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PREPARE FOR CONTACT & FULL REMEMBRANCE -- The 8/8 Lion's Gate Portal Activation

PREPARE FOR CONTACT & FULL REMEMBRANCE -- 8 8 Lion's Gate Portal Activation

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

It's that Time again, Every year between July 28 and August 12, the Lion's Gate portal opens as the Earth, the star Sirius and the Sun move into complete alignment with the pyramids of Giza in (Egypt). The Peak Day is believed to be August 8th.

What this very special alignment brings with it, is the Chance for Full Remembrance of your true Self, But it also opens a direct Line of communication with our Sirius Star Family.

Every Year we are given the chance to take a step up in our ascension by opening our Third eye and connecting with Sirius Star. This Direct Energy from Sirius was anticipated and honored by the ancients. They Even Built structures to recognize this Portal. In Ancient Times the Higher class of the Kings and Queens would preform Ceremonies during this Lions Gate Portal to awaken their Third Eye. This very special Gate allow for them to Connect with the Star People of Sirius, and to allow for the remembrance of their Souls Journey. This Gateway was enhanced through there rituals to be like a telephone of sorts. They could speak directly with their Sirius Star Families.

During this connection with the Star Sirius, We can have direct communication with our Cosmic Family. Our Brothers and Sisters from Sirius, can interact with us much easier during this Time.

Last Year on August 8th of 2021 I was visited by Little Blue Beings, They came to me in a dream. I wasn't for sure about what I had experienced, or who they were until The next Day when I told my Mother about my Encounter. She too had apparently been visited. She remembered the Beings as that of Unisex, not being male or female, and they were transparent Blue in appearance. At that moment I realized we were in the midst of the Lions Gate Portal.

Along with the Connection to the Star Sirius , These very Heightened Energies does a full Cleansing of the The Third Eye, This allowing for Full Remembrance.

This was very important for the ancients. By Having the Third eye completely Open you can see your full Truth. This includes Past Lives and Future events. This Gave the elites their Power over the countries and why the people seen them as Gods.

This very powerful Portal that we experience every year can give you the chance to Open you to New Understanding of Your Truth.

This alignment is thought to be like a yearly stepping stone in our ascension.