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Pleiadians reveal the SHOCKING TRUTH about Night Sky, Matrix & Spirit Guides!


#Simulation #pleiadians #nightsky #spiritguides #channeling #galacticfederation #galacticfederationofworlds #galacticfederationoflight #galacticfederationofplanets #ascension #spirituality #awakening In this channeled session, the Pleiadians share with us information regarding the following: 1. Is the night sky a simulation? 2. What are the 5 different types of spirit guides? 3. If you miss this, you may be trapped in the matrix forever? Get my book : I am also on Patreon, wherein I am putting all my censored sessions & transcripts: You can watch the upcoming 4 part channeling series on UNIFYD by clicking on this link : You can follow my second channel for extra content: You can follow me on Instagram, will follow you back: How I started channeling, My story: You can read, download for free the transcripts of channeling sessions by clicking here Note: This video is for the following purpose: educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic content. Sending you love-light


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