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Our Transformation Has Begun, Don't Miss it!

Our Transformation Has Begun, Don't Miss it!

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

As you may have become aware, Universal Lighthouse has been very quiet this last month. We have been in the midst of a lot of Inner Work and Transformation. But we are now going to start sharing again, with a little different content. We will continue with the Gnostic, Alchemical, and other Esoteric Teachings. However, The Angels wish to have the Front stage within these precious Moments that we all are about to experience.

There are others out there that have predicted things for this next year. some think that it is going to be full of disclosure and others fear an Apocolypse. The Angels are showing me that we have entered a vibration that is forcing truth, and it's causing those who have something to hide to be exposed of their true intentions. However, I am also being shown that Energies are not only Shining the Light on truth but will bring a Tidal wave of Crystalline Light that will cause a mass awakening to take place. This is why the Angels are stepping forward in this Ascension. We have entered the Process of Transformation into a crystalline body. This process will take as long as it needs to allow for us to begin to withstand Higher Frequencies of Light. The Angels are telling me, That it takes tremendous Faith, to be able to Transcend your mind to fully connect with your eternal Knowing. They are reminding us that Our Inner Gnosis is the Voice of God. the Angels are guiding us to hold Love and Gratitude with our Form to attract the Holy Spirit or God's eternal Light Within. This brightens our spirit. and Raises us to the higher Light. I am then given the Image of a "Great Eagle" This Eagle represents Freedom. The Freedom that is being shown is the freedom to be. To say what you feel and make choices for yourself. The Freedom to choose sovereignty. Freedom is the inner Gnosis of who you are. Freedom is the ability to be You. I am being shown that Freedom will become much more important in the Times ahead. We are now seeing people who have the power to do so actually fight for our freedoms on the Public arena. But this battle is also within you. It is a Battle that will allow you to be the Child of the Infinite that you are.

I am then shown an Angel that is Glowing a Brilliant white Light. This is the Crystalline Light that we are now receiving. The Angels are showing me that to receive this Light you must allow it within. Allow this beautiful wave of Light to engulf you. Breathe it in, and adsorb it through your Skin. This is Christed Light being sent by the Infinite Father, directed by Christos. This Beautiful Energy Wave is transforming or Metamorphosing us into the Crystalline Body. This is a Physical Change within the body, but we have to allow it. It is like an Upgrade of sorts. As the Angels have disclosed to us, we must have Faith to be able to transcend the 3D mindset into the Higher States of Consciousness. We must have the Faith in our own Inner Gnosis and in our own Inner Light that is a Fractal of the One Infinite Consciousness of God.

It is important for us to focus on our own inner guidance. That Guidance is based on Unconditional Love. Any Time you make a choice in your life you can hear this Inner Guidance trying to lead you on the right path. Whether or not you follow that Guidance or not is your choice in this ascension. Your Inner Spark is calling to you, quiet your mind and begin to Listen. It will always guide you in the direction of Love. Some may ask, How do I know when I am connected to the Inner Light? The Connection begins when you silence your Mind of Thoughts and Beliefs. This is hard to do for some. First, their Mind is playing like a recording of everything that they experience. Those thoughts are loaded with memories and beliefs that play like videos in the Head. To stop this takes focus. This is the Whole concept of proper Meditation. I personally have had problems clearing my mind, and the best thing I have found is to focus on either the center of my forehead or my breathing. Even still for many, this can be tough to achieve. I found that Laying flat on my back is best, I seem to connect during the Time between being awake and sleep. I can also connect by doing Movement Meditation. Movement meditation is not your usual meditation where you sit still and focus on your breath or an Image or spot on the Body. Instead, you are moving through various positions with a mindful and slow pace. You can do this when exercising or doing your chores or even just going for a walk. Whatever you are doing you are trying o achieve a peaceful Mind. Becoming Quiet allows for the higher Light to give you Messages or Guidance that you would have not heard if you had an active mind.

Your Ascension depends on your ability to withstand the Vibrations of the Higher dimensions. Our Thoughts Words and Actions, Reflect the Vibration we are residing in. Transformation is taking place but you must be willing to change the way you think, the way you talk, and the way to React. Your Inner Guidance shows the way. Just stop for a Moment and Listen.

Have Faith that it is all within you. Allow The Infinite Light to Brighten your Eternal Flame within and you will become totally Free. Free to Be.

and so it is and it is so.

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos and the Karistus, the Ones Known as the Angels. The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @


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