personal Genetic Essence. Our Alien Essence is a Blueprint of our Soul's Genetic journey. To connect fully with your Essence, you must know Yourself. You must know your personal Story that has led you to this awakening. This can happen through meditation and learning about your ancestry. Our Souls Journey is the Key to this very unique part of ourselves.

and so it is and it is so,

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos, and the Karistus, The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @


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